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ELLISON and LOGINOVA crowned at World Cup Final

Young American Brady ELLISON proved just why he is a potential Olympic champion of the future with a stunning victory in the recurve men's event at the Archery World Cup Final in Edinburgh.

In compound women the current world champion from Russia Albina LOGINOVA also took gold.

ELLISON, 22, won the title with victory over the current team Olympic champion IM Dong Hyun (KOR) in the gold final. But his semi against Indian Jayanta TALUKDAR was the highlight, as he fought back from 5-1 down to tie the match and then win the 1-arrow shoot-off.

Consolation for TALUKDAR came with his victory over defending champion Marco GALIAZZO (ITA) to take the bronze medal.

There was drama aplenty too in the compound women's event, won in a 1-arrow shoot-off by Russia's Albina LOGINOVA, who beat Ashley WALLACE of Canada in a top quality final.

Erika ANSCHUTZ of the USA took the bronze with victory over home archer Andrea GALES. The Briton, a wildcard at the tournament, had earlier shocked world number one and fellow Brit Nicky HUNT in the first round, winning a thrilling match on a shoot-off.

Consolation for HUNT came when she teamed up with Chris WHITE to win the compound mixed team tournament, beating Mexico's pairing of Linda OCHOA and Hafid JAIME.

Recurve Men

Semifinal - Marco GALIAZZO (ITA) v IM Dong-Hyun (KOR)
These two great archers have met in the last World Cup stage semifinal in Shanghai. IM beat GALIAZZO 6-2 at the time.

The first set was a tie with 28 points each: 9-10-9 for GALIAZZO and 10-8-10 for IM.

At the second arrow of the second set, IM went down with his bow and had only a few second left to shoot. With only two seconds on the clock he released a wonderful 10. He shot two 9s at his first and third arrow. Getting X10-9-9, GALIAZZO force his opponent to share the set points and the match score was tied 2-2 at the time.

With an almost perfect end of 29 (10-X10-9) in the third set, the Korean was the first to make the difference. IM took the lead 4-2 after GALIAZZO shot 10-9-9.

In the fourth set the 2004 individual Olympic champion GALIAZZO had three low arrows for a 9-8-8 series. With a nice tight group (10-X10-9), the 2008 team Olympic champion IM clinched the match and will shoot for World Cup Final gold.

Semifinal - Brady ELLISON (USA) v Jayanta TALUKDAR (IND)
These two athletes have met three times already in their career. In 2008, ELLISON won 112-110 at the World Cup Stage in Antalya. TALUKDAR took revenge in 2009 in Antalya, 118-110. Finally, TALUKDAR recently again won in Shanghai 4 set points to 3.

The two athletes started with 28 points each in the first set and were therefore tied 1-1.

In the second set, ELLISON scored 10, 9 and a liner that turned to be a 9. But with 10-X10-9 TALUKDAR proved 1-point stronger and got the two set points at stake to take the lead 3-1.

Though the sun was making appearance in East Princes Street's Gardens, ELLISON got two 8s and a 9 in the third end. The World Cup No. 1 had lots of pressure on. Led 1-5 by TALUKDAR (8-9-10 in this set), it would take the American to win the next set to keep the match alive.

ELLISON had a very good fourth set with 10-10-9 and also took benefit of a low 9-8-8 series by his opponent to come back to 3-5 and remained hopeful…

The 22-year old American scored a triple 9 in the last set. Shooting 8 and 9, his opponent from India needed a 10 to win. He released a 9 close to the line but was confirmed as a such by the judge. ELLISON thus got the two set points and tied to match.

Victory would be decided on a 1-arrow shoot-off! What a breath-taking end of a match! ELLISON first released a mid-9 at 8 o'clock and TALUKDAR also scored a mid-9 at 8 o'clock… but that of ELLISON was finally measured 1cm closer to the centre! The American could exult and he will have the chance to fight for gold.

Bronze Medal - Jayanta TALUKDAR (IND) v Marco GALIAZZO (ITA)
TALUKDAR and GALIAZZO have met five times before in the World Cup. The Indian leads 4-1. Their last encounter was in the Shanghai stage this year with a win for TALUKDAR 7-3. Last year at the Copenhagen World Cup Final, GALIAZZO had a win 111-103.

Very strong start for TALUKDAR with 10-X10-10. He won the first set points to lead 2-0 in this bronze medal match.

The second set allowed the Indian to double his advantage thanks to another strong X10-9-10 series against 9-10-9 for the Italian.

In the third set, TALUKDAR opened the door to his opponent with a 7 at his first arrow. GALIAZZO came back to 2-4 in the match with a triple 9.

The fourth set could be decisive again if TALUKDAR won it. But GALIAZZO could also come back and tie the match if he did better than his opponent. The two archers scored 10 and 9 at first. With a final 9 in this set, the Italian let a good chance to the Indian to win the match if he scored a 10. TALUKDAR released a 10 and could exult for his first World Cup Final medal.

Gold Medal - Brady ELLISON (USA) v IM Dong-Hyun (KOR)
IM and ELLISON were face to face for the last match of the day and of the Edinburgh World Cup. The Korean and the American met in 2008 in the gold medal match of the World Cup stage in Antalya where IM won 114-108. ELLISON and IM are the two best ranked archers in the World Cup this year.

ELLISON had a good start with two X10s but then scored an 8 for a total of 28 points in the first set. IM with three 9s fell one point behind and let the two set points go.

In the second set both athletes improved with two 10s and a 9 each. Sharing the two points at stake in this set, the score was 3-1 for ELLISON.

More difficult third set for them! As IM had an 8 at his first arrow followed by two 9s, he left again two set points to his opponent. ELLISON was then only one set point far from a World Cup Final win!

In the fourth set, ELLISON and IM responded with two 10s each at first. Shooting first the Korean had a 9 which left a great opportunity to his opponent. With a 9 as well ELLISON tied the set and won the set point he missed to become the new recurve men's World Cup 2010 winner at 22 years old only!

Besides the American also won this season's Longines Prize for Precision for the recurve men's category with the highest number of 10s shot during the year in the World Cup events.

Compound Women

Semifinal - Ashley WALLACE (CAN) v Erika ANSCHUTZ (USA)
Two newcomers on the World Cup stages this year, WALLACE (No. 3) and ANSCHUTZ (No. 2) have met once before. The Canadian beat the American 6-2 in the Porec stage semifinal this year.

Opening the afternoon session, ANSCHUTZ shot a 9. She was imitated by WALLACE at her first arrow. ANSCHUTZ's second arrow touched her first for another 9 in this first set. She added another 9, and as her opponent scored 9 and 10, the American let the first two set points go: 2-0 for WALLACE.

In the second set, the two young ladies (22 and 23 years old) scored two 9s and a 10 each to share the two set points at stake. WALLACE kept the lead at 3-1.

The Canadian was perfect in the third set with three 10s, ensuring two additional set points, as her opponent "only" managed 9-X10-10. The score was 5-1 at that time of the match. She could therefore secure victory if at least she tied the last set.

WALLACE had shown strong shooting in quarterfinal already. With another beautiful end with 10-10-9 (against 9-9-X10 for ANSCHUTZ), she again won the two set points to clinch victory 7-1 and go for gold later on!

Semifinal - Andrea GALES (GBR) v Albina LOGINOVA (RUS)
LOGINOVA was in great shape this morning beating VANDIONANT 6-0. As the No. 8 seed GALES made the biggest upset of the weekend when she defeated her teammate HUNT in a very close shoot-off! LOGINOVA and GALES have met recently at the Ogden stage and the Russian won 5-4.

Little bit of nerves in the first set for the local favourite GALES… After scoring two good arrows with a 9 and a 10, she got a 7 and let the first two set points come into LOGINOVA's hands (9-9-X10).

In the second set, GALES started with an 8 followed by two 9s. Not enough to beat the X10-9-X10 by her Russian opponent in this set. The score went up to 4-0 for LOGINOVA.

After GALES shot 9-9-X10 and LOGINOVA started the third set with 9 and X10, the Russian needed a 10 to win the match already. The crowd held their breath hoping for a 9 or less that would keep the Briton into the match… but LOGINOVA again shot another 10 to clinch an indisputable victory 6-0.

Bronze Medal - Andrea GALES (GBR) v Erika ANSCHUTZ (USA)
ANSCHUTZ had the best start in this bronze medal match with 10-9-9, while GALES shot 9-10-8. The score was 2-0 for the American after the first set.

Unfortunately the home favourite had another 8, together with two 10s. Her opponent shot two 9s and an X10, which tied the set: 3-1 for ANSCHUTZ.

In the third set, GALES had an 8 again at her third arrow. She also scored two 9s. With 9-10-9, her American contender proved more consistent and increased her lead to 5-1.

The fourth set could therefore be decisive for the bronze medal. GALES improved her shooting with 10-9-9, but ANSCHUTZ had a perfect way to clinch the match with a perfect end of three 10s. The American will leave Edinburgh with the World Cup bronze medal!

Gold Medal - Albina LOGINOVA (RUS) v Ashley WALLACE (CAN)
LOGINOVA and WALLACE met once before. It was in quarterfinal at the 2009 world championships in Ulsan where the Russian won 115-112 in a 12-arrow match.

In Edinburgh LOGINOVA had the best possible start with X10-X10-10 in the first set. As WALLACE scored X10-9-9, the Russian took the first set points and the lead 2-0.

The second set was the reverse of the first, with WALLACE shooting three perfect X10s versus two 9s and an X10 for LOGINOVA. The young Canadian tied the match at 2-2.

With both 29 points in the third set, the gold medal match remained tied at 3-3!

The fourth set saw LOGINOVA take the lead back again with two 10s and a 9 against two 9s and a 10 for WALLACE.

It would therefore take the Canadian to win the next set to stay alive in this match! With a perfect group (X10-10-10) WALLACE did what she had to do and ensured the two set points and a shoot-off (5-5).

In the 1-arrow tie-breaker WALLACE released first: a 9 just out of the 10-ring. With a 10, LOGINOVA would become World Cup champion after individual and team world champion last year… And she did it!

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