POSTED: Tuesday July 24th 2012

Modern Pentathlon: Esposito Representing Australia and the Family Name

Esposito had a breakthrough result at the World Championships
Esposito had a breakthrough result at the World Championships

A clear ride will be key for Esposito
A clear ride will be key for Esposito

Can Esposito win the last gold of the Olympic Games for Australia
Can Esposito win the last gold of the Olympic Games for Australia

In the last two years, Sydney’s Chloe Esposito, has gone from winning junior pentathlon competition and credible showings within her home country of Australia, to realizing her potential by taking podium places on the international stage and qualifying for the London Olympics.

“It’s something very special for me, as it’s always been my dream. It’s very hard to explain how it makes me feel, but I’ll be very proud to wear the green and gold!”

At twenty years of age, Chloe is excited to be given the opportunity, saying,

“When I qualified, I was so relieved that all my hard work paid off. It was a very emotional day for me, my family, coaches and friends.”

Chloe is coached by her father, Daniel, a former Olympic pentathlete, who represented Australia at Los Angeles in 1984.

“Training sessions are always intense with Dad! Psycho!” Chloe explains, “(But) I wouldn’t be able to have achieved my results without my Dad… It’s always good to have someone to experience it with and who knows exactly what you’re going through.”

Chloe’s third place at the Pentathlon World Cup meet in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and her successful Olympic qualification has seen the team contradict the volatile nature of the father-daughter stereotype.

Daniel saying, “It doesn’t change my role as a father, at the end of the day Chloe is always my daughter, and that’s what comes first… (But) there is one characteristic every elite pentathlete must have to be successful - you must be mentally and physically tough in training.”

Chloe’s weekly training pilgrimage sees her travel from Kemp’s Creek Pistol Club, for shooting practice on the outskirts of Sydney, to the city’s centre for horse-work at the Budapest Riding School. Chloe saying,

“(I train) Thirty hours a week, plus ten hours travelling to and from training venues.”

This is the nature of Australian pentathlon, and while European athletes often have the privilege of combined facilities, athletes in this part of the world often need to travel extensively to train for all five of pentathlon’s sports.

Daniel explains that the sport has changed since he competed, saying,

“There is a greater financial need (now)... and there are many international competitions, mainly in Europe. To achieve a good world ranking, you must compete in these competitions regularly, which are all self-funded.”

Chloe explains that far from the big money contracts of other sports and the funding via sporting bodies, she relies largely on local support,

“My bank have created a website for me, where people can donate money and purchase wristbands and drink bottles… The clubs I represent have donated money… Also my family held sausage sizzles, (and) a friend of mine held a fundraising night for me with silent auctions and raffles.”

Together, the team will be trying to make an impact at the London Games, but as a young athlete Chloe is happy as long as she puts in her best effort, saying,

“Regardless of what position I come, I do get very nervous, but I have to turn the nerves into positive energy and just focus on my tasks.”

“The highlight for me will be marching in the opening and closing ceremony, and I think the combined event will be (the) most exciting for me.”

Chloe is raising funds for her Olympic campaign at

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