POSTED: Friday March 2nd 2012

Masterconcept takes event planning to next level with GIS solutions

Masterconcept Consulting has confirmed its Bronze partnership with SportAccord Convention for a further 3 years following its involvement at this level since 2010.

Successfully establishing GIS (Geographic Information System) based major event planning solutions as the future for managing complex, large scale projects, Masterconcept works withmajor multi venue event organizations to coordinate a large number of projects in a certain geographic area providing up-to-the-minute Geo & Project data platforms.

Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2014 Organizing Committee has successfully established a project related GIS through the State Corporation Olympstroy (Olympic Infrastructure Delivery Authority) and has integrated all their Olympic stakeholders for planning and coordination.

Russian state corporation OJSC Northern Caucasus Resorts, the largest mountain tourism development project in the world, has tackled many challenges through establishing a project GIS.

More than 5.000km² of territory has been surveyed by laser scanning and orthophoto flights to provide a highly accurate planning basis for the development of 5 touristic regions, 10 new villages and assessing more than 1.000km of potential ski slopes.

The GIS system has allowed for much more effective planning and delivery of projects including the regional development masterplan of the 150km long Dagestani Caspian Sea coast line, and the city ski resort development of St.Petersburg.

Masterconcept has gained much knowledge and experience through the interaction within the SportAccord family and has been able to focus strongly on the needs of cities, regions, organizers and developers.

To sign with SportAccord Convention through to 2015 has been a sign of trust to the good partnership and commitment to further invest in the optimization of the major event lifecycle.

Masterconcept will be at SportAccord Convention in Québec City to present the GIS project management solution to Organising Committees of multi-sport events and to cities, regions and countries interested in bidding for major events in the future that require the most efficient and cost effective means of planning the associated infrastructure developments required to host such events.

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About Masterconcept Consulting
Masterconcept is a strategic interdisciplinary consulting firm at the center of such projects and manages successful multi stakeholder's interests.

The speciality of Masterconcept is not only setting up the Geo & Project data base for a major event, but also entering the project with GIS related applications and products such as:

- GIS linked Intermodal Transport Planning and Modeling
- Mountain Masterplanning and Natural Hazard Management
- Games Operations Planning
- WEBGIS solutions
- Mapping

Many of these projects face the challenge that planning teams are spread all over the world and coordinating an efficient workflow depends on a common visual and geographically accurate project database.

The once done GIS data capturing is well invested for a city/region and provides a great legacy for future operational structures & entities. Numerous beneficiaries then take advantage of this data base and utilize it to individual needs.

At a bidding stage for Major Events, many costs can be saved and much more accurate and cost honest project development can be ensured.
In times where major event costs are often exceeding planned budgets, the ongoing technological evolution of GIS has reached a very practicable level for a wide spectrum of management to provide efficient project development.

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