POSTED: Friday September 6th 2013

Tokyo the 'right partner' that will deliver superb Games for the Olympic Movement, says Governor Inose

With one day to go until the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Host City election for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Tokyo Governor Naoki Inose has declared the city is ready for the Games.

Speaking at an event held in Buenos Aires, Naoki Inose, Chairman of Tokyo 2020 and Governor of Tokyo, said:

"I feel that Tokyo is increasingly gaining momentum.  As a recent poll shows, 92% of our population are in favour of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games and excitement is building every day.

"We believe we have shown that Tokyo is the right partner for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and will host a safe and incredible city-centre celebration.  Considering the world economy recently, for a true celebration, for a party for mankind like the Olympic and Paralympic Games, strong evidence exists that Tokyo has the ability to deliver.

"During our presentation, I look forward to conveying Tokyo's safety, strong finances, world class transportation and organisational ability.  And of course most importantly, I will communicate our strong passion to all the distinguished Members of the IOC.

"From the start of the campaign, Tokyo 2020 has used every opportunity to convey our passion for the Games.  Over the past two years, we have witnessed the significant role sports and athletes play in society. If we win the honour of hosting the Games, we will share the power of sport and be determined to further spread the Olympic Values with the world."

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