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LA 2024 leaders set out transformative Games plan for IOC Evaluation Commission

Mayor Garcetti, Chairman Casey Wasserman, Anita DeFrantz, Larry Probst and Angela Ruggiero share why an LA Games offers maximum benefit to the Olympic Movement in 2024

Los Angeles - The LA 2024 leadership today delivered opening remarks to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission in Los Angeles, kicking off three days of working meetings and venue visits. During the visit, LA 2024 will demonstrate its plans to connect the Games to the future in the seven years to 2024.

The presentation featured remarks by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, LA 2024 Chairman Casey Wasserman, American IOC Member and US Olympic Committee President Larry Probst, American IOC Executive Board Members Anita DeFrantz and Angela Ruggiero.

LA 2024 Chairman Casey Wasserman welcomed the distinguished members of the IOC Evaluation Commission, chaired by IOC Member Patrick Baumann, and including IOC Members Marisol Casado, Mikaela Cojuangco Jaworski, Kirsty Coventry, Nawal El Moutawakel, Uğur Erdener, Habu Gumel, Poul-Erik Høyer, Bernard Rajzman, along with Duane Kale and Kereyn Smith. The Director in Charge is Olympic Games Executive Director Christophe Dubi and the delegation includes experts in areas such as Paralympic sport, sustainability, finance, and transport.

Wasserman spoke about the strong foundations of LA 2024’s Candidature: “The LA 2024 Games Concept was created to address this unique moment in time. When cities around the world are becoming more reluctant to pursue the Games, LA offers the IOC certainty with 88 percent public support, a low-risk, verified budget and a sustainable Games plan that doesn’t require us to build a single new permanent venue.

“We believe this is the Games model for the future because it’s transformative. Our goal is to reimagine a Games model that will achieve three things: use high tech to redefine sustainability, use innovation to minimize risk, and use creativity to engage the global youth audience.

“Our vision, which we call “Follow the Sun”, is not about our Olympic weather; it’s about the future-focused culture of a special place called “California,” and how we want to harness it for the benefit of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.

“And there’s one more thing we offer that no other city does: over 1,000 Olympians and Paralympians choose to live and train here in LA and Southern California. They know an Olympic city when the see one. We hope the IOC does, as well.”

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke of LA’s spirit, his personal desire to bring the Olympic and Paralympic Games back to Los Angeles, and why the bid is focused on the future of the Olympic Movement: “LA isn’t simply diverse; it is a living, breathing metaphor for unity. That’s a lot like the Olympic Movement itself - unity of purpose derived from diversity of thought, perspective and culture.

“One of the first things I did when I became Mayor was to send a letter to the USOC stating my desire to bring the Olympic and Paralympic Games back to LA. A lot of people wondered why that was an immediate priority for me as a new Mayor - well, there is an easy answer to that. Ask anyone who was here during the 84 Games. Those 16 days of sport transformed this city, and its legacy still resounds strongly here, every day.
“Like Casey, I also attended those Games as a young boy and they showed me a world I’d only imagined. And they brought that world right here, to our own backyard. I am certain that is a major reason why 88% of my fellow Angelenos support our bid, and the IOC. It’s in our DNA.

“The potential of hosting an Olympic and Paralympic Games is a huge opportunity - and a huge responsibility - for every aspiring Host City. It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously, and it’s why we created a plan that we believe offers the Movement something bold and new, not more of the same.

“We believe this campaign isn’t just about Los Angeles or our fellow competitors, nor is this campaign only about the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Instead, we believe this race is about the sustainability and relevancy of every Olympic and Paralympic Games beyond 2024. This is a stark and unique differentiator about our bid - we’re not focused on ourselves, we’re focused on creating a transformative Games going forward.

“That is what “Follow the Sun” is all about - the future. It’s about how we can help create a new and sustainable model - a New Games for a New Era - that will serve sport for generations to come.”

USOC President Larry Probst spoke about why the USOC believes LA is the right candidate at the right time:

“Almost eight years ago—just after the disappointing loss of Chicago 2016—the USOC set a goal to find the right time frame and the right candidate city to bring the Olympic and Paralympic Games back to the United States. And I believe we have accomplished that goal. 

“As you begin your evaluation here this morning, I’m confident you will see what we have seen in LA: a candidate city with a masterful plan designed to create a spectacular experience for the athletes—while at the same time embracing the principles of Agenda 2020 in scope and detail.

“In terms of timing, what LA offers is precisely what the Olympic Movement requires at this point in time—a responsible, privately funded budget, with an organization model that eliminates the need for new permanent construction, while providing a low-risk plan with the potential of significant upside.

“The creativity and innovation of LA, the storytelling capabilities of Hollywood, the continuous invention and reinvention of California’s technology community—all point to the possibilities of a new Games for a new era.”

LA 2024 Board Member and IOC Executive Board Member Anita DeFrantz drew upon her three decades of work in the Olympic Movement to make the case for LA 2024:

“It’s an honor to have this opportunity to share our story with you -and a privilege to have you in my home city, a city where Olympic history is not only alive and well:  it’s thriving.

“Like many of you, participating in and promoting sport - and its values - has been the central focus of my life. It is a mandate that I take seriously, and with great pride.

“One of the greatest responsibilities of IOC Members is choosing a Host City that not only reflects the Olympic values in its plan, but also in the character, heart and the soul of the city itself.

“Over the last three decades, I have seen and judged 74 Olympic bid campaigns, summer and winter - and I’ve been part of eight bids.  And I can tell you, as an IOC Executive Board member and an Olympian, LA 2024 is the best plan I’ve seen.” 

LA 2024 Chief Strategy Officer, IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair, and IOC Executive Board Member Angela Ruggiero shared how her experience as an Olympian, an IOC Evaluation Commission Member, and native Angeleno gives her a unique perspective. She spoke about the importance of sport and the athlete experience, the ‘magic’ of LA, and the Olympic Movement’s collective responsibility to sport for the next generation: 

“Our role as IOC members is to look beyond the tangible, for the intangible - for the magic. We have a responsibility to the Olympic and Paralympic Movements, we have a responsibility to the Olympic Charter, and we have a responsibility to the youth of the world to use sport as means for achievement in life. That may sound simplistic, but it's the core of Olympism - to educate youth through the values inherent in sport.

“I truly believe that LA 2024 can fundamentally shift the way the Games are delivered. LA 2024 can deliver better fan and youth engagement, we can deliver new means of digital activation, we can deliver a fiscally responsible Games, and we can deliver a sustainable Games Concept throughout use of existing venues.

“But we are also focused on a truly new athlete experience at the Games. That’s why we have budgeted $50 million dollars to help the athletes throughout the Games experience - we can do this because we do not have to build a single new venue.

“In sport as in life, teamwork is everything. Often, bids suffer from a lack of cohesion from their most important stakeholders. Not LA 2024. The City, the USOC and the Bid Committee work together seamlessly, and I am sure we are a team that the IOC and the IPC can trust for the next seven years, to help focus the Movement on the next hundred years.”

After the opening remarks, LA 2024 and the Evaluation Commission held a day-long working meeting. Tomorrow they will tour LA 2024 venues and the visit concludes on Friday, May 12th, with a wrap-up meeting and a press conference. The visit of the IOC Evaluation Commission marks the latest stage in a collaborative, consultative bidding process, which includes extensive dialogue between LA 2024 and the IOC’s experts.

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