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"Super Ride" - Equestrian Arts Festival expands to include International Quadrille Championship and Escaramuza Competition

Beginning in 2013, The United States Equestrian Drill Association (USEDA) sanctioned “Super Ride” festival of the equestrian arts will include an International Quadrille Championship and the World Escaramuza Challenge.


Monday, August 20, 2012
(updated Monday, August 27, 2012)
Lindale, Texas (USA)

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The United States Equestrian Drill Association (USEDA) is today announcing plans for a dramatic expansion of "Super Ride", the annual festival of the equestrian arts.  Since 2003, the event has hosted the United States Equestrian Drill Championship (USEDC), bringing together the nation's best mounted drill teams and color guard units.  During its first decade, Super Ride has produced champions from all geographic regions of the United States, and has thrilled audiences of all ages.

Beginning in 2013, Super Ride will also include an International Quadrille Championship, and The World Escaramuza Challenge - a competitive division showcasing the exciting all-female, sidesaddle sport with deep roots in the rich charreria culture of Mexico.

Super Ride XI will be held from June 18 through 22, 2013 at the Texas Rose Horse Park, near Lindale, TX (USA).  The world-class facility is located 102 miles east of the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport.

The International Quadrille Championship will feature teams of four (4) horses and riders, competing in a 'freestyle-to-music' competition.  "Quadrille (most simply defined as team riding) is a well know international discipline", says Gary Bonner, the USEDA's Executive Director. "In various formats, quadrille is a popular part of many major shows and expos including CHIO Aachen (Germany), Olympia: The London International Horse Show (United Kingdom) and HORFA: The China International Horse Fair (China). We are extremely excited to include an international championship on the Super Ride program." 

Teams competing in the International Quadrille Championship may utilize English or Western-style tack.  Scores will be awarded for appearance, content of program, horsemanship, and general artistic impression.

Each participating nation will be eligible to nominate a maximum of three (3) teams - with riders competing either on their own mounts or on borrowed/leased horses. Each national equestrian federation will also be eligible to nominate a combined team (of 8 or more riders) for participation in the highly competitive Ride of Champions, held on the final day of the Super Ride competition.

"To date, we have established very positive contacts with riding clubs and equestrian federations is several countries including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand and the United Kingdom" says Bonner.  "Formal invitations to these and other nations will be issued shortly.  The USEDA and its strategic partners look forward to welcoming athletes from throughout the world to the United States, and to East Texas, in June."

The newly created Spirit of Harambee Award(1) will be given annually to the top placing team in the International Quadrille Championship.

"It is our hope that the introduction of international competition within the Super Ride program will serve as a catalyst for greater understanding, cooperation, commerce and cultural exchange between individuals, institutions and nations", adds Melvin Cox, the Super Ride Media Director.  "The additions to the program that we are announcing today will help the event to grow and to attract new audiences, supporters and sponsors.  It is truly a win/win proposition for the event, for the local economy, for the horse world and for the community at large."

Since its introduction in 1953 (where both girls and boys participated), Escaramuza has grown dramatically from within the centuries-old charreria tradition of Mexico.  Escaramuza has changed Mexico's charro culture from an exclusively male dominated environment into a sport that is notably more 'family oriented'.  In 1991, Escaramuza - which draws its name from the Spanish word for skirmish -  was officially recognized by the Federación Mexicana de Charrería, an organization founded in 1933 to govern the different charro associations that emerged in the years following the Mexican Revolution (1910 - 1920).  The venerated Adelitas, or "women of the revolution," continue to influence and inspire today's Escaramuzas.

In competition, the Escaramuza perform a structured routine of twelve (12) specific exercises with predetermined values. Each exercise has an individual value depending on the level of difficulty. Each routine is variable, with a maximum score of approximately 350 points. Each routine also includes two (2) "puntas" - with the mounted rider transitioning from a stand-still at one end of the arena into a full gallop, and then into a sliding stop.  The quality of this reining movement is evaluated, and the distance of the slide measured.  These points are then added to the total team score.

Escaramuza teams are composed of eight riders.  Teams may select the traditional full-skirted Adelita style dresses or a fitted skirt and jacket ensemble inspired by the standard charro attire.  The Adelita is a long-sleeved, wide-ruffled dress, tight at the waist and bodice.  Hats, rebozos and other appointments must be identical in style, detail and color.

"The expansion of the Super Ride to include international participants is reflective of the universal nature of equestrian sport, and of the growing acceptance of drill as a fundamental element within the culture and traditions of the equestrian world," says Robert C. Lorbeer, a Prescott, Arizona based attorney and Chief Judge at the annual Super Ride festival. "The excitement these competitions create will, I believe, prove most beneficial.  I strongly suspect that the championship rounds on Friday and Saturday evening will be completely sold out."

In addition to the International Quadrille Championship and the World Escaramuza Challenge, Super Ride XI will feature the USEDC Open Division National Drill Championship, the 6th Annual Ride of Champions and performances by the United States Equestrian Drill Association All-Stars. 

Emboldened by a sweep of the major awards at the 2012 Super Ride, The Canadian Valley Rangerettes of Mustang, Oklahoma will seek to retain the SportsQuest Cup - the drill community's highest honor.  The Cup is awarded annually to the team placing first in the Ride of Champions - a special competition open to teams with high placings in previous national level competitions.

"With the enthusiastic support of the City of Lindale, our sponsors, competitors and friends, we are consciously working to raise the level and quality of the sport", says Gary Bonner. "The introduction of international competitions in 2013 will insure that Super Ride will continue as 'the place to be' for those who love horses, choreography, music and great teamwork."

The United States Equestrian Drill Association is an affiliate of the United States Equestrian Federation - the national governing body for equestrian sport.


(1) Harambee is a Swahili word meaning "all pull together".  It is reflected in the popular Kenyan tradition of community self-help events, e.g. fundraising or development activities.  The concept of working together for a common purpose is the key to success in team riding, and in all collaborative efforts.



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