POSTED: Monday December 12th 2011

UIPM Approves No Needle Policy

At its 63rd Congress, UIPM approved the proposed 'No Needle Policy' which comes into force immediately to assist keeping Modern Pentathlon a doping free sport.
UIPM joins UCI, FIG, FISA and IOC for the London 2012 Games in enforcing this policy which limits when athletes can receive injections as even legitimate use of needles may often put athletes on a slippery slope toward doping.
UIPM Medical Committee Chairman Member for Medicine Prof Fabio Pigozzi who is also the President of the International Federation of Sports Medicine stated: "As the Medical Committee of UIPM we bear responsibilities in protecting athletes' health and in promoting good medical care based on evidence based medicine and updated medical knowledge,  also advancing the role of team doctors and supporting doping prevention actions and programs. The no-needle policy is a clear step in this direction."
According to this policy injections to any site of the body:
Have to be medically justified with appropriate documentation available (established by a medical doctor with diagnosis, medication, route of administration; no non-injectable alternatives)
Must be appropriate for the diagnosed condition
Must be administered by a certified medical professional
Must respect the approved indication of the medication = no off-label
Must be declared to the competition Doctor

UIPM is confident that this policy will assist in the proud 'doping free' tradition of Modern Pentathlon.

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Name: Matt Pound
Organization: Union Internationale De Pentathlon Moderne - UIPM
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