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Germany’s corporate community offers another strong show of support

Munich, 25 January 2011: Munich 2018 have reaffirmed the strong backing the bid enjoys from Germany’s corporate community, with five new additions to their ever-growing tally of ‘Friends of the Bid’ taking the current total to 21.
The five new ‘Friends of the Bid’ are: aeronautics giant EADS, City Partner München, Eventpool, JMT Mietmöbel and United Ambient Media. They join the impressive list of influential multinationals and dynamic SMEs campaigning on behalf of Munich’s bid to stage the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. In support of the Bavarian capital’s candidature for the ultimate celebration of winter sports, the ‘Friends of the Bid’ will help promote the Munich 2018 brand and bid activities in their business environments, as well as contributing their extensive expertise to all aspects of the bid.
Jürgen Bühl, Managing Director of the Munich 2018 Bid Committee, said:
‘The commitment by these five new ‘Friends of the Bid’ demonstrates that local, national and international businesses can see the wealth of opportunities that hosting the Winter Games would generate: not only for their own businesses, but for their entire industries. In addition to financial support, these businesses are pledging to contribute their expertise, ideas and products to Munich 2018’s bid. The level of support is continually increasing. Companies of all sizes and all industries are seizing the chance to back the bid and the entire German business community is putting its considerable weight behind us.’
As part of the program that was set up by Munich 2018 earlier this year, in a joint effort with the Chamber of Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria, the ‘Friends of the Bid’ concept allows smaller firms to commit to supporting and promoting Munich’s bid for the Winter Games in 2018. At this crucial stage of the bid, the Munich 2018 Bid Committee can rely on a strong group of SME’s and National Sponsors as it prepares to welcome the Evaluation Commission to Munich from 1 to 4 March 2011.
Quotes from executives of the five new ‘Friends of the Bid’:
Peter Inselkammer, CEO of City Partner München, said:
‘As an association of companies based in Munich’s city centre, City Partner München is supporting this unique bid that could see Bavaria’s capital becoming the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Games. We hope to generate nationwide awareness of the bid, but more importantly we aim to demonstrate cosmopolitanism and sustainability: we want to motivate the city’s inhabitants and businesses to work together efficiently towards a shared goal that would leave a long-lasting legacy for the nation’.
Alexander Reinhardt, EADS representative, said:
‘EADS is fully committed to supporting the bid to bring the Winter Games to Munich in 2018 and we are delighted to show our support for Munich 2018 as a ‘Friend of the Bid’. We hope that by promoting Munich 2018 we can contribute to what could be a winning bid. The support and assistance we provide for young athletes from the region could help them realise their ultimate dream in 2018 - competing in the Winter Games in front of a home crowd. We would be extremely proud to have the chance to see home-grown talents compete in Bavaria in 2018 and our incredibly passionate crowds would provide the most exciting celebratory atmosphere to welcome and cheer on every athlete from across the globe.’
Christian Timmer, Eventpool 2018 representative, said:
‘Eventpool 2018, a merger of eight specialist events companies from Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, are delighted to have the opportunity to be involved with Munich 2018. We will offer our event know-how, manpower, consultation expertise, organisational experience and creative services to assist the Munich 2018 Bid Committee as the bid enters its final stages and we wait in anticipation of the decision in Durban on 6 July.’
Sönke Westphal, JMT Mietmöbel representative, said:
‘The JMT team are delighted to be associated with Munich 2018 and as a ‘Friend of the Bid’ we offer our full backing to Munich’s bid to host the Winter Games in 2018. We want to offer our complete support to a bid that could bring the Games to Germany - we are behind Munich 2018! We hope that our high-class designer furniture that offers a comfortable welcome to visitors from all over the world acts a true symbol of the Bavarian hospitality and friendliness that would greet guests of every nationality in 2018.’
Enrico Geigle, Marketing Director for United Ambient Media, said:
‘From today, United Ambient Media will throw its full weight behind Munich 2018. We are committed to boosting national enthusiasm for the bid through a nationwide promotional campaign with hundreds of thousands of flyers and an online map of support the bid is receiving. Germany has shown its incredible hosting capacity with global sports events such as the FIFA World Cup in the summer of 2006 - but it is now our time to welcome sports fans to the greatest celebration of winter sports that the world has ever seen. The sustainable and the environmentally friendly strategy that uses existing infrastructure, adapting Summer Games venues into winter sport competition sites, is a true testimony to Germany’s unrivalled capacity to host the games in a entirely original way.’
The 21 ‘Friends of the Bid’ are:
APA Firmengruppe
Arena One GmbH
Autobus Oberbayern
City Partner München e.V.
IHK für München und Oberbayern
JMT Mietmöbel
Otto Beisheim
Marker Dalbello Völklski GmbH
medienfabrik Gütersloh GmbH
München Marriott Hotel
Münzhandelsgesellschaft Deutsche Münze
Picture Management AG
Riebel Firmengruppe
Riessersee Hotel Sport & Spa Resort
Sporthaus Schuster
United Ambient Media

Munich, in collaboration with Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Berchtesgadener Land, is applying to host the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The application will be put together and managed by Bewerbungsgesellschaft München 2018 GmbH, whose management is chaired by Bernhard Schwank and whose managing director is Jürgen Bühl. Shareholders in the application organisation are the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) with 51 per cent, the City of Munich (30 per cent), the Free State of Bavaria (nine per cent), the market town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen (eight per cent) and the district of Berchtesgadener Land (two per cent). The bid is being supported by national sponsors the Adidas, Allianz, BMW Group, BayWa, Flughafen München GmbH, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Post, Lotto Bayern, Deutsche Lufthansa AG and the Sparkasse Finance Group, along with national suppliers ARGE (Albert Speer & Partner and PROPROJEKT), Deloitte, Getty Images, GfK Verein, IMMO 2018, Messe München GmbH, Norton Rose LLP, Munich Olympic Park, pilot sport and Stadtwerke München GmbH. More information about the concept, the progress of the application and many other aspects can be found at

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