POSTED: Tuesday November 22nd 2016

Budapest 2024 thanks ANOC leaders for support and feedback on Olympic Bid at Doha meeting

Budapest Bid leader Fürjes Balázs says team and country humbled and inspired by resounding welcome that will strengthen Hungary’s Olympic bid

The Budapest 2024 Olympic Bid delegation today expressed its gratitude to NOCs and Olympic leaders for support and interest shown in the Hungarian capital’s Olympic Bid in Doha this/last week.

Budapest 2024 Bid leader, Balázs Fürjes, says support from the NOCs of the world for the Bid from Hungary was a milestone for Budapest’s mid-sized city Olympic bid.

“The Budapest 2024 Olympic Bid is a project of national importance for the people and youth of Hungary, and the resounding welcome we received following our presentation of the bid was both humbling and inspiring,” Fürjes said.

The Budapest 2024 Olympic Games Bid has its origins in the founding of the modern Olympic Movement more than a century ago when Budapest first offered to stage the inaugural Games of the modern era.

“We are more dedicated than ever in our mission to bring the Olympic Games to Hungary and Central Europe, and to help the Olympic Movement to expand the range of potential host cities for the Games after the very warm reception we received from the Olympic Family in Doha,” he said.

The Budapest 2024 Bid presentation captured the attention and imagination of many in Doha, highlighting the advantages of bringing the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games to more affordable, secure, and festive mid-sized global cities such as Budapest.

“We have received a lot of positive feedback about the Budapest Bid since the presentation to ANOC, based on our masterplan to bring the Olympic festival of sport back to the heart of the city, with reduced travel times and a single Olympic Village for all teams and athletes,” Fürjes said.

As Deputy Mayor of Budapest, Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky, a member of the delegation team, said “it was moving and exhilarating to feel the tangible support in the presentation room for our Bid to host the Olympic Games in our mid sized city of Budapest,” described by news channel Buzzfeed as “the most stunning city in Europe,” and by Conde Nast Traveller as second best city in the world.

“We are a city on the rise, and we are a city and a nation committed to the Olympic Games,” she said. ” A city for new audiences and a new generation.”

Attila Mizer, Director of Sport and Venues for Budapest, said sport was at the heart of how Hungary expressed itself as a nation and people, and that it was a great honour to outline the Budapest masterplan to stage more affordable, more atmospheric, and more accessible and low risk Games in Budapest as a mid-sized global city.

“The Budapest Model has been extremely well received,” he said. “Especially the rapid transport times with an average travel time of 12 minutes to the Olympic venues and Village, and the opportunity for NOCs to locate all in one village within walking distance of the Olympic Park.

The Budapest 2024 team would continue to adjust and adapt the mid sized city master plan to include feedback received in Doha from the NOCs, IFs and wider Olympic Family in the countdown to submitting the third and final stage of the Candidature files to host the Games in 2024.

“Our thanks and recognition must go to our friends at the NOCs, the IOC and the hospitable city of Doha for a resounding welcome, and valuable feedback on our bid,” said Balázs Fürjes.

“We also received a great deal of media attention in the Budapest Bid while we were in Doha, with a lot of journalists and news networks interested in our story as amid-sized city and plans for a more compact, low risk Games,” he said.

“Really, we have to thank the NOCs, the IOCs and the International Sport Federations for this, and especially their collaboration and input into our master plan, ” he said.

“We are a better and stronger Bid because of this, and we will continue to collaborate, and listen and learn for the Olympic Family experts and take on board their advice to make our master plan the best possible choice that it can in Lima next year.”

Now, with Budapest’s story gathering momentum in the world’s media, there are growing audiences hearing the message of what Budapest really means for the Olympic Movement.

“We believe we are the right sized city at the right time for the Olympic Movement. We are a real alternative,” Fürjest said. “A mid-sized city can deliver the Olympic Games at reasonable scale and reasonable cost. And a Games for one mid-sized global city is a Games for all mid-sized global cities, across the world,” he said.

This offer of a “real alternative” has wide-reaching resonance with the NOCs of supporting nations and aspiring Olympic host cities, as well as the many other Olympic stakeholders who look forward to a future of renewed reach for the Olympic Movement.

The constant theme throughout Budapest’s presentation in Doha was to be “the right city at the right time”. Thanks to investments of around $55 billion in the last 15 years, the city offers a modern, world-class transport and sport infrastructure to stage the Olympic and Paralymic Games, with just 3 additional venues needed.


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- Named as European Capital of Sport 2019, Budapest is a high-value city, with an excellent transport infrastructure and a long-term sustainable development plan. The Budapest 2024 Olympic Bid proposes a compact and intimate Games footprint in the capital, and a truly nationwide Games that features sport in six other Olympic cities. Budapest 2024 is dedicated to deliver an on-budget and inclusive Olympic and Paralympic Games in one of the top 20 most peaceful countries in the world. Sports-mad Hungary was one of the founding members of the IOC and has participated in the Games since 1896. Hungary is the only country ranked in the top ten of the all-time Olympic Medal table that has not yet hosted the Olympic Games.

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