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The KB4Girls clinic that had it all - Wustrow hosted 8th KB4Girls 2010 World Tour event in Germany

The Wustrow tour stop took Kristen back to where she started her kiteboarding career.

The Wustrow clinic had a great turnout / KB4girls
The Wustrow clinic had a great turnout / KB4girls

Kristen Boese shares her skills with the girls / KB4girls
Kristen Boese shares her skills with the girls / KB4girls

Everyone had a wonderful time making new friends and furthering the sport / KB4girls
Everyone had a wonderful time making new friends and furthering the sport / KB4girls

High resolution photos of the event are available here:!

Fischland Darss, Aug 23:  Wake boarding, kite boarding, loads of fun and recording a TV show: Taking place on the 20th till 23rd of August, the KB4Girls world tour 2010 stop in Wustrow in the north of Germany really had it all. 50 girls between 13 and 43 years old found their way to the event to share their passion for kite boarding and improve their riding skills in special coaching sessions. For organizer and pro-kiter Kristin Boese, this tour stop is always a special event leading her back to the roots of her kite boarding.

The wind forecast was promising for the weekend of the 8th KB4Girls Clinic in Germany. With winds between 15 and 24 knots, the flatwater spots around the German peninsula Darss promised perfect training conditions. Enthusiastically, 50 kite girls from all over Germany and even as far as Switzerland and the Netherlands joined German 9-time world champion and KB4Girls tour organizer Kristin Boese and her trainer team to learn and practice new tricks on the water, and bring their kite boarding to the next level.

With little wind but great, sunny weather on Friday afternoon, the group started with simulator training on land. Every girl had set her own goal to achieve for the weekend and so 50 girls swarmed around the simulators training the moves for back flip rotations, switches to blind or toeside riding. Practical tips and tricks from the trainers enabled the girls to imagine the tricks they wanted to learn and mentally prepare for the moves on the water. Luckily, kite manufacturer Best Kiteboarding had agreed to support the tour with test material so that even the girls with smaller kites could get a big-enough kite to train.

After dinner, the training program was finished off with a thorough safety workshop during which essential self-rescue techniques were discussed once more.

Saturday morning began with more sun and even less wind. Therefore, the training program was moved to the near-by wakeboard cable park. As many girls had already been wakeboarding before, they could train their board control and already try to put some of the learnings from the simulator training into practice. Others spent the time waiting for wind with long board riding and stand-up paddling.

Wakeboarding had already been intense but the day should get even better: The afternoon finally brought the long waited-for breeze. Unpacking their biggest kites, the ladies could finally enter the flat water spot Born and practice their moves in "real life" on the water. Wake boarding and kite boarding on the same day: Being a real premiere for most of the girls, the combination made it a perfect day.

As northern German television channel NDR had heard about Kristin's initiative and the KB4Girls tour stop in Wustrow, she was invited to their Monday evening talk show "The best in the North" being recorded close to the spot where the KB4Girls camp took place. With 15 of the clinic girls squeezing into the audience to support Kristin in the background of the picture, she could promote safe kite boarding and make a greater public aware of her efforts to help making kite boarding an Olympic discipline.

The second KB4Girls day ended with an emotional moment when a part of the girls group went to the beach to pay their respect to former kite pro Silke Gorldt who passed away after a kite boarding accident in 2002. As her tragic death marked the turning point in the development of safety systems for kites, the KB4 Girls tour participants gave Silke the tribute and remembrance she deserves.

During the last day, the wind seemed to fool us once more: as forecasted light winds in the morning made kiting impossible. But just when the equipment was set up to continue with some video coaching, the wind picked up and the day after all turned out as a fantastic training day with all girls booking great progress and learning a lot.

Closing a very successful and inspired KB4Girls tour stop, as on every stop, Kristin held a little award ceremony. She gave away prices e.g. for the most improved rider who got a Best Kristin Boese kite board sponsored by Best Kiteboarding to keep her riding, and training on high level.

With the awards ceremony, the official day ended leaving all KB4Girls girls very, very happy yet very, very tired. The program had been dense and very diverse with loads no-wind action off the water as well as training in great conditions on the water for all girls to improve their kiting abilities. 

In 2010, four more KB4Girls camps and clinics will complete the KB4Girls tour 2010: the events in Sweden, the US and the UK will hopefully be just as successful as the camp in Germany. Yet is the yearly return to Wustrow for Kristin a special moment: It was here where she started to kite board, entering the road to record-reaching success in kite boarding.

If now you would like to get the tips from a professional to improve your riding skills, too, join us in one of the next KB4 Girls events around the world.
Upcoming KB4girls events:
Malmo, Sweden /  August 28th - 29th, 2010
Hood River, USA   /  September 4th, 2010
Montauk/NY, USA / September 25th - 26th, 2010
Lancing, UK /  October 8th - 10th, 2010  


About KB4girls  

KB4girls is a non-profit worldwide clinic tour for female kiteboarders that was launched in November 2009 by Kristin Boese. While the tour gives female athletes from around the world the chance to get together for a fun time together it also motivates them to push their kiteboarding skills to the next level and possibly start to compete in kiteboarding. 

Another goal of the KB4girls events is to support the Surfrider Foundation Europe and the protection of the oceans and beaches. While registration fees are being donated to the Foundation educational materials are being supplied in return and given out to all participating girls, teaching them about their precious playgrounds and how to possibly help to protect them.

About Kristin Boese  

Sports model Kristin Boese, Guinness World Record™ record-holder and nine-time world kiteboarding champion reaches out to girls around the world to sharpen their skills and learn new riding tricks. The 32-year-old from Potsdam, Germany, grew up behind the iron curtain. A stellar student, Kristin showed interest in a wide variety of sports and ended up playing semi-professional handball for 12 years. 

In summer 2002 she discovered kite-boarding and within a few months left Germany behind on her way to Fuerteventura/Spain to work at a kite and windsurf center and to dive into the sport which she has very successfully done since. 

Boese has also written two instructional kite-boarding books with Christian Spreckels "Kitesurfing In The Waves: The Complete Guide" and "Kitesurfing: The Complete Guide." She has also published a DVD "Kitesurfing - a comprehensive guide with world champion Kristin Boese." This is a complete learning program for kitesurfers of all levels.   

Twitter: KB4girls/ kristinboese
Facebook : KB4girls / Kristin Boese

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