POSTED: Wednesday June 16th 2010

New York Jets Quotes - CB Darrelle Revis

June 15th

On speaking to head coach Rex Ryan about Monday…
We're going to talk today. He and I are going to chop it up today and just try to see eye-to-eye and make sure this thing doesn't get out of hand. That's the one thing we don't want to do here. Like I said, I don't want this to go negative. I said that yesterday, but like I said, negotiations do get crazy sometimes, and we're trying to stop it before it gets to that point.

On missing plays on Monday due to injury/light-headedness…
I was really light-headed. The hamstring part, no. You'll see me running out there all day. I added it on, but I did feel a little light-headed. I told DT (Dennis Thurman). The coaching staff here does a great job. When somebody is feeling something - it can be the slightest thing - they'll tell us to sit down fast. I sat down a little bit and talked to DT about it, and he told me to sit down. The hamstring thing, I did go a little further. I didn't have a hamstring, but the light-headedness, yes.

On Rex saying he'll be a Jet for a long time…
I want to be a Jet forever. I don't want to get released or traded. One of my goals is to stay on one team, do what Darrell Green did. He played twenty-something years for the Washington Redskins. I would like to do that.

On chemistry of the Jets team…
It's going good. This mini-camp and OTA's, we've been having some intense practices. It's good. I see LaDainian (Tomlinson) shaking out there like his commercial, Braylon (Edwards) making some great catches, Santonio Holmes making great catches, J-Co (Jerricho Cotchery)...the biggest thing is (Mark) Sanchez. He's impressed me a lot. I'm looking forward to him leading our offense this year. The pieces are coming together. Our defense, we just want to be some aggressive animals out there, go chase after that ball, and not make it good for the offenses.

On training camp…
Offense is more (about) trying to get a chemistry and make sure everybody is on the same page. Defense is more (about) playmakers flying around. Both sides are doing well. It's great competition out there. I didn't expect Sanchez to be back this early from his knee injury. He's impressed us a lot and is running that offense very well.

On Holmes touchdown catch in the morning session practice…
There was a little bit of miscommunication out there between us, and you can't do it, especially back in the secondary. You've got to be on the same page. We misconmmunicated back there. I got a little bit underneath and Jim (Leonhard) tried to help me at the last second and it didn't work out. It's just all about communication and we preach that a lot around here.

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