POSTED: Wednesday September 9th 2009

Colossal Group Applies to be Games Volunteers

Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games and Asian Para Games

GUANGZHOU, China, September 9 - The Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee (GAGOC) is pleased to announce that as of noon on September 9, 214,387 people have applied to be volunteers for the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games and Asian Para Games.

Guangzhou citizens have turned out in record numbers since recruitment was launched in April. Among the 214,387 volunteer applicants, the oldest is 77-year-old Huang Xiaoying while the youngest is six-year-old Li Wanhua. The Volunteers Department of GAGOC will also recruit 40 experienced volunteer lecturers for the training of Asian Games volunteers.

Launched in June, the “Thumbs Up” volunteer campaign is well underway in the Games’ host city. About 216,000 people have served as “Thumbs Up” Volunteer Ambassadors, while more than a one million residents have been involved in the campaign.

The Volunteer Department of GAGOC will redouble its efforts to carry out campaigns at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, railway stations, parks, hotels, major intersections, bus stops and metro stations, providing a variety of volunteer services to the public.

Organisers plan to form an Asian Games volunteer service team consisting of Guangzhou original comics figures such as Xiyangyang, Caicai and Zhuzhuxia. The formation of the team aims at integrating the distinctive comic culture in Guangzhou with the volunteer culture and promoting the Asian Games Vision and volunteer spirit. The comic figures will be registered as Asian Games volunteers and inspire their fans to devote to volunteer services.

By the end of August, 34 Asian Games Volunteer Messengers delegations had visited eight countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, France and Germany as well as 40 Chinese cities including Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuxi and Hong Kong.

Starting from the National Day Holidays in October, some 10,000 Asian Games Volunteer Messengers will travel to 60 cities across China and promote the Games.

Further volunteer recruitment for the Games will continue with emphasis on teachers and students at higher education institutions and specialist volunteers.

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