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by Olympic Skier Suzy Chaffee

How does Japan's catastrophe affect sports and the Olympic movement?

Hugely, I would say as an Olympic athlete, since Japan is now a level 7, like Chernobyl, and who knows exactly what levels of radioactivity to our mountain and water playgrounds can give athletes cancer or our children defects years later. Particles in the winds from the Fukushima release are landing in North America.
And Paula Zahn's May 6 TV Special revealed that Japan's radioactive waters are now harming marine life of other counties along the Pacific Rim, with traces as far as Hawaii. And women and children are more sensitive.

Olympians can help turn the world tide, as they have in America. CNN reported that at the celebrations following Bin Laden's death, the signs were predominantly, "Now let's get to the Peace." 

How can we ensure the Prophesy of Peace and Prosperity for 1,000 years and a renewed Earth? By boldly enlightening and insisting our representatives learn from our survival lessons in Japan and the Gulf, plus the Hopis and Nobel Prize winner below, we can stop serving the nuclear and oil corporations, given their connection to wars, and start serving the People through safe clean wind, solar, geothermal and tidal turbine energy.
I am so proud that my 1968 U.S. Olympic Teammates at our Big Sky, Montana Reunion in 1999, took a leadership position (then joined by the North American ski industry), to do something to help ensure that future generations could enjoy skiing.  And what made most sense to them was voting our Native American Olympic Team Foundation an Olympic seed grant that brought tribal wisdom to our sport. 

Through our enlightening our ski areas to invite Native kids to enjoy healthy skiing and snowboarding in their ancestral lands, the Elders, in turn, have been inspired to save ski communities from priceless droughts with their "Gratitude Snowdances," which have been rebalancing Nature's cycles, since 1995.  Coincidentally six Nobel Prize winners agree that rebalancing Mother Earth through Her cycles is critical.

Thanks to the skiers and Utes creating this snow bridge in Colorado that inspires communities to live in more harmony with Nature, on April 25, the People of Pueblo Colorado made a landmark step and chose to protect their families and Rocky Mountain Ski Mecca with safe renewable energy instead of the proposed nuclear reactor. They wanted to prevent any catastrophes that could threaten ski tourism, and humanity's very existence.  And Colorado's actions are rippling across America and World.
America is not the only ones listening to Indigenous peoples. In Austria and Germany ski areas listened to their shamen and created laws restricting snowmaking to only use drinkable water.

Indigenous action may also help save Brazil's next "Green Olympics" since the Amazon River runs through it and many other South American countries.  Chevron was just fined billions after the tribes sought legal assistance against the oil giant for dumping billions of gallons of toxins into Ecuador's Amazon River basin, destroying crops, animals and sickening communities.

Given that technology has not been able to solve our world eco crisis, UN General Assembly President Brockman of Nicaragua said, "We need to listen to the voice of Indigenous People." The late U.S. Secretary of Interior Stewart Udall also said at Aspen's 2004 World Watch Conference, "There is hope for humanity because we are starting to listen to the wisdom of Native Americans." 

Since humanity is at a pivotal crossroads:  Choosing to keep pouring billions more dollars into trying to make "uninsurable" nuclear energy safer, OR listening to top scientists, including Nobel Prize winners, who agree with the Elders that there is NO SAFE nuclear energy.  And therefore shifting 2012's national and state budgets NOW to support safe, renewable, cost-effective wind, solar, tidal turbine and geothermal energy, is the only sane way.

"HUMANITY HAS ALREADY DESTROYED THREE OF OUR WORLDS" - Hopi Elders                          

Here are some of the Elders' mind-blowing reasons backed by top scientists: The Hopi Elders have warned us for decades in the "Book of Hopi" by Frank Waters that, "Three of our worlds have already been destroyed.  The first one by volcano triggered fires, the second by ice and the third by floods, all as a result of the Earth shifting on Her axis.  Creator destroyed these worlds after the Oneness given us turned into human quarrels, corruption, world wars over materialism, and then technology making humanity forget to 'sing joy from our hearts to Creator'.  But those who kept their hearts open were saved."

We are now in the 4th world, and Hopi Elders say that "the United States will be destroyed, land and people, by atomic bombs and radioactivity.  But those with peace in their hearts will be sheltered."  The Elders also say that prophesies can shift as the minds and hearts and actions of humanity shift. 

The late Sir George King, astrophysicist and mystic, corroborates much of the Hopi Prophesy in his book The Holy Mountains of the World (published by Aetherius Society). He said "Planet Earth is an ancient Goddess of immense compassion, wisdom and cosmic experience, who gives us refuge upon Her surface."  He agreed that each of these three worlds, or human civilizations, were destroyed by the Earth's axial turns. 

The difference is that he says the axial turns all triggered massive floods that cleansed the earth and prevented nuclear chain-reactions.  Dr. King explained that Man had nuclear technology then that could have killed life forms on most of the planet's surface for hundreds of thousands of years, and possibly Mother Earth Herself.  And the Great Ones consider the protection of Mother Earth as first priority.

The Hopi and Dine/Navajo Elders say that coal is Mother Earth's precious liver, and uranium both Her heart and lungs, which is why they have always fought mining in the Four Corners, and why the Navajo developed model solar communities in Arizona. Oil, which they call "the blood of Mother Earth," is the lubricant of our Continental tectonic plates, why using renewable energy sources is imperative or "Shift Happens."

Mother Earth is also a teacher through timely "signs." On the eve of UN's second International Mother Earth Day on April 22, ABC News reported that Arkansas' gas drilling that started a year ago, was shut down after 1,000 earthquake tremors, which had never happened there before.

Yet in this 4th World, scientists in the U.S. and other nations have known since the 1950s about the horrific dangers of all things nuclear.  In 1957, Walter Russell, who was called "the Man who tapped the secrets of the Universe" by IBM founder Tom Watson Sr. and others, wrote the book, "Atomic Suicide".  In it he said, "Radioactivity is man's discovery of how we can die quickly, and not be able to propagate for many long centuries." 
This continued suicidal attempt by man is a main reason why Seneca Elder, RobertJohn Knapp spoke with Pope Benedict, who was moved to declare in 2008, "It is a sin to poison the water!"

"Through our ignorance and breaking of Nature's laws," Walter said, "we have collectively created sickness."  His co-author wife Lao said, "The Universal Law is the principal of giving, and violation of that law has created every war and problem in our lives."  Imagine how glorious living according to Universal Law in harmony with Nature can look and feel like!
Australia's Dr. Helen Caldecott received a Nobel Prize for her medical research and perspective that reinforced Walter Russell's warning to humanity that "Nuclear energy is a destroyer of worlds!"

"Just one of the Fukushima reactors is leaking 1,000 X more radiation than Nagasaki and Hiroshima's bombs. As a result of the Chernobyl meltdown twenty years ago, "40% of Europe is still radioactive and it concentrates in the food chain - their agriculture and fish. Cancer doesn't show up for 5 to 60 years," said Australian Nobel Prize winner, medical doctor Dr Helen Caldicott.
And now Japan's radiation is landing on North America, she says. Americans having already contaminated ourselves with three other Three Mile Islands, which Rachael Maddow exposed on MSNBC.

"When we declare war on a foreign nation, we also declare war on the Earth, on the soil and plants and animals, the water and wind and people in far reaching, deeply infecting ways," according to Barry Sanders' The Green Zone: The Environmental Costs of Militarism.  Scientists now say nuclear energy is so much worse.

Everyone should see Dr. Caldicott's expose of the monumental cover-ups of Chernobyl and Japan so People of the Americas, Europe, Asia and everywhere no longer poison ourselves as well, as cancers and deformities are from accumulative radiation.


And here we are again. CNN reported that the Japanese quake sparked the axial shift of the earth's crust, prophesied by the Mayans. And there were nuclear Chain Reactions At Fukushima


Our human family has flunked "Survival 101" three times from forgetting, ignoring, allowing ourselves to be distracted, or hiding these lessons.  Knowing these horrific human history lessons, and inspired by the mindshift created by UN's International Mother Earth Day, let us collectively set our hearts on choosing to manifest the other (multi-cultural) prophesy of 1,000 years of Peace and Prosperity for all life forms, including all of us and our children who take responsibility for creating a New Earth.

Dr King's book You Are Responsible, would say it is imperative for each of us to do our part to INSIST that our leaders shut down and stop the licensing and building of all nuclear reactors, and to phase out anything nuclear related NOW(weaponry, uranium mines and mills). Then SHIFT our 2012 Budgets from defense and nuclear projects to safe wind, solar, tidal turbine and geothermal energy. Let our Earth Mother safely boil our water. Let Her hum with happiness and more abundance for all!


With 2012 coming up many of us are interested in karma. I was surprised to learn that the wise ones say that ignorance is no excuse, as God gave us minds, intuition and discernment. Karma works like a bank account. Our good deeds now can offset past bad, ignorant or unconscious deeds, including our collective part. For example, Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev founded the Green Cross to make amends for his part of the nuclear arms race and Chernobyl, to warn humanity about the incomparable dangers of anything nuclear, including its waste. 

Here is how you can majorly Renew our World in 15 minutes by making America or your country, nuclear free: Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton brilliantly introduced the Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act of 2011, redirecting $50 billion annual funds for nuclear weapons programs towards human, infrastructure, and clear energy needs. Click here for your representatives to co-sponsor House Bill HR1334

Click here to send a message to your Senators and tell them to wake up: not one more taxpayer dime for nuclear power—small, large or in-between!  Senate bill, S. 512.

See other critical 2012 budget bills being decided now at end of:  And tell Obama to keep a moratorium on all drilling in the Gulf, especially BP, until it is restored.  It includes a cartoon message from the (wiser)animal kingdom by Denver Post's Mike Keefe, who just won a Pulitzer Prize!

Following Colorado's victory, by each doing our part to shift from nuclear to renewable energy NOW, and celebrating Mother Earth's gifts and holding Her in our hearts every day, we are on our way to graduating from an historic cycle of abuse, to 1,000 years of phenomenal Peace, Prosperity and Olympic sports in Nature! 

See Part 2, for "A Renewed Earth."  And may God bless us all!

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