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David Scrimgeour - Acupuncturist in Boulder, Colorado, Specializes in Treating Pain

David Scrimgeour is a licensed acupuncturist in Boulder, Colorado who has been treating patients with pain for over 24 years.

Boulder, CO 06 June 2015
David Scrimgeour is a licensed acupuncturist in Boulder, Colorado who has been treating patients with pain for over 24 years. Unlike having to take heavy medications or have surgery, acupuncture has no side effects and can effectively treat all types of acute and chronic pain from a sprained ankle to a fractured bone to chronic back, shoulder or knee pain. “True healing, says Scrimgeour, “can only happen on a deep level, so that a higher state of health is restored.” 

A new study of acupuncture published in the Archives of Internal Medicine October 22, 2012, Vol 172, No. 19, found that acupuncture outperformed sham treatments and standard care when used by people suffering from osteoarthritis, migraines and chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. This new research, funded by the National Institutes of Health and carried out over a decade, was an analysis of earlier research that involved data on nearly 18,000 patients.

The conclusion of this extensive research is that acupuncture is a valid treatment option for people with acute and chronic pain. 

David Scrimgeour, acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese Medicine in Boulder, Colorado maintains that this new research affirms what we and our patients have known for a long time.  Acupuncture is able to speed healing by increasing circulation at the site of the pain as well as quell the inflammation that is the underlying cause of the pain.  In addition, when nerves are damaged or inflamed, acupuncture can help speed healing and relieve some of the pain during the healing process.

“Certainly,” says Scrimgeour, “one would want to consider acupuncture before resorting to surgery or the long-term use of pain medications. Those options are always there.  I have been able to help so many people lead pain-free lives.”

About David Scrimgeour, Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist

David Scrimgeour has been practicing acupuncture & Chinese medicine in Boulder, Colorado for over 24 years. He is nationally board-certified by the NCAAOM and state-licensed in Colorado. After completing graduate work at U.C. Berkeley, he received his formal training in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese medicine in 1990 and then spent several years mentoring with some of the greatest acupuncture masters from around the world. Today, David lectures widely and trains acupuncturists throughout the country. David Scrimgeour sees patients at his acupuncture clinic in Boulder, Colorado and also serves the Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette and Erie areas. For complete information, please visit his website at or call 303 413-9596.

Contact Information:
David Scrimgeour, L.Ac.
Clinic: 840 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado
Phone: 303 413-9596

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