POSTED: Friday March 4th 2011

Charles Beigbeder, President of Annecy 2018 at Nordic World Ski Championships


Annecy 2018 President Charles Beigbeder today attended the Nordic World Ski Championships in Oslo-Holmekollen to pay tribute to the Norwegian Olympic culture and meet with competing French athletes.

Charles Beigbeder travelled to Norway to show Annecy 2018's support for all the French champions taking part in the World Championships. He was at the finish line to congratulate France's cross-country relay team made up of Vincent Vittoz, Jean-Marc Gaillard, Maurice Manificat, all three from Haute-Savoie, and Robin Duvillard.

Above and beyond the French team's performance and Jason Lamy-Chappuis' gold medal, Annecy 2018's President expressed his admiration for the Olympic culture, the enthusiasm shown by the Norwegians, and their great expertise in organising major sporting events.  He also took the opportunity to meet up with Mr. Ingar, head of sports and culture at the Lillehammer Olympics in 1994, in order to draw upon his Olympic experiences and share France’s vision for Annecy 2018.

Charles Beigbeder stated: "During this international phase of Annecy’s campaign it is vital we meet with people from around the world and listen and learn about how we can stage a Games that benefits the entire Olympic Movement.

“Whilst in Norway, I have been able to talk to numerous people, ranging from athletes to organisers of major sporting events, and get the benefit of their expertise and experiences. I have also been impressed with the massive support from the Norwegian people as a whole for Winter Sports. The entire population is behind the athletes, supporting them and cheering them on at the competition venues, where one gets a very real sense of their Olympic culture."

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