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Targeting female kiters in all of Scandinavia, KB4girls 2010 World Tour will guest star in Sweden with Kristin Boese

The Oeresund Sound will be the venue for another great KB4girls event

Sports model Kristin Boese holds the Guinness World Record for women's kite surfing championships / Gavin Buttler
Sports model Kristin Boese holds the Guinness World Record for women's kite surfing championships / Gavin Buttler

KB4girls is a great way to make friends and bond through kiteboarding!
KB4girls is a great way to make friends and bond through kiteboarding!

High resolution photos of the event are available here:!

TAMPA/LONDON/BERLIN, July, 20th 2010: While Scandinavia is known for its rugged beauty and its great snow in the wintertime it is also known for producing great female competitors in the kiteboarding world - just one of many reasons for KB4girls to target female kiters in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland from August 27-29.

With local rippers Anki Knutsson and Anna Sparre, the KB4girls team around world champion Kristin Boese will have the best possible support to reach out to the girls in Scandinavia and to teach them new skills. While both Anki and Anna have a lot of experience traveling around on the kiteboarding world circuit they have both been organizing local girls groups over the past few years and are supporting females in the sport with a passion. 

Anki Knutsson says: "I have known Kristin for almost seven years. We have travelled on the PKRA tour together and spent many off-seasons in the same places. To get together with her to organize the KB4girls event in my home country is very special for me. It's really an inspiration to be able to ride with other girls who push themselves and who understand each other. I really want to share this with the girls back home even if it is just for one weekend. "

The Oeresund Sound will be the perfect location for the KB4girls event since it offers a huge bay with many different spots for different wind directions but also shallow water for easy learning. Based at a camp ground the girls will drive to wherever the conditions in the bay are best and practise new moves under the instructions of Anki, Anna and Kristin all weekend.

"While I have not actually been to Sweden yet and am not familiar with the spot and the area itself I have heard so many great things about the Oeresund Sound, the kite conditions there, the amazing girls in Sweden and Scandinavia and the countryside. I think this is going to be a very special event since the local support that we are getting is just great and the spot sounds amazing. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone!" says Kristin Boese.

While Anki Knutson and Anna Sparre will help to rally the girls and teach them many new moves the will support the event with everything else needed. Scandinavia should watch out for a female invasion of kiteboarders and for a great KB4girls event!

Upcoming KB4girls events:
Fischland, Germany /  August 20-22, 2010
Malmo, Sweden /  August 28-29, 2010
Hood River, USA   /  September 4, 2010
Montauk/NY, USA / September 24-26, 2010
Lancing, UK /  October 8-10, 2010  


About KB4girls  

KB4girls is a non-profit worldwide clinic tour for female kiteboarders that was launched in November 2009 by Kristin Boese. While the tour gives female athletes from around the world the chance to get together for a fun time together it also motivates them to push their kiteboarding skills to the next level and possibly start to compete in kiteboarding. 

Another goal of the KB4girls events is to support the Surfrider Foundation Europe and the protection of the oceans and beaches. While registration fees are being donated to the Foundation educational materials are being supplied in return and given out to all participating girls, teaching them about their precious playgrounds and how to possibly help to protect them. 

About Kristin Boese  

Sports model Kristin Boese, Guinness World Record™ record-holder and nine-time world kiteboarding champion reaches out to girls around the world to sharpen their skills and learn new riding tricks. The 32-year-old from Potsdam, Germany, grew up behind the iron curtain. A stellar student, Kristin showed interest in a wide variety of sports and ended up playing semi-professional handball for 12 years. 

In summer 2002 she discovered kite-boarding and within a few months left Germany behind on her way to Fuerteventura/Spain to work at a kite and windsurf center and to dive into the sport which she has very successfully done since.  Boese has also written two instructional kite-boarding books with Christian Spreckels "Kitesurfing In The Waves: The Complete Guide" and "Kitesurfing: The Complete Guide." She has also published a DVD "Kitesurfing - a comprehensive guide with world champion Kristin Boese." This is a complete learning program for kitesurfers of all levels.   

Twitter: KB4girls/ kristinboese
Facebook : KB4girls / Kristin Boese

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