POSTED: Saturday September 7th 2013


Buenos Aires, September 7, 2013

The Madrid 2020 team have been honoured to be part of the Candidate City journey and Alejandro Blanco, Bid President and Spanish NOC member and the Madrid2020 team would like thank members of the International Olympic Committee, and their friends in the International Federations and corporate sponsors for their support, encouragement and guidance during this bidding process.

Viewing the experience as positive and wishing Tokio every success, Blanco said “I know that Tokio will deliver a magnificent Games in 2020. They have a very exciting seven years ahead of them as they prepare to host and I look forward to joining them, sharing in their success and experiencing first hand, the realisation of their dreams for the 2020 Olympic Games”.

“Our thoughts are with Istambul who presented a very exciting bid worthy of winning and we join them in their disappointment” Blanco said “We, at Madrid2020 had a very strong and robust bid that we have been working on for many years. Having listened and learned over three previous bid processes, we have presented our best offer and are sad that we will not be able deliver our plans. Our bid was not a bid of dreams, but winning the Games would have been a long awaited dream for the people of Madrid”.

As honorary president of the bid, His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Felipe of Asturias said “With a significant proportion of the sporting infrastructure already built and in place, there is, still, a huge positive impact to be acknowledged. Our efforts over the past 12 years will not be wasted, in that the people and youth of Madrid will still continue to benefit and enjoy an Olympic legacy from established venues to transport systems, so whilst the race for 2020 is lost, the future of sport in Spain will continue positively”.

Mayor of Madrid, Ms. Ana Botella reiterated by saying “Madrid is a vibrant city. We have a pedigree of hosting international sporting events, and we intend to continue to bring these major events to our City and encourage our young people to participate in sport. We want visitors from all over the world to come and experience not only our sporting events, but our culture and our art, our history and the green spaces of Madrid. We will always welcome you with open arms.”

The bid leaders have also acknowledged the team of people that have worked with them during the bid process as the Candidate City journey unfolded. “Our team have worked hard, with diligence and commitment and have always maintained our Spanish ethos for fun. ” continued Blanco “I am very proud of the people that have supported and been involved in this bid, and very proud of the people of the City of Madrid for their continued support and enthusiasm.”

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