POSTED: Friday August 10th 2012

Modern Pentathlon: Asadauskaite Making Pentathlon a Family Affair

For Lithuania’s Laura Asadauskaite modern pentathlon is a family affair. The 28-year-old World Number One is married to Andrei Zadneprovski, a former World Champion and Olympic silver and bronze medalist.

Two years ago, this very modern pentathlon family grew with the birth of her first child which - as Asadauskaite points out - has made life better, but preparation for her second Olympics more challenging than her first.

“I started training again five months after giving birth, she says. “But being back in training does not mean you can start thinking about winning things straight away.”

“Andrei helped me a lot, and keeps doing it now as well as our parents. Without them me recovery would have been anything like as fast as it was. Looking back and comparing I can say without question that is has been more difficult to prepare for this Olympics.”

It may have been tough, but Asadauskaite’s comeback season, was nothing short of spectacular, including a bronze at the 2011 World Championships in Moscow.

"I thought that I would succeed in the next year or the year after that, but I'm glad that I didn't have to wait.

“This season I’ve focused heavily on riding, while keeping the other disciplines on track as well.”

Asadauskaite was awarded as the Best Sportswoman of Lithuania 2011, which is a very prestige title for such a successful and memorable return to Modern Pentathlon.

“Being a sportswoman of the year only stimulates to continue sport and achieve new highs”.

She is now regarded as one of the favourites for Gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games after another impressive season that saw her win the 2012 World Cup Final in Chengdu in China and regain her World #1 position she gave up when she gave birth.

“Everything went smoothly from the beginning,” she says of that competition. “My fencing result was very good and I had only one knock down in the riding.

“Combined has always been my strongest discipline, so knowing I was starting first gave me a lot of added confidence.”

She’ll be looking to take that confidence into the London Games, but Asadauskaite recognises that the stress of an Olympics is much greater than any other event.

“At the Olympic Games, the pressure doesn’t ease even for a second. Although this is my second go, I still feel very emotional going into the Games because you need to show the best you can. And of course, you need luck on your side.”

But at least if Asadauskaite looks to her family for support, she knows there is someone who truly understands what competing at the Olympics is all about.

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