POSTED: Wednesday July 14th 2010

Transcript from Michael Buckner segment on HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

Interview with Bernie Goldberg

On Lloyd Lake's credibility:

MB: Someone with a criminal background might be lying versus a Heisman trophy winner.

BG: Michael Buckner is a lawyer and private investigator who specializes in college sports cases involving the NCAA just like this one. Based on his experience he believes USC discounted Lloyd Lake as a credible source. Instead of seeing all the red flags that were staring them right in the face.

MB: You had Mr. Bush's car that was tricked out with various accessories. You had Bush's parents moving into close to a $700,000.00 home. You had the trips to away games.

GB: So what are all of these things if you want to look into them, what do they indicate?

MB: If a student athlete, especially a high profile student athlete, shows up with a brand new car the university is obligated to follow up to make sure that the student athlete is not violating any rules.

BG: They didn't do that?

MB: They did not do that.

BG: What about the coach Pete Carroll?

MB: In this instance he had a responsibility as head coach to establish an environment of rules compliance in his program.

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