POSTED: Thursday October 20th 2011

Pentathlete Gheorghe Follow's in Fathers Footsteps & Secures Olympic Qualification

Gheorghe collapsing accross the finishing line at the Pan American Games
Gheorghe collapsing accross the finishing line at the Pan American Games

Gheorghe on the podium at the Pan American Games
Gheorghe on the podium at the Pan American Games

Sweet Silver for Gheorghe
Sweet Silver for Gheorghe

Andrei Gheorghe (GUA) has followed in his father’s footsteps by qualifying for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Andrei’s father, Marian Gheorghe finished a respectable 7th at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics where he represented Romania. Andrei Gheorghe was too born in Romania, but he moved to Guatemala when he was 13 and is studying Engineering and is now a true, proud Guatemalan.

Gheorghe’s secured his spot in the London Olympic Games by winning the silver medal at the Pan American Games. In doing so he joined Sergio Sanchez (Barcelona 1992), the mother, daughter pair of Maribel (Athens 2004) and Rita Sanz-Agero (Beijing 2008) and of course his honorary Guatemalan father to be a Guatemalan Olympic Pentathlete

UIPM Media caught up with Andrei Gheorghe after his historical performance at Guadalajara:

How does it feel to win such a big silver medal?

It feels incredible to win, especially when I had to wait suck a long time to participate in the Pan American Games, it was a very difficult competition were all the great athletes from the American Continent came and it’s very rewarding to see that all my hard work and dedication has paid off.

What was your key to coming second?

Well I think that the key to winning a medal in this kind of competition is doing almost everything well. But I think that the most important part of the competition for me was the combined event, most exactly the shooting part; I had a very good shoot and got me the silver medal.

What does it mean for you and your country to secure your Olympic qualification position?

It is important for every country in the American Continent to secure a Olympic Qualification position because it’s relatively “easier” to qualify in the Pan American Games than in the World Ranking so it’s a very big deal that I could get a position in the Olympic Games because we are a small country with few people qualified to this date.

What are your plans now for the next 9 months before the London Olympics?

My plans for the next 9 months; I’m going to take a few weeks off to see my family and after that start training and prepare for the Olympic Games and keep studying because I want to finish my degree.

How did you get started in Modern Pentathlon?

My dad practiced modern pentathlon and my mom was fencer. I started playing tennis, I was always surrounded by sports

Your dad is your coach, how is that?

We understand each other and we get along very well. At home is another thing, try not to talk about the sports aspect of the home.

Whats your goal in London?

That's the idea (laughs), the child must overcome the father, I hope be above the seven to beat my dad!

We will all be following Gheorghe's progress to see if he can achieve that feat in 9 months time.

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