POSTED: Thursday February 18th 2016

HelloPyeongChang Press Release: Exciting and Dynamic Course for PyeongChang 2018 Slopestyle (Feb 18)

The second round of test events for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games began at Bokwang Phoenix Park in PyeongChang on Thursday, February 18 with Freestyle Ski World Cup slopestyle qualification races.

The world's finest skiers and snowboarders gathered in PyeongChang to get a taste of the Olympic venue. Among them are defending Olympic champions Joss Christen, a freestyle skier of the U.S., and Jamie Anderson, a slopestyle snowboarder of the U.S.

FIS race director Roberto Morsei explained about the slopestyle course, “It is very creative and different from the usual course, at least from the past courses that FIS has been using in the past years. It is very variable. There are a lot of options to choose during the run.”

After two days training at Bokwang, Moresi says athletes are enthusiastic and excited by the creative and dynamic course.  According to Moresi, athletes’ first impression of the course is that it looks like ‘playing on a video game’.  After actually training on the course, “athletes are saying that it is even better than expected. They are really enjoying and having fun on the course.”

Describing the course in more detail, Moresi elaborated that “It really is different. Normally kickers are pretty straight here we have different types of kickers with different type of angles. The rail features are very mixed up and very creative, so you can do at least two or three different tricks on each section.”

“You can do combination of tricks on different rails, which are one after the other. In other courses, hit one rail and gap, and other rail gap. But here, it is more concentrated and variable.”

The 2016 FIS Freestyle World Cup and Snowboard World Cup will be held on the forthcoming weekend, with the Ski Slopestyle events on Feb 20th and the Snowboard Slopestyle events on Feb 21st.

The 2016 FIS Snowboard World Cup and Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup will be held the following weekend, with the Snowboard Cross events on Feb. 27th and the Ski Cross events on Feb. 28th.


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