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Day 4 of the IOC´s Evaluation Commission visit to Almaty 2022: A day of Strong Commitments by the Government. - The Paralympic Games could be elevated to new heights in Almaty - Strong public support and rising -

After three days of presentations combined with perfect winter conditions for the venue site visits, day 4 of the IOC Evaluation Commission was comprised of a full schedule of indoor presentations. The themes of: Paralympic Games, Legal Aspects, Games Safety, Security and Medical Services, Marketing, Finance and Political and Public Support were on the agenda.

National Paralympic Committee President Darkhan Kaletayev opened the morning session stating that hosting the Paralympic Winter Games would be a great opportunity to raise awareness, promote social integration and create new disability and accessibility standards across the country and that all Paralympic competitions will be held in the same state-of-the-art venues used for the Winter Games. He further added that, “The nation of Kazakhstan is a proud and ambitious country. We are also a young nation on a very dynamic growth trajectory. Paralympic Games planning is fully supported by our National Paralympic Committee and forms an integral part of the brilliantly compact Almaty 2022 Concept.”

Following the Paralympic Games theme was the Legal Aspects presentation. Almaty 2022 will be an extraordinary partner for the Olympic Movement. Looking forward, the 2022 Olympic Winter Games will be used as a platform to showcase Kazakhstan to the world. It will be an opportunity to improve the health and welfare of our citizens, to accelerate the positive societal and economic opportunities provided in 1991 when we gained our independence and to promote greater access and participation in winter sport within a nation that is already passionate about winter sports.

All Kazakhstan relevant public authorities will fully respect the Olympic Charter and Host City Contract in their entirety. Marat Beketayev, Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Justice for the Republic of Kazakhstan said: “The Legal section of Almaty 2022´s bid is a fascinating one. It is one that underpins the commitments that we must make to each other to ensure the smooth and legal operation of the Winter Games. We understand that compliance is not always guaranteed merely by words, but that it is always guaranteed by trust and partnership. And we will be good partners. All parties at the local, regional and national levels will enable Almaty 2022 to fulfil our obligations within their entirety”.

Following Legal Aspects during the morning session was the theme of Games Safety, Security and Medical Services. Vladimir Bozhko, Chairman of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Zholdasbek Almashev, Deputy Head of the Police Department of the City of Almaty presented it.
Kazakhstan has a proven track record of providing discreet but robust security for major sporting, cultural and economic events like the 2013 Almaty Investment Forum, 2011 Asian Winter Games, 2010 OSCE Summit and the 2008 Olympic Torch Relay. All of these events were hosted flawlessly. Almaty 2022 would have a single management structure without functional or territorial restrictions and an established proven inter-agency collaboration. Vladimir Bozhko said, “Kazakhstan is a low risk, peaceful and secure country and we have earned admiration from around the world for our commitment to strengthening global security and respect for international norms. We are currently a candidate nation for a seat on the 2017/18 United Nations Security Council. For the Almaty 2022 Winter Games a Chief Operational Headquarters will be created with full responsibility for all Games related security. Everybody coming to Almaty in 2022 will feel safe and secure, and that´s not just because of our security system but also because Kazakh´s are very friendly and hospitable people welcoming guests with open arms”.

The Vice Mayor of Almaty, Madame Zauresh Amanzholova, spoke during two of the themes today addressing the Medical portion of theme 11. Since becoming independent, Kazakhstan has undertaken major efforts to reform its health system. Two comprehensive reform programmes developed over the past decade include The National Programme for Health Care Reform and Development 2005-2010 and The State Health Care Development Programme for 2011-2015 Salamatty Kazakhstan. This means that each and every visitor to the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games can expect excellent health care, with special attention given to the Olympic and Paralympic Families. Part of the Medical theme was addressed anti-doping. Almaty is home to the 35th WADA accredited anti-doping laboratory that has been operational since 2002 and WADA accredited in 2011. The facility offers the highest standard of equipment and staff.

Madame Zauresh Amanzholova went on to say, “In addition to being our city’s Vice Mayor, I am also a medical doctor. Therefore I can assure you that all Olympic visitors and the Olympic and Paralympic families will receive world-class medical care in Almaty.”

Vice Mayor Amanzholova spoke again during the Political and Public Support theme presentation stating, “there should be little doubt that all levels of the Government fully support Almaty 2022. It is a national priority and our bid forms an integral part of Kazakhstan’s vision for its long-term development”.
Sydney Olympic Gold Medallist and Parliament member Olga Shishigina discussed the public support aspect of the theme. Independent polls commissioned by both Almaty 2022 and the IOC shows that there is strong support for the Games in Almaty and in Kazakhstan. In fact, the IOC figure was even higher than Almaty´s.

Olga Shishigina spoke of the personal nature of the Almaty 2022 Olympic Winter Games bid and the meaning it has for her. She said, “For me, as a member of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and as an Olympic athlete, this is very personal. My country, Kazakhstan gave me life; and the Olympic Games and sport changed my life. And to see now, that there is a huge majority of people in favour of hosting the Games is incredible. This means, there will be more young athletes. More people from Kazakhstan could experience the wonderful sports journey I had. And this support is also a guarantee that you will experience fans at the venues in 2022 who will cheer for everybody”.

The Marketing theme was presented by Alimzhan Akayev, Marketing Advisor to Almaty 2022 and Marketing Director of the Combat and Strength Sports Confederation of Kazakhstan. Sport marketing is different, in Kazakhstan. Generally, the finance of sport is supported by the state. He said, “however, the sponsorship landscape is evolving, and Almaty 2022 would help speed up this evolution. Almaty 2022, and the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan have agreed on a Joint Marketing Programme in order to optimise and protect the revenue-generating ability of the OCOG. All required guarantees were provided”.

The Finance theme was presented by the bid´s Vice Chairman, Andrey Kryukov. He gave an overview of Kazakshtan´s economy. Although not a global economic power, yet, Kazakhstan is a regional economic power with a dynamic and growing long-term outlook. The Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal produce a yearly Index of Economic Freedom. In the 2014 edition, Kazakhstan ranks 17th out of 42 countries in the Asian Pacific Region and has one of the 20 best improvement records of all countries over the 17 years of the study. The total GDP is almost 240 billion US dollars, which is a 5 percent growth over 2013, and we have a 5-year growth rate of 4.8 percent. Vice Chairman of Almaty 2022, Andrey Kryukov said, “in many ways, we are one of the most robust, growing economies people might have never heard of. One thing is for certain, Kazakhstan is fully financially capable of hosting an excellent Olympic and Paralympics Winter Games. The Almaty 2022 Budget is detailed, realistic, yet at the same time conservative, for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympics Winter Games.”

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