POSTED: Monday February 15th 2010

Munich 2018 Brings its Journey of Friendship to Vancouver

Munich 2018 Brings its Journey of Friendship to Vancouver

Vancouver 15. February 2010 - An outstanding athlete and future friendly concept together with unprecedented public and political support were the highlights of a press conference staged today by a senior team for Munich’s bid to host the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

The national unity and support for Munich 2018 was clearly demonstrated by the composition of the delegation led by Munich 2018 CEO Willy Bogner; with Thomas Bach, President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation and Vice President of the IOC; Munich Lord Mayor, Christian Ude; Dr. Thomas de Maizière, Federal Minister of the Interior; Siegfried Schneider, Bavaria’s State Minister and Olympic skating legend Katarina Witt, who is Chair of Munich 2018.

Bogner introduced the bid’s vision of hosting a Games that are athlete-friendly, friendly to the Olympic Family and the values of sport, and friendly to the future. He defined the plan as sustainable with a compact two-cluster, two village concept with ice events in Munich’s Olympic Park and the snow events in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, under an hour away by road or rail.

Bogner said; “The Munich 2018 concept is based on meeting the needs of athletes with a plan that is based on excellent, existing, world class venues.  Our concept is also future friendly with a sustainable plan that will see only three new permanent sports venues, thus minimizing the environmental impact”.

Bach described Germany as a passionate winter sports nation with 28 million members of the Deutscher Olympischer Sport Bund (DOSB). “Millions of Germans practice and follow winter sport. Germany and Bavaria have hosted multiple successful world cups and world championships in many different Olympic sports.  I believe Germany can do for the Winter Games what our nation did for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.”

Mayor Ude positioned Munich Olympic Park, which has served as a major international sports centre for more than 40 years, as one of the greatest untold stories of Olympic sustainability.  Speaking of the legacy of the bid, he said: “Munich 2018 offers a clear vision for turning the Munich Olympic Park into a new winter sport centre that can serve the Olympic Movement for the next 40 years.”

Mayor Ude also highlighted the famed Bavarian friendliness and hospitality with events such as Oktoberfest attracting 6 million visitors a year. He outlined the incredible cultural and cosmopolitan assets of Munich and Bavaria.

Bavarian State Minister Siegfried Schneider stressed the support of the regional Government for the Munich Bid. “Bavarian Government is fully united behind this bid. In addition to the assets of Munich, our region will provide a world-class alpine sports resort that has hosted hundreds of winter world cups and several world championships over the last decades. In 2011, the resort will host the FIS World Skiing Championships which will leave new state-of-the-art venues for the 2018 Games”.

Federal Minister Dr. Thomas de Maizière emphasized that: “The Federal Government is fully united behind the Munich bid and will provide the financial support and political will necessary, along with all of our partners, to produce a bid that offers the Olympic Movement a truly excellent Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The whole of Germany will join in celebration of friendship and winter sport for the 2018 Games.”

Katarina Witt concluded with a perspective on the quality of the athlete experience planned by Munich 2018. “Every winter event in Munich would deliver the magical atmosphere that every Olympian and Paralympian deserves,” she said. Witt also emphasized that the Games in Munich “would strengthen the heartland of winter sport by reaching young people and firing up their passion for winter sport through every means possible.”

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