POSTED: Thursday August 2nd 2012

Modern Pentathlon: Cao Starting to Feel the Pain

Cao was the 2011 Asian Champion
Cao was the 2011 Asian Champion

Cao will be looking to make his country proud in his last Olympics
Cao will be looking to make his country proud in his last Olympics

Cao is a fantastic shooter
Cao is a fantastic shooter

Modern pentathlon is a demanding sport and the many years of training are starting to catch up with 30-year-old Cao Zhongrong from China.

Injuries have hampered his training in recent years, but his dedication has never wavered to the extent that his coach has to keep a careful eye on this athlete.

“He is always devoted in training and increases the intensity himself,” says his coach Shen Kejian. “His back and waist have been seriously injured. I always worry that his injury may re-occur if his training is more than his back and waist can take. “

Cao himself never tires of the work. “I like to release myself in training,” he says. “In training, if you strive you need to pay a little more than if you are lazy. Consequently, if you strive, the harvest will be greater. “

Cao is a big fan of the introduction of the combined event in modern pentathlon as shooting used to be by far his weakest event.

“It used to feel like I had four events to fight against the five events of my opponents,” he says. “The combined event is better for me than having the shooting event and running event separately. When I was informed of the new competition format, I felt I could continue training in modern pentathlon and participating in international competitions.

“After the changes, I won the 16th Asian Games and I came 4th in the 2010 World Championships and 3rd in the 2012 World Cup Final. These are the best results in my career.”

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