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World Hunger Solutions for RIO+20 Inspired by Athletes, First Ladies, UN, Siberia, Canada, Austria, Italy, Tribes

Newly Revealed Resources Created This Emergency Recommendation for UN’s June RIO+20 Conference by Elders of the Native American Olympic Team Foundation

Three First Ladies, Lady Bird Johnson, Rosalyn Carter and Betty Ford with Rep Bella Abzug and Olympians Donna deVarona and Suzy Chaffee jubilantly finishing 2,000 mile Women’s Torch Relay in 1977 / Copyright © 1977 Diana Mara Henry/
Three First Ladies, Lady Bird Johnson, Rosalyn Carter and Betty Ford with Rep Bella Abzug and Olympians Donna deVarona and Suzy Chaffee jubilantly finishing 2,000 mile Women’s Torch Relay in 1977 / Copyright © 1977 Diana Mara Henry/

By Olympic skier Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee

During February's U.S. Super Bowl, the NFL hosted a "Kick Hunger Challenge" to assist food banks in every NFL city. That got many Americans like me inspired and asking, "Can we realistically kick hunger here?"

Thanks also to the compassionate energy of our First Ladies, as well as actors, musicians, humanitarians, and companies, some simple holistic solutions came to light that could greatly reduce the roots of 50 million U.S. citizens going hungry, including 17 million children, starting this spring. Now wouldn't that be a Victory for all Americans?

With a billion going hungry worldwide, including 400 million children, what if other amazing ways that the U.N., Siberia, Italy, Austria, Cuba, US and Canada were using to reduce hunger, also came to light? And similar teams worldwide were inspired to step up to the plate to help our whole Earth Family 'Kick Hunger'? Wouldn't that be a Victory for our Human Race this pivotal 2012?
The Russians, our next 2014 Winter Olympic Hosts in Sochi, for example, have a gold medal model of food security that tens of millions are enjoying worldwide.

But who knew? Thanks to RIO+20, this and other Emergency Recommendations by Native Americans Elders and world mystics, will be considered by Earth leaders in Brazil on June 20-22, at the strong encouragement by the UN.  And what if much of the needed resources were right next to us and cost virtually nothing? Thanks to the World's Greatest Coach, these simple solutions became crystal clear.

And what if much of the needed resources were right next to us and cost virtually nothing? Thanks to the World's Greatest Coach, these simple solutions became crystal clear.


Olivia Ellis PhD, my gifted Cherokee guide, who is a Master Gardener and Garden Guide at President Jefferson's Monticello Gardens, told me that in the book of Genesis, God's first command was, "Plant fruit trees." Yet along the way much of humanity forgot.


Hunger, the main cause of death, happens mainly in developing countries: Asia, the Pacific, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Developed countries like Europe do not have widespread hunger, except for the United States. But in asking some questions, Olivia revealed the abundant resources readily available to win that victory!


Dr. Ellis said that "Every county in the U.S., as well as province in Southern Canada, has thousands of Master Gardeners like her - 35 in her county in Virginia - happy to give seeds from their gardens, along with the knowhow to help anyone grow nutritious plants in schools and neighborhoods."  Master Gardeners also mentor many thousands of Junior Master Gardeners (JMG) wanting to feed everyone.

Equally astounding was that the U.S. State Forestry Departments donate young native trees, including fruit trees, to groups of Jr. Master Gardeners (JMG) and 4-H Clubs to prevent erosion around their homes, schools, churches. They also sell seedlings to adults for a dollar. "Our JMG program received 100 FREE native organic plums and persimmons to plant around our Rockfish River elementary school (in Nellysford, Virginia)," said Dr. Ellis.

SCHOOLS THAT ROCK!'s "Fruit Tree Tour" takes a busload of green-thumbed youth with a rock band to help students and teachers create orchards with the FREE trees they bring to California schools. But anyone could quarterback a program like this in the U.S. and anywhere.

Hail to the World Food Programme (WFP), "the UN's lead agency in the fight against global hunger, which provides food to 90 million people each year, including 58 million children!" Given the shortage of food at their homes, WFP's one nutritious meal at schools can double enrollment by taking food pressure off families, giving girls a chance to get educated.  Our Title 1X and the "Girl Effect" proved how girls lift families and countries!


A successful solution WFP uses is giving food vouchers to the hungry in Africa, which pays local farmers to create food stability through growing abundance fruit and vegggies. Vouchers replace food stamps in some places in the U.S.  Encourage this kind of National and World Food Security!

"Planting fruit trees is key to growing abundant crops in the driest famine-challenged areas, like the Sub-Sahara. Trees bring up the water from the aquifers to create shade and enhance climate moisture to grow other things, while preserving and restoring fresh water.  No-till growing practices enable raising abundant harvests with no irrigation even in severe droughts," said Dr. Leonid Sharashkin, who edited "Growing Vegetables with a Smile" by Nikolay Kurdyumov.


The leading way to turn around malnutrition and feeding emergencies is fortifying foods with Spirulina, a plant rich in protein and minerals that can be harvested every 24 hours and grown even in an aquarium for schools. I drink this organic Chia seeds, another superfood, in water.


"Native Americans freely shared delicious varieties of corn, avocados, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, black beans, and cocoa beans for chocolate with President Jefferson, America's Botanist. The Maya, Aztecas and Incas of Latin America, who discovered these super nutrients up to 10,000 years ago, had shared them with our tribes, our Native way. He then freely shared these taste sensations with the brotherhood of botanists worldwide" said Dr. Ellis.

"Jefferson advised that if you want fresh salad every day, plant lettuce seeds every Monday. So if you want fruit every day, plant a fruit tree once a week," said Olivia.

How about a U.N. fund, where people could contribute to planting fruit trees in developing countries?  Starting this April 22 - International Mother Earth Day- we could celebrate our progress by planting even more fruit trees with huge-hearted stars of the Music, Hollywood, Sports, and Humanitarian Worlds, helping get these fun tree planting parties started in their backyards and developing countries. The day was initiated by the Indigenous Bolivians two years ago to celebrate Mother Earth as a wise, loving, very compassionate being.


Here's a fun training tool game to prep kids to plant abundant orchards and gardens (safely downloadable). The U.S. Botanic Gardens in DC, also has games and grants for schools to create their wild dreams: See and and


Thanks also to Nobel Prize Winner Norman Borlag, the International Junior Master Gardener program has reached over a million youth in Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, South Korea, Ukraine, Italy, England, South Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan, and planning others. Curriculums are available in many languages, with games and trainers available.

Thanks also to surrounded by Nature, JMG kids are more mellow, intuitive, sharing, and have higher IQ's from eating organic, and score higher in math and science to prepare for the two million jobs needed by U.S. technology companies… (
Kirlean (aura) Photography shows how organic fruits and vegetables have bright shafts of "life force" energy emanating from them," while pesticided produce looked like black blobs.

The Master Gardeners in the US and Canada have been so busy nurturing the greatly increasing hungry that they haven't had time to publicize their resources.

Other countries may also have little known resources available, which Google, a few phone calls, or word of mouth could identify.  There are also wise relatives, Indigenous, and mainstream neighbors happy to guide or mentor youth. Plus visitors and foreigners living in their beautiful countries, often want to do something significant to give back.


"Volunteer vacations are one of the fastest-growing parts of the travel industry," according to the big-hearted Guru of Travel, Peter Greenberg.
Farmers Markets and Food Co-ops are flourishing worldwide, and some, like 'Organic-Select' in Mexico's Puerto Vallarta, even deliver. Both are critically connecting local organic farmers to customers, which could also supply schools until their organic harvests.


Hail to English chef Jamie Oliver for waking up U.K. and U.S schools to tasty nutrition. He is now partnering with Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Foundation, which assisted 269 Australian schools create organic Gardens, to give England's schools their organic dreams.

Studies released in December by The Biggest Loser TV Show and world-renowned naturopath, Dr. Gabriel Cousins, found that groups of obese diabetics eating a diet of fresh raw organic fruits and veggies for 30 days ENDED diabetes! (


Coincidentally, what can end diabetes is the same solution that restores life to the starving, malnourished, as well as the obese, according to MIT and Columbia Universities studies.  Diabetes is the largest cost for many health systems.

Therefore, planting school gardens helps ensure that kids of all income levels eat at least one nutritious meal per day in their developmental years to address all four epidemics.  Rachael Ray teamed up with First Lady Michelle to win our war on obesity by creating over 100 school gardens in the U.S. Thanks to the Master Gardeners, JMGs, forestry departments, and your help, every U.S. and Canadian school could soon have an organic orchard and garden and create lean, clean vibrant generations.


Mexico's children are No. 1 worldwide in diabetes, their leading cause of death, and are high in malnutrition. In the obese division, the U.S. is No. 1, followed by Mexico, mainly from both being the biggest consumers of sodas/colas, which have 40 grams of sugar, whereas 15 grams per day or four tablespoons, is the recommended health limit. Fortunately the new colas and other drinks and foods sweetened with the zero carb great tasting herbal sweetener, Stevia, discovered by the South American tribes, are helping reduce diabetes worldwide, like the Chinese and Japanese. 
Learning about these diabetes studies, and wanting to do something meaningful to give back, Bob Price, the American founder of Puerto Vallarta's (PV) Botanical Gardens, generously offered to contribute six fruit trees each year for students to plant at PV's 214 schools to kickstart gardening/nutrition programs! All they need are a few angels and volunteers to help support the training of the teachers and students, using the same team that helped create successful organic gardens at three PV kindergartens.

To also help ensure they all happily thrive, Mexhica, a wonderful Azteca leader, graciously agreed to lead a splendid fun ceremonial garden dance at a PV school to help mainstream children remember how to give loving gratitude to their trees, plants, and Madre Tierra.  In turn, he was delighted that their (humbly living) Indigenous community would also receive some organic trees.


During World Wars I and II, private residences and public parks in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany planted fruit, vegetable and herb gardens to reduce the pressure on the public food supply.


First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt's organic Victory Garden at the White House inspired 20 million families to plant organic Victory Gardens (pre Chemical Industry), which empowered Americans to be self sufficient, healthy, sharp, energized and sustainable. That winning strategy also helped us emerge from those dark years.

Lady Bird's "Keep America Beautiful" Campaign also planted millions of trees in underserved areas, and pioneered the STOP LITTERING campaign, critical to protecting our ocean marine food and plankton, which is also our oxygen supply. She also created a Children's Garden at the White House.

Michelle's "Children's Organic Garden" at the White House has again empowered Americans by example to follow in her moccasins to have happy brilliant kids too.  Therefore we hope our Fittest First Lady sings this message loud and clear to warm the hearts and tummies of her 17 million hungry children. As quarterback of Team USA's "LETS MOVE" Campaign, if she added a "LET'S PLANT FRUIT TREES" and "ORGANIC GARDENS AT SCHOOLS" Campaign, using America's wonderful resources, we could realistically win our war on obesity, hunger, diabetes, and malnutrition, all for the same budget, FREE!


Italy is the European Union's leader in investing in childhood development by consuming 70-80% organic produce daily, also for the great taste. Northern Italian schools are now all organic. Both Popes, John Paul II and Dominic, have urged farmers to use only heirloom seeds that have reproduced themselves for eons. Because GMOs poison our bodies and water and alter our DNA, and companies are not required to list GMOs in the U.S., the only way to ensure foods are GMO and pesticide-free is by eating organic.
Ironically, our less affluent neighbor, Cuba, shifted to organic agriculture a decade ago, and can afford an excellent free healthcare system. And so can we.

Canada's Model Forest Program of partnering Indigenous and mainstream peoples, was chosen at RIO 1992 to be the model for five continents. Together they have been brilliantly keeping our planet's vast forests, including its orchards and other food and spiritual resources, more sustainable. Since the tribes know how to think like fire and the forest, they have heroicly saved vast forests lands, as well as homes, as fire fighters. See video on

Seneca Elder, RobertJohn Knapp, who inspired Pope Benedict in 2008 to declare, "it is a sin to poison the water," said, "my brother, a forestry leader, says California, Canada's British Columbia, and the Colorado Forests are all dying from droughts from global warming."

That is why ethical scientists and Elders say that stopping the tar sands extractions and its U.S. pipeline, is absolutely critical since they further raise the temperature of the forests (and glaciers), plus contaminate the water, air, and food supply of thousands of communities along the way. The forests are also our oxygen supply! Therefore investing NOW in safe renewable wind and solar is the sane cost-effective alternative for all our children.


In 1995, the governments of 10 countries (Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, North Korea, Russia, and USA) signed the Santiago Declaration. It "recognized that forests must be protected to preserve their "cultural, social and spiritual needs and values." A decade later The World Conservation Union (IUCN) established a task force to provide guidelines on the spiritual dimension of Nature. 
                                          That includes preserving wild-growing foods that Native Americans and other Indigenous Peoples have thrived on for eons. Thoreau's hero was Maine's Penobscot Chief Polis who knew the food or medicinal use of every plant in the woods.

Fullbright winner, Dr. Leslie Korn, has done amazing booklets on the Indigenous Healing Foods of Mexico. I got her Medicines of the Jungle/Medicinas de la Selva, co-created with children and Elders, as part of my 'survival kit,' and haven't needed prescription drugs.  Your region may have similar information, as fresh local plants are more potent and easier to assimilate.

"We can further curb hunger by taking full advantage of this nutrient rich resource. The U.S. has already lost MILLIONS of acres of pine-nut producing pinyon pine forests in Nevada and the Great Basin. More are scheduled to be logged out for bio-fuel unless people speak up! One acre of this gourmet, spiritually uplifting superfood can produce 300 lbs of pine nuts per year (retailed at $3500!). So help prevent the destruction of a source of thousands of tons of food (plus jobs) that just needs harvesting," said Dr. Sharashkin.


"The tribes have also led snow and raindances for eons, critical for world food and water supply and fire prevention. But where two or more are gathered with pure hearts full of gratitude, they can also work wonders," said Dr. Ellis.

"After planting their spring garden at our school the faucets didn't work, so the students did a raindance by thanking the seeds and seedlings, Mother Earth and Father Sun, along with jubilant dancing and thanking Creator for every gift! In the middle of the night it started to rain," Dr. Ellis happily reported.


Clear water is the other key ingredient to growing nutritious food and healthy communities. Austrian ski areas, such as Kitzbuhl, can drink out of the streams again thanks to local naturalist Johann Grander. His many applications used worldwide are reducing chemicals and restoring abused waters to their phenomenal original healing potency.  See YouTube: Water: The Great Mystery, and


Russia is also leading the way into the new era through their scientific studies on communicating with plants, and thirty-five million families, or 70% of the population, now growing their own food mostly organically.  What inspired this shift in Russia and 100 million around the world co-creating food security for man and animal, was Vladimir Megre's Ringing Cedars books about Anastasia, a Siberian phenomenon.


Anastasia said that in Russia's 1993 shift toward democracy, people got back family plots of land too tiny to cultivate with mechanized equipment. So these Russian farms, called 'Dachniks,' reconnected them with the earth and Mother Earth through joyous enthusiasm that rekindled their self worth and intuition.


The blond Siberian mystic explained that Mother Earth is very sensitive. She feels each pair of hands on Her body, just as a tiny mosquito can affect a human. As millions of pairs of hands began lovingly touching Earth, She found new strength to carry on. Negative energy, which is absorbed by the land was diffused and some catastrophes were prevented.

Like Findhorn's magical gardens in Scotland, Anastasia also helped inspire the eco-village movement of reconnecting with the wisdom and powers of Nature to bloom in Russia and worldwide.


Born in 1969, Anastasia's parents died when she was two, and she was lovingly raised by her grandfather and great grandfather, but mainly protected and fed by wild animals and plants in the pristine Taiga forest. She communicated telepathically with them, like many children and Indigenous Elders, and received her powers and wisdom of the universe through the trees, especially the Siberian and Lebanese cedars. Many of pure spirit have heard them ring in Siberia. Wise King Solomon built his temple to God out of the Cedars of Lebanon to open folks up to "the universal wisdom of God." 

Oral histories of the ringing (or singing) trees imparting wisdom, particularly the cedars, also appear from India to Ireland to the Yaquis of Central America and the Pacific Northwest. Steve Lawson of the First Nations Environmental Network of Canada, told John Woodsworth, the Ottawa-based translator of the Ringing Cedars series, that "the ideas expressed in your books are very close to the First Nations' approach to Nature and man's interaction with Nature." 


Many countries, including in the U.S. and Canada, have been celebrating "Dachnik Day," honoring world gardeners and our connectedness to Earth on July 23rd. Starting barefoot at the first kiss of the sun at dawn, gardeners dotting the world lovingly greet their sprouts and seedlings. (Through the DNA from our feet plus hands from caressing sprouts, Anastasia says, plants can powerfully heal us, while enhancing their growth.) After tending their trees and plants with lively guitar music and dancing, gardeners host family feasts where they express gratitude to each other and Mother Earth. They then return to their cities with baskets of flowers and joyfully share their bounty with everyone. Let's join this blissful bandwagon in solidarity with our Russian hosts of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. It should also include some of these fun "tree planting parties with a purpose" - until WE kick hunger!


Johnny Appleseed, starting in 1774, was beloved by both cultures for planting acres of apple trees along the rivers and streams from the East to the Wild West.


Dr. Ellis said, "there are seed exchanges in the U.S. and worldwide of natural heirloom seeds that last forever, via the internet.
The Giggling Garden Site is a kid-friendly collection of fascinating organic heirlooms recommended by Mary Duty, gifted Grandmother of the Appalachian Cherokees:

Each September, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation teams with Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and Master Gardeners to offer taste tests and sell the outstanding heirloom seed collections, including for school gardens.


A good portion of U.S. and world children go to school without   breakfasts, so healthy lunches are critical for learning. There are dome-shaped hydroponic seed kits with herb, bean, pea, pepper, lettuce and flower cultivators, proven fast-growing by NASA - for $30. Teachers or (organizations) could negotiate a group discount and insist all the elements are organic.
Kacper Postawski developed a 40 foot (magical) domed greenhouse that students could heroicly construct for $500 in raw materials as their school project.
The View TV Show featured the versatile "Growums Garden Kits," which can teach anyone how to easily grow and care for backyard or patio gardens for about $10!


Kids are helping turn around this world hunger and eco crisis since they are much wiser than most have thought, and smart loving parents listen. Here's what many children have been thinking through Canadian 12 yr old Servin Suzuki, who woke up 192 U.N. countries at the RIO Summit in 1992.

Said Dr. Sharashkin, "My 5-year-old daughter, Lada, who grows her own organic carrots, asked at a food drive a few years ago in Missouri: 'Papa, what will happen after these hungry people finish eating all the canned food you donate? They'll still go hungry! Don't they know that you can plant a seed into the ground and it will grow food for you? Otherwise, next time you'll have to donate medicines to cure them of the diseases that they will get from eating canned food."


Besides planting and eating organics and spending more time in Nature, especially around cedar trees, a quick way to further educate this generation to be sharper caretakers of Mother Earth, is by teachers and parents simply sharing the following amazing Youtube videos with your children. Some are multi lingual:
"HOME," "WATER: THE GREAT MYSTERY," "DESTROYING PLANET EARTH - THE GREAT PACIFIC GARBAGE PATCH," "THRIVE," and the fruit tree planting videos. That will give them even more appreciation for the wisdom of Nature of the Siberians and Indigenous Peoples. See some phenomenal things that Anastasia visualized for children, which came true, on


Inviting tribal traditionalists or shamen to lead school hikes, like Vail and Telluride, is a powerful, fascinating fun way to see Nature through their eyes. Shift happens! Aspen Ski Company has wanted the Utes to lead their popular Eco Tours on skis, snowshoes in winter and hiking in summer. Thanks to sage teachers and parents arming kids with these fishing poles, they are becoming super heroes, like the high school students who developed a LIFE-saving plug-in electric car equivalent to 300 miles per gallon.


"I could not agree more with your keys to the problem of world hunger in this Olympic article," said Dr. Sharashkin, who is also U.S. editor and world lecturer for the Anastasia books, and advisor for U.N.'s Agricultural Division. More of his insights on: Thirty Million Agroforesters: Russia's Family Gardens.

In supporting these emergency food banks, helping connect Jr. and Master Gardeners with your schools, churches and community spaces, to plant organic trees and gardens, plus your own family gardens/Dachniks, you are creating U.S. and World Food Security.  By helping provide the vital energy, trees, and guidance to a billion hungry adults and children worldwide, they are also able to join this immensely gratifying Olympic-like team effort to streamline growing on-going abundant harvests and dreams. Our WWII Victory Gardens, like the Russians Dachniks today, out-produced commercial agriculture.

You will be joining other great hunger humanitarians - charities and stars - including Jeff Bridges, Oprah, Bono, Rachael, Drew Barrymore, Selma Hayak, Nascar Champ Jeff Gordon & AARP's "Drive for Hunger," Brad and Angelina, Ellen and Justin Bieber helping WeTopia, Shakira's Latin American "Barefoot Foundation," and so many more.

For more info, or sharing about your sport, band, or organization joining this work of heart, or giving us a hand to keep spreading this awareness campaign, including at RIO+20, contact
This is a chance for a priceless karmic touchdown for all those who step up to the plate to relieve the hunger of our teammates with these trees of life in this 2012 "Souper Bowl of Mother Earth."

By also shifting from nuclear to safe green energy to protect the food supply of generations, and giving appreciation to our Earth Mother for all these gifts, we are planting the seeds for a lean, clean, sparkling-eyed generation of Earth Caretakers. Together we are creating little Victory Gardens that add up to restoring Eden.
By following God's first command, more and more children can again start thriving within the next planting cycles, which is bringing in the breathtaking dawn of a new era!

More First Ladies Caption: U.S. women celebrated how far they had come thanks also to sports and teamwork, by running from NY's Seneca Falls to "Women's International Year" at Houston. Along the way relay teams enjoyed Lady Bird's "Keep America Beautiful" wild flowers, which restored vast food acres from erosion! (Seneca Falls was birthplace of the Suffragettes first adopted by Seneca Clan Mothers, who also trained and chose the Chiefs who created the first equalitarian democracy now "springing" up everywhere. The resulting progress by females worldwide was celebrated on March 8, UN's International Women's Day.



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