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Almaty 2022: IOC Evaluation Commission Day 2 - The City Experience -

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan HE Yerlan Idrisson giving opening remarks on Day 2 of the IOC Evaluation Commission visit in Almaty / Almaty 2022
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan HE Yerlan Idrisson giving opening remarks on Day 2 of the IOC Evaluation Commission visit in Almaty / Almaty 2022

Iconic Sunkar Ski Jumping Complex at the heart of Almaty / Almaty 2022
Iconic Sunkar Ski Jumping Complex at the heart of Almaty / Almaty 2022

Almaty, February 15, 2015

Day 2 of the IOC Evaluation Commission visit in Almaty:

HE Idrissov, Yerlan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan opened the session and reiterated full support of the Government. Theme briefings on Accommodation, followed by Transport, Media Operations and part 2 of the Sports & Venues theme were conducted.  A venue tour of the City Zone held in the afternoon demonstrated the compactness of the Games Concept.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yerlan Idrissov, opened Day 2 with welcome remarks as the International Olympic Committee's Evaluation Commission continued its assessment of Almaty's bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2022. The Minister reaffirmed full government support of the bid stating, "I am here today to confirm the full support of the Government of Kazakhstan to the Almaty 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid. Our Bid Proposal is fully aligned with our country's long-term Strategic Plan -'Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy'. He closed his welcome address saying, "In Almaty they say to improve your vision you must look to the mountains. I hope that our mountains help with your vision and allow you to see the true capabilities of this great city and my hometown, Almaty. It is an honour to have the IOC Evaluation Commission here - we hope to see a lot more of you over the next seven years."

Timur Dossymbetov, long-standing Secretary General represented the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Kazakhstan discussed the Sport and Venues theme. Also presenting today were Rashida Shaikenova, the President of the Kazakhstan Tourism Association, Aset Asavbayev, the Chairman of the Transport Committee of the Ministry of Investments and Development, and the senior leadership of the bid committee.

Almaty 2022 discussed its plans on the Candidature File themes Accommodation, Transportation, Media Operations, in addition to the second of three Sport and Venue presentations.

After the morning briefing session, members of the IOC Evaluation Commission visited the venues within the City Zone, which included the Ice Palace, Central Stadium, Baluan Sholak Sports Palace, Medals Plaza site, and the Sunkar Precinct. Venues visited within the Sunkar Precinct include, the Sliding Centre, the world-class and stunning Ski Jumping Centre and Nordic Combined arenas.

"The City Zone is extremely compact and demonstrates our vision of keeping the athlete experience at the forefront of our planning," said Andrey Kryukov, Vice Chairman of the Bid. He added, «Yesterday we had the opportunity to showcase the Nordic and Alpine Venues. With the Tian Shan Mountains as a backdrop, our snow covered peaks displayed true winter wonderland appeal. Today the venues in the City Zone served as a platform to showcase our young and vibrant city and our ability to execute an efficient, compact venue plan. In less than four hours we managed to visit all five city venues including a 30- 40 min presentation at ever site".

Almaty is Kazakhstan's largest city and a major historical, educational, cultural and commercial centre in Central Asia. Accommodation is the lynchpin within the tourism industry in Kazakhstan. As a result, Almaty benefits from a broad range of modern, luxury and business hotels and numerous spa and wellness hotels. "Over the last decade the tourism industry in Kazakhstan has truly boomed,"said
Rashida Shaikenova, President of Kazakhstan´s Tourism Association.

Shaikenova continued, "In 2011 we were the joint hosts with Astana of the Asian Winter Games -an event that saw two million spectators come together in the City. We hosted them, easily. Now we are looking forward to 2017 when we will host the Winter Universiade and an estimated 5,000 athletes from around the world. Hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2022 would be tremendous. We will be prepared! Almaty's population will be happy and pleased to welcome guests and friends from all over the world. "

Aset Asavbayev, Chairman of the Transportation Committee for the Ministry of Investment and Development and Elena Yerzakovich, City of Almaty Transport Advisor briefed the Evaluation Commission on the Candidature File Transport theme. Centring on the athletes' experience, Asavbayev said, "Our main priority is to safely move athletes from village to venue and back again every day.No Almaty 2022 venue is more than a 33-kilometre drive away from the Olympic Village. This means an average village-to-venue travel time of approximately 15 minutes."

Asavbayev further discussed the City of Almaty's existing transportation infrastructure. He said, "The City's excellent, existing public transport network will be complemented by a highly efficient hub to venue shuttle bus system from spectators and workforce."

Almaty 2022 would offer the largest five-hour fly time population catchment for a Winter Games. Yerzakovich discussed Almaty Airport's size and capabilities stating, "In 2014, it served 4.3 million passengers and has a daily capacity of approximately 40,000 passengers. ALA already has major winter sports experience. It was the gateway airport for the 2011 Asian Winter Games.
The 2017 Winter University Games will also provide us with another opportunity to ensure smooth airport operations."

Almaty 2022 understands and appreciates the importance - to the Olympic Movement - of excellent games-time media operations and the resulting worldwide media coverage.  Ruslan Zhemkov, Media Advisor to the Almaty 2022 bid and Denis Vykhodtsev, Almaty 2022 Broadcast Expert reviewed compact and simple media operations and media facilities that tailor to every need. Denis Vykhodtsev said, "The media-facility-mix in Olympic City will provide a convenient, efficient and effective working environment for accredited media during the Games." 

All but three venues can be reached in less than 30 minutes from the IBC/MPC transport mall by the media transport system. And the longest travel time is 39 minute. Vykhodtsev further stated, "Adding to the convenience and efficiency of this plan these Media facilities also sit adjacent to the IOC Hotels, the Almaty Olympic Arena, the Curling Arena and the Olympic Village. The compact nature of the overall Almaty 2022 venue concept not only benefits the media with short travel times within the two Zones - but also between the Zones.

"Day 2 was fantastic," said bid Vice Chairman, Andrey Kryukov. He added,"We had an excellent opportunity to continue our dialogue with the IOC and exchange information. I am very pleased with Almaty's second day of its first-ever IOC Evaluation Commission visit."

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