POSTED: Thursday July 26th 2012

Rublevska Goes into Unchartered Territory at her 4th Olympics

Rublevska running towards her silver in Athens 2004
Rublevska running towards her silver in Athens 2004

Rublevska is one of Modern Pentathlon's best fencers
Rublevska is one of Modern Pentathlon's best fencers

Rublevska is going to be the only women Pentathlete to participate in 4 Olympics
Rublevska is going to be the only women Pentathlete to participate in 4 Olympics

In a sport that values stamina, Elena Rublevska has an edge over her rivals. The London 2012 Games are her fourth Olympics, an achievement not matched by any other woman modern pentathlete.

“All Olympic Games are important to me," she says. "I know that this is very important. I can’t say that I feel different about different Olympic games as I prepare the same. I think I am in an advantageous position as I have already been there and I am more experienced."

Rublevska won a silver medal at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, but couldn't repeat that level of performance in Beijing. The 36-year-old has picked up a hatful of medals in major competitions throughout her lengthy career, as well as accolades such as being named as Sportswoman of the Year in her home country of Latvia. But she's crystal clear about what really matters to her.

"Any award is incomparable with sport titles and sport achievements. Particularly, Olympic medals are very special. I am ready to give up all medals that I have for one more Olympic medal”.

Before her 2004 triumph in 2003 Elena gave birth to a daughter and two months later she already was crossing the finish line 7th in the 2003 World Championships in Italy, still breastfeeding. The training the young mother has started already the next day after discharge from a maternity hospital.  However at the beginning she did not even think that it would turn that way, -“When I found out that I was pregnant, I stopped thinking about Athenes Olympic games. From the moment I gave birth to my daughter I got the idea to perform”.

Elena Rublevska is a rare example of devotion to the sport and her career highlights are the biggest award for such hard working hours spent training. She is a real fanatic of Modern Pentathlon. On the agenda is London. “You can’t jump higher than you actually can.  This is how I feel about preparation to the Olympics. I do what I usually do and prepare each discipline equally.”

Her bid for another Olympic medal has not been helped by injury. “Last year I had an operation on my knee," she explains. "At the beginning the doctors could not diagnose correctly what was wrong, and only later realized that it was my old knee problem, which I got about 10 years ago in the car accident.”

Undoubtedly, the injury caused a massive impact on preparation, -  “I had to reduce the load. The qualification for Olympics changed, but I still managed to qualify. However now, I feel that I need to work out more.” - Rublevska had to withdraw from some competitions last year due to this unfortunate reason and it event prevented her from proper trainings before 2011 World Championships in Moscow.

She says the injury setback means she now feels she has to work out even more than before. Time will tell whether all that training will be enough to take her to the ultimate prize.

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