POSTED: Wednesday July 18th 2012

Modern Pentathlon: Moiseev Gunning to Become the Best Ever

Moiseev winning gold at Athens 2004
Moiseev winning gold at Athens 2004

Moiseev winning gold at Beijing 2008
Moiseev winning gold at Beijing 2008

Moiseev winning the 2011 World Championships
Moiseev winning the 2011 World Championships

Andrei Moiseev is one of only two modern pentathletes to have twice won the individual competition at the Olympic games. Win a third Gold at the London 2012 Games and he'll stand alone.

At 33, Moiseev has seen everything this unpredictable sport has to offer. For that reason he says he doesn't obsess over how he stands within the competition after the fencing, swimming or riding, worrying about handicaps only a few minutes before the combined event gets underway. "There are always situations that can not be foreseen,” he says.

So close was the competition for places in the Russian team that there was a danger of Moiseev not making it to the Olympic start line at all. Certainly he couldn't hide his emotions when he was named alongside Alexander Lesun in the team.

Moiseev's form has built gradually since his Beijing success. A poor 2009/10 season followed a car crash, but my last year he was back on form winning the World Championships. Second place in this year's World Championships in Rome was another excellent result for a man who's enthusiasm for the competition remain undimmed. "I just work hard and do what I really like - and I like modern pentathlon a lot. And if I don't get it, then I will be sad. So I do not want to harm myself. As long as I enjoy it, will work.”

With regard to combine Andrei compares himself with a schoolboy: “I had to do my study and do it fairly. There is a certain progress. Although in order to take the gold medal in London in 2012, I still have to sweat not over one textbook”.

Moiseev is a maximalist, although considers his own performances realistically and fair after each competition regardless of the final results: “The result is more than satisfactory”.

After getting the 5th place at recent tournament Kremlin Cup 2012 in Moscow, Andrei Moiseev says, “speaking about my readiness in individual disciplines, in general I am satisfied with current results”.

Between now and August, 2012 it is all about training and getting ready. The main preparation is going in the medium-altitude mountains. " It has been only a week since we have began to train and purposely preparing for the Games. The first week was the most difficult and extensive in terms of loads. So now talk about some kind of super physical form is not necessary. We are still preparing”.

Whether or not a third Olympic Gold comes his way, Moiseev remains a legend of the sport.

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