POSTED: Monday September 14th 2009

U.S. Olympic Committee Partners with University of Delaware and International Olympic Committee's Olympic Solidarity to Produce International Coaching Enrichment Certification Program (ICECP)

Coaches from Around the World Participate in the Program's Second Edition

Colorado Springs, Colo. - The U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC), the University of Delaware (UD) and the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Olympic Solidarity department are pleased to partner once again for the second edition of the International Coaching Enrichment Certification Program (ICECP), welcoming 27 national coaches representing five continents, 27 countries and 13 sports.

“As part of our commitment to international outreach and following the success of the first edition of the ICECP, the U.S. Olympic Committee is excited to partner again with Olympic Solidarity and the University of Delaware to offer coaches from around the globe a world-class coaching education program,” said Robert Fasulo, USOC Chief of International Relations. “The program is aimed at developing proficiency in the technical, theoretical, conceptual, managerial and ethical aspects of coaching at all levels of competition.”   

The program consists of lectures, guest speakers, participant presentations, group work and field trips. In addition, each coach will undergo an apprenticeship with a U.S. national team or college team as well as develop a project aimed at improving their national coaching infrastructure with the support of an international coaching expert.  

Topics include sport nutrition, sport medicine, injury management and prevention, sport psychology and physiology, sport administration, and coaching methods.


The program has four modules. In the first module, participants will spend two weeks at UD and attend lectures and presentations from experts on a variety of coaching education and sports science topics.


The second module is a sport-specific apprenticeship which allows participants to observe and interact with coaches from national governing bodies, university athletic teams or elite sport clubs in each of their respective sports.


Apprenticeship sites include Penn State for track and field; North Baltimore Aquatic Club, home of Bob Bowman and Michael Phelps, for swimming; and the U.S. Olympic Training Centers (OTCs) in Colorado Springs, Chula Vista and Northern Michigan University.


The third module will take place at the OTC in Colorado Springs, and consist of a continuation of lectures and group work activities during a two-week period taught by USOC sport performance and coaching experts.


In the final module, participants will present the projects they completed over the course of the program to the ICECP Academic Board and thereafter undergo a public presentation of their projects at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

“The university supports the high ideals of the Olympic Movement and is pleased to offer a well- structured, comprehensive and in-depth course of study,” said UD President Patrick Harker.

The program is headed at Delaware by Dr. Matthew Robinson, UD sport management program director, and Jeff Schneider, director of strength and conditioning at the Ice Skating Science Development Center.  

“We are looking to build on last year’s success,” Robinson said. “The faculty was incredible last year and we had a committed and passionate group of participants who have returned to their native countries and have made impacts at the grassroots levels all the way up to the highest levels of competition in their respective sports. We cannot be prouder of last year’s group, and we are excited about working with the new group.” 

Robinson and Schneider both possess a wealth of international sport management experience. Robinson worked for the U.S. Department of State in the area of Sport Diplomacy in 2008, while Schneider has worked with numerous national- world- and Olympic-level figure skaters.  

The following countries are represented by ICECP participating coaches: American Samoa, Barbados, Chinese Taipei, Dominica, Egypt, El Salvador, Fiji, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Indonesia, Kiribati, Kyrgystan, Libya, Macedonia, Maldives, Malta, Mongolia, Netherlands Antilles, Pakistan, Peru, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, and Zimbabwe. 

The 2009 ICECP begins officially today with opening ceremony scheduled for 1 p.m. at UD’s Clayton Hall. Opening remarks will be made by University officials and USOC representatives. 

The program kicks off its educational sessions with a lecture from St. Joseph’s University head men’s basketball coach Phil Martelli at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 15, at UD’s Trabant University Center.           

For more information about ICECP, to view program photos or to read blog entries from the 2008-2009 program, visit the program website at

The aim of Olympic Solidarity is to organize assistance to National Olympic Committees (NOCs), in particular those which have the greatest need of it. This assistance takes the form of programs elaborated jointly by the IOC and the NOCs, with the technical assistance of the International Federations, if necessary.  


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