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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2011 - PARIS, FRANCE - The International Federation of American Football is continuing its ongoing IFAF Benchmarking Study initiative by distributing a series of questions relating to the sport to IFAF executives, athletes, coaches, officials and fans around the world.

IFAF Vice President and Head Researcher Dr. ELESA ARGENT is leading the Benchmarking Study, with the purpose of developing a strategic plan to give IFAF the tools to expand and achieve the organization's ultimate goal of securing International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognition.

The surveys were sent out on Friday, February 25, to the chairperson or president of the 59 IFAF member nations and to athletes, coaches and officials involved in the sport of American Football.  This system will give IFAF members an opportunity to review information and results obtained from within their country, though the identity of participants will remain confidential.

The final data will be reviewed and analyzed by the IFAF Executive board.  The valuable results will then be shared with IFAF federations with the goal of helping improve and expand the sport of American Football throughout those countries.

"The IFAF Benchmarking Study is a transparent process and results will be available to all IFAF members for the good of the game worldwide," said Dr. Argent.  "All stakeholders in the sport of American football internationally, from fans to administrators and elected officials, will have an opportunity to give their thoughts and opinions."

In addition to sending the study to member federations, IFAF will solicit the input of those who play the sport at all levels.  The IFAF Athletes Commission, made up of men and women who have participated in IFAF world championships since 2009 and were elected by their fellow athletes, will distribute the study to the sport's athletes.

The survey will also be made available to fans who are members of IFAF social networking websites, who number more than 12,000, through the IFAF facebook pages, specifically

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The data from the surveys will be collected by Monday, April 4 and the results will be presented to IFAF Executive Board and shared on May 2 with TSE Consulting, the international sports consultancy firm charged with to creating the IFAF strategic plan.
About IFAF
The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) unites 59 countries on five continents through a burgeoning international sport. With national football federations in existence for more than 75 years, IFAF was created in 1998 to organize and further develop the game through international cooperation and global competition. The IFAF office is located near Paris, France.

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