POSTED: Monday August 6th 2012

Modern Pentathlon: Benedetti, the Italian heron is ready to fly

Winning gold at World Cup #3 was a massive boost for Benedetti
Winning gold at World Cup #3 was a massive boost for Benedetti

A good fence is key to Benedetti's success
A good fence is key to Benedetti's success

Benedetti is one of the quickest runners in the field
Benedetti is one of the quickest runners in the field

In the years following the Beijing Olympiad, something seemed broken in the warrior’s heart of Nicola Benedetti.

“Even though I never fell out of the top 15 of the world ranking, I wasn’t getting the results I was expecting”.

But a warrior is a warrior when a battle approaches.

“In the pre-Olympic year I got back to my standards. Focus and motivation just reappeared”.

Despite terrible, notorious swimming times, Benedetti easily qualified for the 2012 Games”.

“I tried every trick and solution. My swimming just doesn’t want to improve”.

Good for him that one of the two innovations of the London Olympics, along with the laser pistol, is the combined format.

Nicola is a terrific runner, able to smash every competitor. Before the introduction of the combined, he was one of the best snipers too.

“I handled the transition to the new format very well. Event after event, I refined my ability”.

Nicola’s strongest opponent in the combined segment is his teammate Riccardo De Luca, who just beat his combined world record at the Rome World Championships last May.

“The competition between me and Riccardo is going to be an exciting supplementary challenge”.

There’s little doubt Nicola’s long legs play their role in making him such a good runner. He is indeed the world’s tallest pentathlete.

He is 6 ft 6. “It’s a double-edged trait. Surely an advantage in running, but in technical disciplines, when coordination is essential, it requires an extra-effort”.

That’s why Nicola is nicknamed “The Heron”.

“It must be due to my oversize-length legs and arms. I don’t migrate”.

Benedetti is Italy’s most concrete possibility to win an Olympic medal in Modern Pentathlon since the golden era of Masala and Massullo.

“Sure I know it. But I feel no pressure at the moment. Staying relaxed and training well is all I need to do”.

And if not London, Nicola reserves a place for a podium in Rio.

“I will definitely be in Rio - meanwhile I’ll keep improving”.

Benedetti remains faithful to the Olympic motto. Swifter, higher stronger. In Latin it sounds like “Citius, Altius, Fortius”. Well maybe he needs no Altius.

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