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DREAM EXTREME empowers women and raises funds for victims of domestic violence

A female kiteboarding clinic and fundraising event in New York takes kiteboarding to the next level

55Productions LLC Founders Linda Argila and Kristin Boese / 55Productions LLC
55Productions LLC Founders Linda Argila and Kristin Boese / 55Productions LLC

Honoree Bonnie Pfeifer Evans giving an interview / 55Productions LLC
Honoree Bonnie Pfeifer Evans giving an interview / 55Productions LLC

55Productions LLC first meeting / 55Productions LLC
55Productions LLC first meeting / 55Productions LLC

High resolution photos of the event are available here:!

TAMPA/LONDON/PORTLAND, September, 27th 2010: Challenge to Triumph and KB4girls joined forces to create DREAM EXTREME, a unique fundraising event taking part this past weekend in the Hamptons/NY.

Raising funds for STEPS and The Retreat, two local programs that work to supply shelter and help for victims of domestic violence, the event managed to raise well over $125,000 through donation packages and the personal fundraising pages of the participating women.

"It has been the first time that a big fundraising event was created around a KB4girls event and it has been an amazing experience for me. Being able to not only empower women in the sport but also help many others in need through the event means so much to me and it has been a real honor for me to be part of DREAM EXTREME" says Kristin Boese, founder of KB4girls and co-founder of DREAM EXTREME

Linda Argila at Challenge to Triumph, co-founder of DREAM EXTREME says: "This event has really been a Challenge to Triumph for me. It had amazing people coming together to create something extremely unique and inspiring. DREAM EXTREME really changed peoples lives and was a triumph for everyone including myself."

Unique about the KB4girls clinic here in NY was also that girls whom had never kited before were introduced to the sport in an intense 2 day course. Taking a lot more organization, manpower and infrastructure this presented a new challenge that was overcome very successfully. In a one instructor / two student ratio the beginner girls were taught everything from safety and the kitesurf basics to the actual first steps on the board.

The wind and weather conditions could not have been better for the event and were proverbially "dream like". Blue skies and 15-20 mph winds presented the perfect learning conditions for the 18 beginner girls but also the 10 advanced girls who were training to improve their skills.

On Saturday evening the event included a dinner and dance party as well as a silent auction at the Four Seasons Southampton, which brought together all the volunteers and benefactors. Bonnie Pfeifer Evans was honored with an award for her extraordinary commitment and stressed the importance of helping those victims of domestic violence who are abused and neglected in her inspiring speech.

While being an amazing force and support behind DREAM EXTREME Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, former professional windsurfer and super model enjoyed the challenge of taking on the sport of kiteboarding. And so did 2 women from the two programs the event raised funds for; Lucia Rivieccio from STEPS and Nicole Behrens from The Retreat, whom were among the 26 other incredible women from the New York area that felt very empowered by the energy of the event and kiteboarding itself.

Laurel Eastman of LEK Kiteboarding and Bonnies kiteboarding coach at DREAM EXTREME says: "Having the opportunity to teach supermodel and professional windsurfer Bonnie Evans was both enjoyable and inspiring. Her dedication to sports and philanthropy has made her into one of my favorite role models. The event in general has been one of the best events I have ever seen in kiteboarding. It brings it to the next level and I will be back for it next year for sure."

All in all the DREAM EXTEME event has been a true team effort, involving the Challenge to Triumph and KB4girls team as well as an incredible amount of volunteers and donors.

A very special thanks goes out to the amazing Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, the wonderful Henry Buhl, Linda Argila and her team, Laurel Eastman, Brian Nitto, Sandy Parker of Kitopia, John Pereira and Mike Hart from the Best Kiteboarding Center NY team, The Island Riders team around Zach Gottfried, Fiona Kempton and Idriss Dafaa from Kitemafia, Peter Richardson, Elea Faucheron at Air Company, Carl Giordana, Jon Modica, Tom Attwell, Rob Govan, Eb Gaines, Jeff Gagliotti, Henry Buck, FUZE, Vita Coco, Plain-T, Panera Bread, Four Seasons Caterer, Rolling in Dough, Mister Softee, Jerry Larsen, Tom Frey, The Village Gourmet Cheese Shop, Jeremy Grosvenor, Karma Deva Yoga, Paddle Diva, Orion Stars, Jessica Burdine, Kirstin Cole, Dan Bailey & Living Rhythm, Bruce Flora from Kiteman Productions and everyone that contributed and/or donated and helped us to make this event such an amazing success.

KB4girls tour schedule 2010: 

Augusta, WA Australia / January 8-10, 2010

Melbourne, VIC Australia / February 9-10, 2010

Kahului, HI USA / April 9-11, 2010

El Gouna, Egypt / May 18-20, 2010

St. Pere Pescador, Spain / May 28-30, 2010

San Francisco, CA, USA / June 19-20, 2010

Fischland, Germany / August 20-22, 2010

Malmo, Sweden / August 28-29, 2010

Hood River, OR, USA / September 4, 2010

Montauk, NY, USA / September 24-26, 2010

Lancing, UK / October 8-10, 2010


About KB4girls
KB4girls is a non-profit worldwide clinic tour for female kiteboarders that was launched in November 2009 by Kristin Boese. While the tour gives female athletes from around the world the chance to get together for a fun time together it also motivates them to push their kiteboarding skills to the next level and possibly start to compete in kiteboarding. 

Another goal of the KB4girls events is to support the Surfrider Foundation Europe and the protection of the oceans and beaches. While registration fees are being donated to the Foundation educational materials are being supplied in return and given out to all participating girls, teaching them about their precious playgrounds and how to possibly help to protect them.

About Kristin Boese
Sports model Kristin Boese, Guinness World Record™ record-holder and nine-time world kiteboarding champion reaches out to girls around the world to sharpen their skills and learn new riding tricks. The 32-year-old from Potsdam, Germany, grew up behind the iron curtain. A stellar student, Kristin showed interest in a wide variety of sports and ended up playing semi-professional handball for 12 years. 

In summer 2002 she discovered kite-boarding and within a few months left Germany behind on her way to Fuerteventura/Spain to work at a kite and windsurf center and to dive into the sport which she has very successfully done since.  Boese has also written two instructional kite-boarding books with Christian Spreckels "Kitesurfing In The Waves: The Complete Guide" and "Kitesurfing: The Complete Guide." She has also published a DVD "Kitesurfing - a comprehensive guide with world champion Kristin Boese." This is a complete learning program for kitesurfers of all levels.   

Twitter: KB4girls/ kristinboese
Facebook : KB4girls / Kristin Boese

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