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Dungy Takes Viewers Inside a Colts TD - Costas Interviews Goodell Live from Lambeau - Collinsworth Says Rogers Better Than Favre

       NEW YORK – Sept. 13, 2009 – Following are highlights from
NBC’s “Football Night in America.” Bob Costas hosted the show live from
Lambeau Field – the first time Costas has broadcast live from historic
Landeau Field since Dec. 8, 1996 – it was 31-degree day, tonight it was
83 degrees. Costas had a piece of turf taken from the Packers practice
field, frozen and sitting on his sideline desk.  Co-hosts Dan Patrick
and Keith Olbermann, analysts Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison and
reporter Peter King were live from NBC’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza studios,
covering the news of the NFL’s Kickoff Weekend.


Collinsworth: “Make no mistake about this right now, Aaron Rodgers is
the better quarterback at this point. Much better than Brett Favre.”

Harrison: “Brett realizes he doesn’t have to be the gunslinger of old.
He doesn’t have to come in and throw it 30-40 times. All he has to do
is manage the game, turn around, hand it back to the best running back
in the National Football League, Adrian Peterson.”

Collinsworth on the upcoming Packers-Vikings games: “It’s so much
bigger now than just these two quarterbacks and their rivalry. You may
be looking at the two best teams in the NFC as we start the season.”


219 Z CRACK POST:  Patrick to Dungy breaking down the play – 219 Z
Crack Post – that resulted in a Manning TD pass to Reggie Wayne: “This
is insider…are you going to hear from Peyton now. You’re giving up
secrets here, aren’t you?”

Dungy: “I promise you I will get a text before the show is over.” [Dungy did receive a text from Manning after the show].

Manning at his postgame press conference regarding communicating with
Dungy: “He texted me last night and said that we were his game to break
down for the postgame. He told me to give him some good highlights so
hopefully he’ll go easy on me for the interception.”

Dungy on injury to Colts WR Anthony Gonzalez: “The injury must not be
that serious. If they’re not going to go after Marvin Harrison, who can
still play by the way, that means that Jim Caldwell and Peyton Manning
have confidence in those young receivers Austin Collie and Pierre

Dungy on the status of free agent WR Marvin Harrison: “Marvin does want to play, he can play but Marvin does want to get paid.”


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to Bob Costas live from Lambeau Field:
“When I first reinstated Michael back into the NFL, he didn’t have a
team at that point in time. We needed to have a step process to have a
successful transition back into the NFL. We want Michael to be
successful now that he’s reinstated and we’re trying to provide those
resources. He now has a great organization, the Philadelphia Eagles, by
his side and we want him to continue the progress he’s made. I said
that we would do it by Week 6. The progress he’s made is significant
and I think he deserves to be back on the field.”

Dungy on Vick attending today’s Eagles game: “I thought it would be
important for Michael since hadn’t played in so long to really get into
that routine, go to the meetings, get on the road, do everything like
you would as a player, get back in that groove. I think that’s going to
help him.”

DUNGY ON CUTLER & BEARS: “He has changed the entire the way the
Chicago Bears are playing offense. When we played them in Super Bowl
XLI, we really didn’t think Rex Grossman could beat us throwing the
football, we loaded up the box, put Bob Sanders up there, we wanted to
take away the run and force them to throw. You can’t play the Bears
like that anymore. They are spreading the field, moving receivers
around, looking for mismatches because they want the ball in Jay
Cutler’s hands.”

Harrison on Jake Delhomme: “He’s acting like he’s a rookie quarterback.”

Olbermann on Dolphins WR Greg Camarillo making a catch on the ground
with his legs: “This, kids, is why you do squats. So you can pull this
play out of your aspirations.”


Dungy: “It really didn’t feel like Tony Romo had to go to one guy. Take
who’s open, throw it to the guy who’s available and they can all make

Harrison: “When we faced Dallas, it wasn’t even about T.O. It was about
Marion Barber and the running game, and Jason Witten, who, to me, is
the best player on their team in the passing game.”


Dungy: “They are not going to be a pass-first team all season. That big back, Brandon Jacobs, you’ve got to run him.”

Harrison: “This is the most physical offensive line in the game.

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“NBC Sunday Night Football” the premier primetime game of the week, is
preceded by the “Football Night in America” studio show, which kicks
off NBC’s regular season coverage each Sunday at 7 p.m. ET.  Bob
Costas, the most honored studio host of all-time with 20 Emmy Awards,
hosts from the “Sunday Night Football” game site where he is joined at
the top of the show by SNF duo Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth.
Co-hosts Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann, who together redefined sports
highlights at ESPN, narrate the highlights from NBC’s 30 Rock studio.
They are joined by analysts Tony Dungy, the historic Super Bowl coach
whose teams made the playoffs each of the last 10 seasons,
unprecedented in this era, and Rodney Harrison, the three-time All-Pro
and two-time Super Bowl champion. Peter King, who covers the NFL for
Sports Illustrated and is considered one of the country’s foremost NFL
reporters, and former NY Giants RB Tiki Barber serve as reporters for
“Football Night in America.”

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