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Support For Budapest Olympic Games Bid Increases Most Amongst Young People Hungarians believe Olympic games would drive tourism and economy forward and improve sport

A significant double digit increase has been recorded from 51% to 63% among the adult population of Hungary in support of the Budapest 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid, according to a new nationwide public opinion poll performed by Kód Kft in December.

The 12 percentage point increase in support across Hungary for the Budapest 2024 bid applies to the past six months.

“We are delighted to learn that support for the Olympic Games in Budapest is continuing to grow as more cities and communities across Hungary are backing the bid,” said Bid leader, Balázs Furjes.

“As a nation, sport has always been a central feature of Hungarian culture and society, and this is reflected in public support to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” Fürjes said.

“Hungary expresses itself through sport, and the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games is the world’s most important sporting event. Budapest’s public venues and supporting infrastructure and services have been planned and developed around sport and major events and Hungary’s love of sport”

According to the survey, awareness of the bid has also been increasing in Hungary, and at present 95% of the population has heard about the Budapest 2024 Olympic bid.

Support for the bid increased most among people living in Budapest and among young people, with more than half of the inhabitants of the capital supporting the Budapest bid, while 71% of young people aged between the age of 18 and 29 years supported the bid.

“Olympic athletes are regarded as heroes and role models in Hungary, and the Budapest Olympic Games will help to inspire a new generation of young people in Hungary, Central Europe and around the world,” Fürjes said.

Since May the number of people believing that Budapest is capable of organising the Olympic Games has also increased significantly. At present, 75% of the population sharing the opinion that Budapest has the capability and commitment to deliver the Olympic Games.

The new research also shows that the majority of the responders - approximately 54 per cent - is optimistic that Budapest would win the right to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The survey, conducted in December, shows that 77% of Hungarians believed that Budapest could be proud of the bid regardless of the final vote for the 2024 Olympic Games host city later this year in September.

An overwhelming 86-90% of participants polled in the survey agreed with the proposition that the Olympic Games would introduce Budapest to the world and would give a strong drive to tourism.

A vast majority of 76-77% of those surveyed also believed that hosting the Olympic Games in Budapest would make Hungary’s population proud, unite Hungarians and contribute significantly to the improvement of the Hungarian sports.

Two thirds of the Hungarian participants polled think that the hosting of the 2024 Olympic Games would affect the labour market in a positive way and that development and investments could be implemented in Hungary.

The results also show a decrease (from 43% to 34%) among those who believe the hosting of the Olympic Games would be a “too large bite for Hungary” from economic point of view.

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- This year’s Sportcal listings recognise Budapest as the rising star of major global sport events, ranking the city seventh among the top global sport cities and second in the Future Sports Cities Index 2017-2023. Named as European Capital of Sport 2019, Budapest is a high-value city, with an excellent transport infrastructure and a long-term sustainable development plan. The Budapest 2024 Olympic Bid proposes a compact and intimate Games footprint in the capital, and a truly nationwide Games that features sport in six other Olympic cities. Budapest 2024 is dedicated to deliver an on-budget and inclusive Olympic and Paralympic Games in one of the top 20 most peaceful countries in the world. Sports-mad Hungary was one of the founding members of the IOC and has participated in the Games since 1896. Hungary is the only country ranked in the top ten of the all-time Olympic Medal table that has not yet hosted the Olympic Games.

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