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Essent ISU World Cup Speed Skating - Calgary (CAN)

Event 4 of 7

Fast ice brought good times in the World Cup Speed Skating in Calgary.
The Canadian ladies skated a world record in the TP (Team Pursuit) with
2:55.79. Brian Hansen (USA) skated a junior world record of 1:44.52 in
the 1500m.
There were further national records
for Argentina (José Fazio 36.98, 1:52.42, Jennifer Calcedo 40.72),
Australia (Ben Southee 36.36, 1:48.24; Joshua Lose 6:35.22; Sophie Muir
1:17.65), Belarus (Julia Yasenok 4:16.65); Belgium (Pieter Gysel
1:11.32), China (TP Men 3:51.02), Czech Republic (Karolina Erbanova
1:16.94), Denmark (Catrine Grage 4:09.81), Finland (Mika Poutala
34.38), France (Alexis Contin 1:44.73 and 6:20.15), Germany (Stephanie
Beckert 3:56.80; TP Men 3:43.57), Italy (Ermanno Ioriatti 35.01), Japan
(TP Ladies 2:59.79; TP Men 3:42.33), Kazakhstan (Roman Krech 35.53,
1:09.94; Yekaterina Aydova 38.70, 1:16.64; TP ladies 3:09.36), Korea
(Sang-Hwa Lee 37.34; Seung-Hoon Lee 6:16.75; ladies TP 3:00.50), Latvia
(Harald Silovs 1:10.09, 1:46.75, 6:22.43); the Netherlands (Ronald
Mulder 34.52), New Zealand (Shane Dobbin 6:20.97; Blake Skjellerup
1:50.17), Norway (TP Men 3:41.59), PRK (Chon-Hak Choe 36.02, 1:12.47);
Poland (Konrad Niedzwiedzki 1:08.70, 1:44.25; Katarzyna Bachleda-Curus
1:54.97; ladies TP 3:01.77, men’s TP 3:43.66), Romania (Marius
Paraschivoiu 36.31, Valentin Anghel 1:12.65), Claudio Grozea 1:51.29;
Daniela Dumitru 39.92), Russia (Ivan Skobrev 6:13.19; ladies TP
3:00.47), Sweden (Joel Eriksson 1:09.57; TP men 3:42.55), Ukraine
(Olena Myagkikh 4:15.30), USA (TP men 3:42.98). A record amount of 33
countries participated.


On the 500m ladies, the duel
between Jenny Wolf (GER) and Beixing Wang (CHN) was very close; Wolf
had a weak start but still came out first with 37.33; Wang skated the
distance in 37.34(9). This was exactly the same time as the Korean
record which Sang-Hwa Lee had skated earlier, so these two shared the

The result of the 3000m was almost
a copy of the previous 3000m race. Stephanie Beckert (GER) was paired
with Martína Sábliková (CZE). Daniela Anschütz-Thoms (GER) was in the
lead with a personal best of 3:58.07. Beckert is not a fast starter and
followed Sábliková for most of the race. With a sprint at the end (30.8
lap) Beckert managed to finish just ahead of Sábliková, and won in
3:56.80, robbing Claudia Pechstein of the German record on this

With 3:56.83 Sábliková was a second behind her Czech record.
Sábliková still leads the ranks with 360 points, Beckert has 350 and Anschütz-Thoms 270.
In the second 500m Wolf won, in
37.21 this time, Wang finished second in 37.60 and Sang-Hwa Lee was
third and close again in 37.64. In the World Cup ranking 500m, Wolf
leads with 580 points, Wang is second with 500 and Sang-Hwa Lee follows
with 365 points.

On the 1500m, World Cup leader
Kristina Groves won in 1:54.35, a little faster than her fellow
Canadian Christine Nesbitt who reached 1:54.43. The greatest surprise
was Dutch former junior world champion Elma de Vries, who skated her
first 1500m in the World Cup this year and did an excellent job,
improving her personal best and finishing third in 1:54.55. Groves has
now 330 points, Nesbitt 260.

Christine Nesbitt won her third
1000m World Cup in a row, finishing in 1:14.03. Annette Gerritsen was
second, with 1:14.48. Again, the surprise was in the third place, taken
for the first time in her career by Monique Angermüller (GER), in

In the Team Pursuit the Canadian
team with Nesbitt, Groves and Schüssler won in a new world record time:
2:55.79. Japan with Hozumi, Tabata and Ishizawa (2:59.79) and Germany
with Beckert, Ost and Mattscherodt (3:00.25) followed in second and


We saw four different winners on
the four 500m races this season, and on the first day’s 500m, there was
a fresh winner: Mika Poutala, who improved his Finnish record to 34.38.
Like in the ladies’ 500, the silver and bronze were very close; Joji
Kato (JPN) and Jamie Gregg (CAN) both skated 34.45, but Kato was faster
looking at the thousands. For Gregg, it was his first podium finish in
the World Cup, and a personal best time.

Shani Davis (USA) won 10 World Cup
1500m races, but lost here to Chad Hedrick (USA), who skated a personal
best and the third fastest time ever with 1:42.14. Davis came second
with 1:42.19 and track record holder Denny Morrison (CAN) was third
with 1:42.74. The fastest opening 300m came from Stefan Groothuis
(NED), who started with 22.91 but had to pay back with a slower final
lap. In the ranks, Davis still leads ahead of Bøkko, then Tuitert.
Chad: “It’s a long time since I
have been on the top of the podium. It was a big step for me today. I’m
just ecstatic. This shows how big this sport is, it’s not easy to come
out and win. Obviously Shani is the best skater in the world right now.
To beat him gives confidence.”

In the second 500m, Kyou-Hyuk Lee
(KOR) won in a personal best time of 34.28. He beat Mika Poutala in the
final pair, Poutala skated the second-fastest time: 34.38, equaling his
Finnish record of the previous day. In third place finished Tucker
Fredricks (USA) with 34.50. Jamie Gregg did not start and gave his
place to world record holder Jeremy Wotherspoon, who was the Canadian
reserve. In the B-division he set a good time of 34.65. Poutala has
taken over the World Cup lead with 395 points, Kang-Seok Lee has 383
and Fredricks 348.

Sven Kramer (NED) skated the 5000m
with an ease like he hadn’t shown yet this season. 6:11.11 was his
time. “It was play, easy”, he said. Surprising was that Ivan Skobrev
beat his pair mate Håvard Bøkko (NOR) and set a new Russian record,
6:13.19. In third place finished Bob de Jong (NED), 6:13.80.
Bøkko didn’t skate well technically while his trusted coach had to leave him, and finished in 6th
place only. Striking was the fifth place finish of former short-track
skater Seung-Hoon Lee, in a Korean NR of 6:16.75. He is the first
Korean who can compete with the best in the long distance.
In the ranks, Kramer has 400, De Jong 300 points and Skobrev and Bøkko both 255.

Shani Davis won also his third
1000m World Cup this season. He set a track record, bringing this track
like Salt Lake City below 1:07 with 1:06.91. Four more skaters were
below 1:08, Kyou-Hyuk Lee was the best of them with 1:07.61, and in third place finished Denny Morrison with 1:07.77. Davis
leads with 300 points, Dutch Mark Tuitert follows with 170. Davis: “It
was really good. I didn’t know if it was possible to be under 1:07
today. It was a combination of endurance and speed and I had it today.
Losing the 1500 motivated me. I re-evaluated everything and corrected
today what I did wrong on Friday.”

The Dutch men Kramer, Verheijen and
Blokhuijsen won the Team Pursuit in the second fastest time ever,
3:38.05, followed by Canada (Denny Morrison, Lukas Makowsky and Giroux
3:39.17) and Norway (Bøkko, Lunde Pedersen and Van der Horst, 3:41.59,
a NR).

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