POSTED: Sunday July 17th 2011

Miracle at Los Alamos, Thanks to World Prayers,including on US and UK's "Holy Mountains." Could They Protect London's 2012 Olympics?

Photo courtesy:  Aetherius Society
Photo courtesy: Aetherius Society

"A smattering of summer rain boosted firefighters battling the massive forest fire near Los Alamos nuclear reactor." Other News sources said the blaze came 50 ft from the Laboratory that stores America's largest supply of nuclear weapons, along with 30,000 drums of plutonium-contaminated waste stored above ground under fabric tarps, not far from mini fires breaking out within the complex. (Catching fire would have released a plume of deadly fallout.) 12,000 residents, many in tears, were allowed to return home for the first time in nearly a week, "honking their horns and waving to firefighters." 


It was a miracle! Bless all those who prayed, and the rains and winds for cooperating - the winds changed direction.  Many worldwide also gave thanks to God/Creator/Allah and Mother Earth for answering their prayers for those gentle rains and breezes that helped firemen avert an unfathomable disaster at Los Alamos that would have harmed our whole Earth Family.  The nearby Pueblo tribes also gave thanks for the protection of their sacred sites, archaeological treasures, and watersheds. 

People also blessed the rains that fell in Arizona, as well as Texas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana and New Mexico, many responding to the urgent prayer request on June 25, led by Dorothea Stevens of the San Carlos Apache Nation from the Native Brothers and Sisters in the Southwest. They had also invited everyone to unite in prayer with the tribes for the winds and heavenly rains (without lightning please) to protect ALL the people, the plants, animals and firefighters of Arizona and other states. "Pray with us in however way you talk to the Creator," Stevens said.

Through our foundation's Native ski and snowboard Programs, North American mountain communities learned that Mother Earth, like people, is even more generouswith precipitation - both snow and rain, when we give thanks for them.  Plus when we do good deeds, especially healing ones.  The ski areas inviting Native youth to enjoy skiing and snowboarding on their beloved ancestral lands, inspired tribal Elders to lead snowdances that have ended snow droughts in North America since Vail asked the Utes to please save them 1963. 

Native Elders have led raindances for eons, some together with church leaders, that have saved many communities from fires, including Durango and Denver, and I witnessed a Lakota ceremony that aired live on the Dodge radio, which saved the Kansas farmers from an extended drought in 1996. The tribes follow up with prayers or ceremonies, like the Native Elders-led Gratitude Snowdances, hosted by ski areas like Aspen and Telluride, usually result in more snowblessings.


Your on-going prayers have helped the rains, winds and firefighters extinguish so many wildfires - including amazingly around three Large US Fires EVERY day!-
But many, many more prayers are dearly needed to assist all the people and Nature of the Southwest, South, California, Alaska, and everywhere worldwide still on fire or recovering. Here's today's map of the 23 "Current Large Fires in America."

The droughts in Texas, Oklahoma, and NM that led to these record fires, and other regions are also horrific. The New York Times reported on July 11 that "the heat and the drought are so bad in this southwest corner of Georgia that hogs can barely eat. Corn, a lucrative crop with a notorious thirst, is burning up in fields. Cotton plants are too weak to punch through soil so dry it might as well be pavement. Farmers with the money and equipment to irrigate are running wells drying the unseasonably early and particularly brutal national drought that some say could rival the Dust Bowl days."

The African drought is worse.  Millions of families are losing children every day as their families wander for days looking for a camp that might have food or water. "They all need prayers to balance nature's building blocks," say Indigenous Elders and others who pray daily.  Los Alamos showed us how prayers by huge numbers of participants, especially on "Holy Mountains," which we brought to light in our June 25th story, can greatly minimize fires, nuclear threats, droughts and floods happening in America and worldwide.

Scientists expect an increase of droughts and wildfires from our global warming, which is further melting our glaciers, polluting our oceans and air, creating lung disease in children especially. Fires are also destroying millions of acres of trees worldwide that convert Co2 into our oxygen supply - now dangerously low - and 2011 is the "UN's International Year of Forests." ( Therefore, daily green action and prayers by our whole Earth Family could phenomenally help ensure that all our children survive and joyfully thrive.

Creator also blesses us when we learn from these lessons and take steps to prevent catastrophic reruns.  The Fukushima tragedy uncovered that nuclear energy has killed thousands of times more people, deformed more babies, and destroyed more agricultural lands than all of the atom bombs ever dropped or tested.

Experts also say there are critical measures we MUST take to be able to transition safely to renewable energy.  Especially since NASA warns that the escalating solar flares in 2012 will cause "extended blackouts" that put reactors worldwide at risk of becoming Fukushimas or worse. They can also prevent possible chain reactions. As we have seen, unless we EACH do our part to INSIST our leaders protect our families first, as they were sworn and paid to do, they will protect their own interests and those who contribute to their campaigns first.  For example, while Los Alamos, which has the greatest stockpile of nuclear weapons, had an evacuation plan, ABC's Diane Sawyer reported "an investigation is underway about the problems of how to evacuate potentially 120 million Americans living near nuclear facilities."  People in the Fukushima region who were not responsibly evacuated by their government are now on death row
for cancer.


Fortunately, America and many countries have all the necessary FUNDS to create a massive war-time mobilization of renewable energy projects, if we shift them RIGHT NOW from nuclear and oil giveaways (See Addenda).  By passionately enlightening our leaders, the U.S. and others do not need the massive protests that other countries have had to do to be nuclear free. The polls say Americans have wanted to shift from nuclear to renewable energy even before Fukushima.  In unity we can solve the most overwhelming challenges that may come our way as we evolve toward an unprecedented Era of Peace and Prosperity.


More prayers are also greatly needed to avert other catastrophes at Nebraska's Fort Calhoun and Cooper Nuclear Plants. Ft Calhoun's is also a storage facility for fuel rods like Fukushima. It was deluged by flood waters of biblical proportions that broke the birm, cut electricity, and it is now running on emergency generators.  The NRC said if water enters the auxiliary building, there could be a station blackout with core damage in hours. Nuclear scientist Arnie Gunnerson said,"If one of the many dams break it could lead to an inland Fukushima."  The lessons here, say experts, is that all nuclear plants world-wide pose similar horrific risks from floods, tsunamis, fires, earthquakes, solar flares and blackouts.

The Cooper nuclear plant downstream still has not been shut down, and both feed into the Mississippi, the Gulf, and currents worldwide.  Already the Missouri flood runoff contains such high amounts of hazardous substances that the state of Kansas issued a health advisory to "stay away from the water and avoid any type of contact, including irrigation."

July 2, an ExxonMobil pipeline that runs under Montana's Yellowstone River ruptured and leaked 42,000 gallons of crude oil into the Missouri, evacuating residents (AP), and contaminating all waterways that feed into the Gulf. On July 5th, the oil company admitted to MsNBC that their implying that the extent of the oil slick was contained within 10 miles, was "grossly underestimated."  Given the massive Dead Zone in the Gulf from the PB catastrophe, and these lethal radioactive and oil contaminants from these Northern tributaries are constantly adding to the Gulf, isn't it suicidal to allow BP and anyone else to drill in the Gulf?  Their recent licences to allow drilling there again must be revoked.

Since all nuclear plants, mills, mines and waste dumps eventually leak, America is a microcosm of what is happening worldwide, but may not get publicity, or is a preview of what could happen unless bold safe steps are taken. CNN's shocking June 22 report describes the result of this on-going contamination. 


"A mass extinction unlike anything human history has ever seen is coming unless we take swift action," revealed the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO). The cause is a combination of stressors:  Radiation and lethally reacting pollutants, acidification, overfishing, and low oxygen especially from warming oceans, oil spills, and plastic garbage killing the plankton that normally produces more oxygen than the rainforests.  http://www.huffingtonpost


Given this unprecedented chain of catastrophes, on June 25 our Native American Olympic Team Foundation, a bridge between the cultures, put a world press spot light on a Pilgrimage on mystical Mount Baldy, a "Holy Mountain" near LA.  We wanted to raise global awareness how prayers by anyone, anytime, and especially on these 19 Holy Mountains on four Continents, can greatly help revive the oceans, transmute the radiation from Fukushima, Ft Calhoun, and leaking reactors worldwide.

Because it is said that these mountains were energized with extraordinary celestial love to assist humanity to navigate as safely as possible through these mind-blowing times, this largely untapped support system could be the great life-saving gift it was intended to be. Spiritual leaders of all faiths, those who yearn to maximize their prayers out of grave concern, and those who also need to take the time to rebalance and heal themselves out in Nature, have loved hiking and praying on these mountains for decades. I love that anywhere on the mountain, even the base, can yield the same phenomenal blessings.  And for the physically or drastic-weather challenged, even the parking lot works. Therefore, we are encouraging everyone to experience a pilgrimage at a holy mountain near you.

Other Holy Mountains in America include Castle Peak next to Aspen, Mt. Tallac overlooking Lake Tahoe, and Mt. Adams (next to Mt Washington) in New Hampshire.

England, Wales, Scotland, Switzerland, France, Africa, Australia and New Zealand were also blessed with these amazing mountains. (listed below)


Thank heaven that along with these catastrophes have been some equally amazing mindshifts. Science has proven the power of prayers and the U.N. made an amazing leap starting last year after UN General Assembly President Miquel D'Escoto Brockmann of Nicaragua, urged four years ago that, "It is time to listen
to the voices of Indigenous people."   

On April 20, 2011, the UN's International Mother Earth Day was commemorated, initiated last year by the Indigenous Bolivians following the loss of their only glacier/ski area/water for two million in LA Paz in 2008. It included the U.N.'s 192 member states, its leaders, and representatives from the civil society, plus a panel of some of Earth's deepest thinkers who participated this year in a General Assembly interactive dialogue on harmony with nature.
Webcast on:

The highlight was the consensus that Mother Earth is a living entity and we are all interrelated. They then also explored ways to give Her the same rights as humans. Recent laws enacted in Ecuador and Bolivia already do so. They also recognized the important role that Indigenous Peoples play with their pool of ancient knowledge, and appreciated how they have protected and countered the destruction of their sacred forests and waters, while promoting respect for
Nature and living frugally.


This UN heartshift, added to so many holy mountains available to people in the British Isles to protect them, and given how the Native American and First Nations' Elders helped save the Salt Lake and Vancouver Games from snow and rain/fog challenges, respectively, gives me hope that the 2012 London Games have a good chance to go on. Plus Brits have a strong Celtic-Druid heritage and the most awareness of these holy mountains.

Few know about the multi-tribal ceremonies that also helped protect the Utah Games from expected terrorism. The ceremony next to the Great Tipi in Park City was guided by Lakota Chief Arvol Looking Horse,(with Muhammad Ali sending a letter of support), while the Hopis led prayer ceremonies at dawn in the Athletes Village.  The Apaches, in solidarity with their Beijing cousins, led prayers for blue skies for China's Games, including for their Opening Ceremonies, whose forecast was "80% chance of rain and lightening."

Our Native American Elders also led the "Big Bear Medicine Wheel" that ended Southern California's seven year drought in 2004, and brought snow to Europe in 2007, when they were suffering from the "warmest winter in 1,250 years."

Around the turn of the Millennium, IOC President Jacques Rogge wrote the wise Eco Agenda 21 that "recommended inclusion of more Indigenous People in the Olympics to enhance the sustainability of the Games." Besides getting in shape to go on spiritual quests, sports were developed for fun, healing ceremonies, as war alternatives, and to get tribes, then populations and armies fit to defend their homelands. This is the most critical moment in history to protect our

Sports are enjoyed on countless acres/hectors of Nature's playgrounds, and the Olympics has phenomenal World influence, especially on the youth. Hopefully our recent world story, "Emergency Call to Action to Protect Earth by UN, Pope, Indigenous, and Scientists," including 6 Nobel Prize winners, inspires the IOC and more Olympians, to join the team to together win this Ultimate Race to Restore the Planet!

The IOC has not yet honored that Eco recommendation despite the tribes also helping give them the highest ratings in history for their stunning priceless Opening Ceremonies presentations.  Yet North American Elders have continued to do wonders to enhance the joy, safety and sustainability of this greatest force for peace and harmony ever. 

Believing in those Olympic principles that embrace the best of humanity, it is my conviction as an Olympian who took that oath, and on behalf of my fellow Olympians who seeded this foundation so tribal wisdom can help ensure future generations enjoy snowsports, that the IOC and London organizers should do what it takes to include Native America's finest in the London Games.

For example, Danielle Pelham, a Chickasaw who won the 2009 Tai Quando World Championships was not put on the US Olympic Team to China. Invite her. It would also be good collective karma for the IOC to invite five others: Brandon Leslie and Alvina Begay (Dine/Navajo), who both qualified for the US Olympic
Marathon Trials, Lona Johnson (Nooksak), a leading American canoeist, Jessie Bates (Navajo), now ranked 3rd after the U.S. Tai Quando Nationals, and Sharon Pond (Assiniboine) an international competitor who missed the nationals saving her family home from the Missouri floods.  They are all from sovereign nations, but without a supportive country, and deserve to march under the IOC Flag as a sign of true solidarity, appreciation, harmony, and sustainability.


Following this unprecedented string of catastrophes I was relieved beyond words that my earth-healing tribal friends and guides shared this information about the 19 Holy Mountains, and allowed me to pass it on at a time it could be better understood and deeply appreciated by so many more. The Prophesies say this is the time that secrets guarded for eons can and must be revealed to assist humanity. And here is a phenomenal tool to heal and rebalance Mother Earth and
Her cycles, and help us all live in more harmony with Nature.  If you don't live near a holy mountain, bodies of water are also spiritually energized and augment prayers, especially the oceans.

"Each of these holy mountains is spiritually energized in such a way that the prayers spoken on them are magnified thousands of times over, if one's heart is filled with compassion. Your prayers on them can literally alter the course of history," said gifted Cherokee earth healer Olivia Ellis. Our foundation's mission of "creating joyful unity through sports and education to help heal Mother Earth for all our children," complemented the purpose of the Aetherius Society who brought together hundreds of people of two dozen faiths to hike and pray on Mt Baldy on June 25, to enhance World Peace.

"The Mount Baldy Pilgrimage on June 25th, turned out to be a magical day with such beautiful energy," said Oscar Leon (Peruvian Inca), one of the organizers.
See video:

The Aetherians and many others believe "the changes/challenges we are seeing around the world are a result of a spiritual crisis, humanity's karma, as well as from Mother Earth raising Her vibrations. Prayers lessen the trauma or intensity of the surface changes so we can better harmonize with this great shift,including the increased seismic activity worldwide, especially in the Pacific Ring of Fire."


Because ¾ of all nuclear facilities leak, said AP, and all do eventually, the floods are affecting the U.S. and World food supply, already challenged by droughts in many regions. Independent news sources say the Missouri flooding is also sweeping contaminants into America's granaries, much like "40% of European agriculture is still not healthy to eat after the Chernobyl fallout," said Nobel Prize winner Dr. Helen Coldicott.  Given the droughts in Australia and China, and the unpredictable weather in Europe, especially Russia and the Ukraine, a global food deficit is expected.  We need to pray every day, sending love and blessings to every area in the world struggling to rebalance itself.


To add to the challenge, the New York Times admitted "a lack of confidence in the nuclear industry."  MsNBC's Rachael Maddow revealed that three other Three Mile Island's were covered up in the U.S. along with massive leaks, which AP reported have been "regularly breaking our Clean Air and Water Laws."  We are clearly seeing our government and Japan's putting profits before public health, while other countries, like Sweden and Germany, are making health priority

Because we are now seeing how the health of all our countries are so inter-related, Earth Citizens MUST INSIST that our leaders shift their 2012 Budgets to safe solar and wind energy. That includes the $150 billion the U.S. Congress has budgeted for nuclear energy and weaponry plus oil loopholes. How many more heart-breaking lessons do we need to prove that renewable energy is the only sane way. Hopefully this convinces North Dakotans and Nebraskans to invest in
their richest wind energy potential in America, according to the Department of Interior, especially since the Dakota-based Intertribal COUP won a World Clean Energy Oscar in Switzerland for their wind energy plan that could supply safe clean energy to the whole Midwest.


Children are deeply concerned about the environment, and a few, like Canada's Severn Suzuki, have given heart wrenching speeches at the UN "that silenced the world," to inspire adults to be more responsible Guardians of Mother Earth and their future. - in many languages.

Each year more school districts are expanding their environmental programs because students are looking for more ways to learn and help. Kids love pilgrimages, and many are not shy about offering their own prayers. Experiencing one could empower them to have a lifelong love for Mother Nature.

I saw the sincere prayer of an eight year old traditional LA Indian boy that resulted in Snow Valley (CA) getting 5 inches of needed snow in appreciation for their hosting our Native Ski Program. Prayers by Ute Mt kids solved Telluride's end of the season snow challenge in 2009. The most heart-melting part of our Gratitude Snowdances is when local kids jump in and dance with the Indian kids, knowing we are one Earth Family.


Over the past four decades, many thousands of Earth Family members, including leaders of all religions, have flocked to these 19 Holy Mountains worldwide to streamline healing Mother Earth and humanity.  So spectacular has been the power of pilgrims sending pure love from these mountains that ordinary sightseers have reported having "mystical experiences and witnessing powerful rays of pure white light in the area."  Any time soon would be a life saving time for anyone to make a pilgrimage to a Holy Mt near you. Mayan Chief Don Alejandro said these kinds of cross-cultural prayers or ceremonies that reconnect us to the heart of Mother Earth are making for a smoother 2012. Especially when combined with right action. (See Addenda)


Mt Baldy, one of the most powerful Holy Mountains, is only 50 miles east of Los Angeles near Route 66 (210 freeway). Pilgrims can drive to the Mt Baldy Ski Resort parking lot where most can take a ski lift ride up the steepest part of the mountain to the lodge. Or walk the fire road for 1.5 hrs. Then you can do your prayers in the nearby shady grove, or hike 2.5-3 hours to the panoramic top. "Together those on the mountain send great waves of healing to the millions
living below and out to the sea," said Dr. Ellis.

The Aetherius Society holds smaller pilgrimages 4 or 5 times per year where they offer carpooling and discount lift tickets from their headquarters on 6202 Afton Place, Hollywood, 3 blocks south of Sunset Blvd, and one block east of Vine. More info on pilgrimages, meetings, books, tapes, including on other Continents on  And more dates below.


Oprah shared a heart expanding moment on her Australian TV show visiting the reknowned sacred mountain, Ayers Rock/Uluru. "It wasn't by accident that Oprah attended a ceremony with Aborigine women as they had important work to do there on Uluru," said Dr. Ellis, a wisdomkeeper. For many years she was a student of the late British Astrophysicist-mystic Sir George King, founder of the Aetherius Society. "Some sacred mountains, such as Mt. Shasta, contain energy that
can only be utilized by a small number of advanced souls," said Dr. Ellis.  But the 19 holy ones are easily accessible to all of us, no matter what level of spiritual development. And all it takes is a selfless prayer. Anyone of any age and culture can walk upon these holy mountains and access this amazing grace.


Besides Dr. King, researchers in 11 countries and Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Swiss Kurt Wuthrich, in the YouTube video, "Water: The Great Mystery," have put science behind this spirituality.  They verified Japanese Dr. Masaru Emoto's tests how sincere words and feelings like "love and appreciation" in prayers and tribal ceremonies can any body of water, including oceans, and mountains of toxins by raising the vibration where toxins do not exist. This purification restores their natural precipitation cycles. Science is helping many more wake up and see how spiritual and practical solutions must go hand in hand.

While the AMA and TM have also proved in blind studies the power of prayers, the findings of Stanford's Dr. William A. Tiller, author of Science and Human Transformation, who appeared in What the Bleep Do We Know!?, shed more light on the 19 Holy Mountains phenomena.  Professor Tiller postulates the existence of subtle energies, and that human intention can even be stored in a device and then later released upon command - measurably.


These studies bring extra credibility to the wise ones saying that our weather is a reflection of our emotions. Everything we say or think is reflected or mirrored by Mother Earth. Just as scientists have found that our thoughts affect the clarity of water, they are also finding that fearful or negative
thoughts and emotions result in destructive weather, while positive, compassionate, sunshiny thoughts result in mild weather and gentle precipitation as needed. So that is the extra power of praying and giving gratitude since they corral our runaway fears and transform them into positive and often wonderful outcomes.

In these challenging times around 2012, we can either further stir up this crazy destructive weather, or mellow it out by giving Mother Earth's elements - the snow, rain, winds, clouds - our gratitude.  And She will return it many times over, and when offered on these Holy Mountains, thousands of times over.
Our taking a moment to contemplate incorporating the positive way, and better yet, explore enhancing our lives this way, would be an ideal present to giveHer with love and appreciation on this July 8, what many call Gaia's Birthday.  We are Her work of heart!


Any safe spot you are drawn to on these holy mountains is a good place to pray.  We can pray for healing and protection of the people of Japan and those near any reactors, and those near floods and fires throughout the world.  We can pray for all people. We can pray for all our rivers, the Gulf and the oceans, and air. And we can pray that all radioactivity be transmuted now. We can pray for a world full of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all. By seeing this happening and joyfully thanking Creator in advance many have found that in unity everything is possible.  If you are unable to get to these mountains, you can send love from wherever you are, including with your kids who want to be part of the solution, said Dr. Ellis. 


Hail to the people and leaders of Japan, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, China, Venezuela, Brazil and others, plus Colorado, who put the safety of their families over corporate profits. These countries have begun to either suspend or shut down all their nuclear plants or scratch plans.  Hail to those who never bought into nuclear energy, such as Austria, Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica, and their Green Tourism is now booming since they are safe places to take children. By shifting to safe wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, tidal and river turbine projects these nations are working in harmony with Nature's Laws.

In so doing they are collectively improving their karma. Karma - individual and collective - is like a bank account and we have free choice to make bad or good deposits. We can make up for having to experience what we have consciously or unconsciously created, by wise action now.  That is another reason I'm doing my part to raise awareness to help get our beloved America - now 7th out of 8 of the G8 countries in making green progress - also on a vibrantly sustainable path, and be more respected again by the world for doing our critical part.


Like the World Scouts, (I was an Eagle Scout) whose co-founder Ernest Seton was deeply inspired by the tribes, it is important to be prepared while trekking up these holy mountains. Many are best climbed in the summer to avoid excessive wind, cold and snow. Best to wear appropriate clothing and take food, water and equipment that might be needed, and go with a friend and let your friends or families know your route.  But it is all worth it, since the wise ones say it is comparable to 3,000 other sincere souls praying with you, so you are in good company.


People of all cultures have gone on spiritual pilgrimages for eons, like to Arizona's majestic Sedona (where I lived) whose vortices also augment prayers, or to Fatima, Portugal, and Assisi, Italy, where I visited the cave where St Francis, my spirit guide, lived. Pilgrimages are the great grandfather of Xtreme sports since they were often extreme tests of endurance and overcoming insurmountable obstacles. Today they are also a majestic workout that enhances our creative visions up there next to God, as all mountains do. Similarly, the Olympics started as a spiritual festival.

God bless Dr. King and the Aetherius Society for helping make humanity more aware of these holy mountains and how we can more easily and safely get to them.

Given this gift is from a British Knight and Yogi, whose compassion for the people would make King Arthur proud, another reason the 2012 London Olympics may
go on. 


Dr. King always strongly emphasized the dangers of nuclear radiation to all life forms, and the importance of taking responsible steps for seeing to it that nuclear energy and weaponry are never used on this planet.  Now is the last chance to ensure that our representatives shift our state or countries' 2012 Budgets to safe renewable energy. These sources of off-the-grid electricity can prevent more trillion dollar Fukushimas, which had only 48 hour back up electricity. Here are the nuclear reactors worldwide that are located near earthquake zones, which put the Human Race most at risk.  On June 16th, the NY Times ran the NRC's report following the Fukushima catastrophe, which corroborated this "weakest safety link," saying, "It is time to prepare for the possibility of an extended blackout."


Independent energy sources can also prevent extended blackouts that will stop food and water supplies, computers, phone, cars, business and jobs - across possibly half of America (and world) for weeks or months from major solar flares in 2012," NASA now warns us. (Japan's undamaged wind turbines brought back public services to the Fukushima region.) This mayhem is highly preventable by telling our leaders to follow New Mexico's lead and shift nuclear funds to quickly build these massive wind and solar projects near reactors. 

July 11's MailOnline reported that Great Britain is NOW working on their electrical contingency plan also believing that "solar flares may blow out their national grid."  "It will be deadly for all of us if backup isn't provided near nuclear plants NOW.  There is no time to waste for putting those backups in place," said a Native American Elder.

Special thanks to Gene Mulvihill and his Mountain Creek Ski Resort (NJ) and Gerald Pond, Director of the Ute Mt Casino (CO), both green leaders and champions of Native youth, for helping us get these solutions out to the world to accelerate restoring our harmony with Nature. 


The Aetherius Society is planning more group pilgrimages to Mt Baldy in July, August and September, and are planning trips to Mt Tallac (Lake Tahoe) and likely Mt. Adams (NH) on July 23, Holdstone Down, North Devon - July 23rd, Mount Madrigerfluh, Switzerland, August 13th, Le Nid d'Aigle, France, August 23rd,
and Devon, August 23rd. They warmly welcome all to take advantage of these blessed sources of healing worldwide and can assist in many ways. Contact or Tel:(323) 465-9652  

If you have ever wanted to experience a pilgrimage to a holy mountain (or plan more) with family, friends, groups, or schools to also celebrate Mother Earth's heart and all of Her gifts as we approach 2012, SOON would be a phenomenal time to begin.

Some call these mountains a special dispensation to humanity and Mother Earth to help ensure we get through this challenging transition with the ability to keep helping one another in meaningful ways. "Los Alamos is an example of how together our prayers can powerfully bring peace, healing, and protection, and uplift every living soul on Mother Earth, and Earth, Herself," says Dr. Ellis.

Here are the Holy Mountains nearest you. As well as practical ways to avert extinction and create a flourishing New Dawn!


Caption:  World Prayers, including on June 25th, atop Mt Baldy (Ski Resort near LA), a powerfully energized Holy Mountain,
brought the rains that protected Los Alamos. Prayers still needed to protect Ft Calhoun and reactors, fires (23 still in U.S), floods, droughts, and oceans worldwide.


In The Americas                                      
Eastern Los Angeles County - Mt. Baldy                        
Northern California - Lake Tahoe Mount Tallac                    
New Hampshire - Mount Adams                            
Colorado, Aspen - Castle Peak

In Australia - New South Wales - Mount Kosciusko, Mount Ramshead    
New Zealand - South Island - Mount Wakefield
Africa - Tanzania - Mount Kilimanjaro
Switzerland - Mount Madrigerfluh
In France - Le Nid D'Aigle

Great Britain -England                                  
Devon - Holdstone Down, Yes Tor                        
Cornwall- Brown Willy                              
Derbyshire - Kinderscout                                  
Cumbria - The Old Man of Coniston, Pen-Y-Fan                      
Wales - Powys, Gwynedd, Carnedd Llywelyn                    
Scotland - The Highlands - Ben Hope,                                 
Grampians - Creag-An-Leth Chain  

Your kids may gladly give you a hand on the internet portion!

EARTH CITIZENS, please take one minute to tell the world's leaders to cut nukes, NOT schools, jobs and healthcare. "World leaders are planning on spending one trillion US Dollars on more catastrophic nuclear energy" unless we act. Send this message on:  Plus any other similar measures in your country to the following:

AMERICANS, Please call your two Senators at 202-224-3121 and tell them to get off our path to extinction by taking these steps to finally safeguard the health of Americans, Humanity and Earth.

1. To end $50 BILLION + TAXPAYER LOANS FOR NEW NUCLEAR REACTORS—small, large or in-between—through supporting Senate bill, S. 512.

2. To support the bill to END CORPORATE OIL Plus NUCLEAR SUBSIDIES, AND TAX LOOPHOLES for the most profitable corporations and shift the funds to off-the-
grid renewables next to reactors, especially near GE ones, earthquake zones, oceans, and high populations for emergency back up. And then quickly for the rest of Americans as back up for "solar flare blackouts." (NASA)

3. NO to Senate bill 953 and any other legislation that recklessly fast-tracks oil drilling in the devastated Gulf and pristine Alaska. Stop the "Mass Extinctions."

4. To support and co-sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act S847 so America gets up to E.U. standards of banning toxins to restore our dying oceans: US now bans 5, and Europe 35.

send a letter to the NRC demanding they immediately suspend the operating licenses of the most dangerous reactors - the 23 US GE Mark identical to Fukushima's, as we move toward a 100% phase-out of nuclear power!

Please send a message of protest to tell Secretary Hillary Clinton that the "Tar Sands Mining in Canada" is heating up and destroying North America's forests,water, and nursery for millions of our songbirds. So Say NO to the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline across American lands to our refineries. Point out the devestating oil spill in our National Treasure, Yellowstone!

COLORADANS, tell Senators Mark Udall and Bennett NO to the Canadian URANIUM MILL in Paradox.

And support House Bill HR1334 to redirect $50 BILLION annual funds FOR NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAMS towards renewable energy and community needs.



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