POSTED: Thursday March 9th 2017

LA 2024 releases Women in Sport commitment on International Women's Day


LOS ANGELES - LA 2024 marked the United Nations International Women’s Day by releasing “Equality, Excellence and Opportunity” - LA 2024’s Women in Sport commitment, enshrining the bid’s mission to enable women throughout the Olympic Movement to achieve their goals, in sport and in life.

LA 2024’s philosophy of women’s equality has been inspired by a senior Candidature Committee team comprising prominent, active and accomplished leaders in the international Women in Sport movement. The policies set out in Part 3 of the LA 2024 Candidature File were shaped by Title IX - the landmark legislation protecting equality for women in US higher education and guaranteeing equal opportunities and funding for all federally funded high schools and universities, including female collegiate sport. LA 2024’s athlete-centered Games Plan was informed by nationwide consultation meetings with hundreds of female Olympians and Paralympians from different nations, sports and age groups.

LA 2024’s Senior Advisor for Legacy Anita DeFrantz, who is also an IOC Executive Board member, Honorary Member of the IOC Women in Sport Commission and President Emeritus of the LA84 Foundation, said: “The Olympic Movement has made tremendous progress in recent years, driven forward by the IOC’s Women in Sport initiatives. Now we believe that LA 2024 - the United States’ first Games in a generation - can be the Olympic Movement’s best partners for continuing this vital process of transformation. That is why LA 2024 took the unprecedented step of enshrining our Women in Sport policy in our official bid documentation and in our “Equality, Excellence, Opportunity” commitment.

“For LA 2024, equality for female participants is not just a case of evening up the numbers: it is about respect, opportunity and aspiration. The United States has had and will continue to have a big role to play worldwide in supporting the rights of women in sport and in society.”

LA 2024 Chief Strategy Officer Angela Ruggiero, who is also IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair and Board Member and Former President of the Women’s Sports Foundation, said: “LA 2024 regards the promotion of women’s equality in and through sport as a strategic priority - not just because we want a better Games and a stronger Olympic Movement for women, but because we want a better Games and a stronger Olympic Movement, full-stop.

“LA 2024 is committed to getting America’s 50 million girls and young women enthusiastic about and participating in sport and the Olympic Movement. The majority of the US audience for the Olympic Games is female, so LA 2024 has the opportunity to give a game-changing boost to engagement and participation in women’s sport at all levels. And we can help the Olympic Movement replicate that impact worldwide, because LA is a city that speaks to the world’s youth every day. Female athletes at LA 2024 will be inspirational, international role models for the world showing a world of new possibilities.”

LA 2024 Vice Chair and Director of Athlete Relations Janet Evans said: “LA 2024 is incredibly fortunate to have gathered a leadership group of individuals who have made equality for women in sport their life’s work. Our mission at LA 2024 is to equip women from across the Olympic Movement to fulfill their potential in every respect. LA 2024 will provide female athletes with the access to the elite training and recovery facilities, the top-class fields of play, and the career transition programs they need to excel. Their incredible performances will inspire the next generation of young women around the world to believe that anything is possible.”

Equality, Excellence and Opportunity: LA 2024’s Women in Sport Commitment

1. A philosophy of women’s equality defined by global Women in Sport leaders
LA 2024 will ensure that the philosophy of women’s equality established by the bid team’s global Women in Sport leaders remains integral to the OCOG culture, strategy and policy.

2. An OCOG committed to women’s equality and inclusion in Games management
LA 2024 will provide equal opportunities for female staff at every level of the OCOG organization and ensure a legacy of increased professional opportunities for women. LA 2024 will also work with the USOC to create new training and officiating opportunities around the world for female judges, officials and coaches across all sports. As an OCOG, we will help cultivate female sports leaders’ presence in the highest echelons of sport, including IF and NOC leadership.

3. Equal conditions for female athletes and women’s teams
Beginning with the test events and throughout Games, LA 2024 guarantees female athletes and women’s teams the exact same opportunities, resources and service levels as male athletes and men’s teams. That means no sex-based distinctions on access to high quality training and competition venues and locker rooms, on the competition schedule, or on Village amenities.

4. Captivating, inspirational stories of female accomplishment
LA 2024 will partner with NBC and OBS before the Games to deliver best-practice symposiums to rights-holding broadcasters on the promotion of female athletes and gender diversity at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Women in Sport message will be firmly and seamlessly embedded throughout LA 2024’s marketing and communications activity with captivating, globally relevant content. LA 2024 will become a focal point of the $250 billion US sports market where - uniquely - the majority of the Games audience is female.

5. More visibility, sponsorship dollars and growth opportunities for women’s sport
LA 2024 will promote the stories of female Olympians and Paralympians, and celebrate female achievement with our global audience. We will work proactively with OCOG commercial partners and TOPs to create marketing programs with an equitable distribution between male and female athletes. With a focus on enhancing visibility and commercial profile for female athletes, LA 2024 will lay the foundations for significant growth in engagement and participation for women’s sport worldwide.


LA 2024’s Leaders in the Women in Sport movement
LA 2024’s leaders from the Women in Sport movement have all been beneficiaries of and advocates for Title IX. Enacted on Olympic Day in 1972, Title IX has seen the number of girls participating in sport in the United States grow to 2.8 million - 41.5% of the total - and the number of female NCAA athletes increase sevenfold. This has been the foundation for the success of Team USA’s female athletes, who won a record 61 medals at Rio 2016.

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