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Results of Chief Executives’ Committee and first day of ICC Board meeting

Draft FTP post-2012 to be refined by ICC and Members - Recommendations from ICC Cricket Committee concerning Umpire Decision Review System, bad light and slow over-rates adopted - Discussions on ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 and ICC Board/CEC

Wednesday saw the first day of the ICC Board meeting at Lord’s in London, the third of four Board meetings that take place each year.


It followed the ICC Chief Executives’ Committee (CEC) meeting on Monday and Tuesday, with both gatherings forming part of the organisation’s annual conference week.


The CEC is charged with making decisions on a range of matters relating to the playing of cricket as well as recommendations on the business of cricket for consideration – and adoption or otherwise – by the ICC Board.


Both groups, the CEC and the ICC Board, will come together on Thursday (25 June) for a joint strategy session which will be followed by a media opportunity with ICC President David Morgan and ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat (details below, marked *).


Among the items covered so far were:


Future Tours Programme (FTP) post-2012


The current FTP concludes in May 2012 and the CEC and the ICC Board received draft proposals for a new programme following on from bi- and multi-lateral discussions between Members ahead of the meetings.


It was agreed that further consultation would now take place between the ICC, its Members and other stakeholders with a view to the ICC finalising the new FTP as soon as possible.


ICC President David Morgan said: “I am encouraged by the hard and effective work put in by Members towards a long-term structure for international cricket.


“It is vitally important that this framework is put in place to create certainty for our Members, as well as other key stakeholders, including players, broadcasters and the public.


“We will work with our Members in refining the draft model over the coming weeks, consult with those stakeholders and seek approval of a new programme as soon as possible.”



Recommendations from the ICC Cricket Committee


The CEC and the ICC Board considered recommendations made by the ICC Cricket Committee during its meeting in London in May on the playing of the game.


This week’s meetings agreed:


·         That the Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) should be rolled out in Test cricket from October 2009;

·         That day/night Test cricket was an opportunity to be explored providing several factors (successful trials of an appropriate ball; research on whether or not it was what stakeholders want; and successful trials at first-class level) were addressed. Providing these factors could be satisfactorily addressed over the coming months then the Cricket Committee agreed the concept could be explored further.  This could involve the committee receiving an update at the start of 2010 ahead of an update to the CEC and, if appropriate, a day/night Test could be trialled later that year;

·         That stricter penalties should be imposed on Boards and venues found guilty of producing pitches considered “poor” or “unfit.”  It was agreed the term “poor” would include batsmen-friendly “featherbed” surfaces which, it was felt, were a serious threat to the game;

·         That play should only be suspended for bad light when umpires considered conditions unreasonable or dangerous (rather than as is currently the case, unsuitable) and that the umpires would make that decision rather than offer the batsmen the option to choose. The same protocol has already been successfully employed by the England and Wales Cricket Board in domestic cricket.

·         That the issue of slow over-rates should be addressed by the following actions:

-          Fines imposed for slow over-rates under the Code of Conduct be doubled;

-          A captain of a side guilty of three over-rate fines in the same format of the game in a rolling 12-month period should be banned automatically for one match, the ban applicable in the next match played by his side in that same format;

-          Match officials enforcing Laws and playing conditions to minimise delays, especially over such issues as unscheduled drinks breaks;

-          Members should be far more diligent in ensuring delays within their control, such as sightscreen issues, are minimised; and

-          Team over-rates (including permitted allowances) are displayed on scoreboards to ensure everyone was aware of the situation at all times.

·         That the current practice of appointing “neutral” umpires to international matches (both on-field officials for Tests and one for ODIs) should continue as is currently the case but that players and umpires should be surveyed for their opinions on the subject and the matter should then be discussed again by the ICC Cricket Committee in 2010.


Details of some of the results of the ICC Cricket Committee meeting can be found here:


Thursday’s business will include the following:


ICC Cricket World Cup 2011


The ICC President will report following recent discussions concerning the issues the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has in relation to the hosting of matches in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.



CEC and ICC Board joint strategy session


These two groups will come together so that the key issues and challenges likely to impact on the future of international cricket can be put on the table and explored.


This follows the CEC holding its own strategy sessions during meetings in Cape Town (December 2008) and Johannesburg (February 2009).


ICC President David Morgan said: “This session is important because it brings together the Chief Executives and Chairmen/Presidents of all our major Members.


“It will ask them to switch from considering the day-to-day issues and challenges they face and focus instead on the longer term future of our great sport.


“The idea is to seek to develop a shared vision and programme of action to shape that future to the benefit of our stakeholders.


“This session will not be an end in itself but focussing on a shared vision will, without doubt, contribute to effective decision-making by and between Members.”


The week will conclude with the ICC’s Annual Conference on Friday 26 July.


*There will be a media opportunity following the joint strategy session with ICC President David Morgan and Haroon Lorgat, the ICC Chief Executive.  This opportunity will take place in MCC Museum, situated at the rear of the Pavilion and will take place no earlier than 1700 BST on Thursday 25 July, although the timing cannot be precise as it will depend upon when the strategy session concludes.


Please note, in order to gain access to the ground members of the media should ensure they wear either their ICC World Twenty20 or ECB season accreditation, or some other form of photo identification that confirms their credentials.


Please note, there will be no parking for media within the venue.  There may be limited space for broadcasters wishing to use satellite trucks.  For confirmation of this, please contact Marylebone Cricket Club media manager Clare Skinner on  +4….




The ICC Board consists of the Chairman or President from each of the ten Full Members plus three Associate Member representatives. Also present at ICC Board meetings is the ICC President, who chairs proceedings, the ICC Chief Executive Officer and the ICC Vice-President.


David Morgan                                                                                     ICC President

Sharad Pawar                                                                                      ICC Vice-President

Haroon Lorgat                                                                                    ICC Chief Executive


Jack Clarke                                                                                          Australia

Lt. Gen. Sina Ibn Jamali                                                                     Bangladesh

Giles Clarke                                                                                        England

Shashank Manohar                                                                             India

Alan Isaac                                                                                           New Zealand

Salim Altaf (alternate for Ijaz Butt)                                                   Pakistan

DS de Silva                                                                                         Sri Lanka

Dr Mtutuzeli Nyoka                                                                            South Africa

Dr Julian Hunte                                                                                   West Indies

Tavengwa Mukuhlani (alternate for Peter Chingoka)                         Zimbabwe                  


Associate Member Representatives


Neil Speight                                                                                        Bermuda

Samir Inamdar                                                                                    Kenya

Imran Khwaja                                                                                     Singapore


In attendance

Inderjit Bindra                                                                                   ICC Principal Advisor



The CEC comprises the Chief Executives of the 10 Test-playing Members and three representatives from ICC Associate Members. It is chaired by the ICC’s Chief Executive Officer.  The ICC President and the Chairman of the ICC Cricket Committee were also in attendance.


David Morgan                                                                         ICC President

Haroon Lorgat                                                                        ICC Chief Executive

Clive Lloyd                                                                             ICC Cricket Committee Chairman


James Sutherland                                                                    Australia

Nizam Uddin Chowdhury                                                      Bangladesh

David Collier                                                                          England

N Srinivasan                                                                            India

Dr Justin Vaughan                                                                  New Zealand

Salim Altaf                                                                              Pakistan

Gerald Majola                                                                         South Africa

Nishantha Ranatunga                                                              Sri Lanka

Steve Camacho                                                                       West Indies

Wilfred Mukondiwa (alternate for Ozias Bvute)                  Zimbabwe


Associate Members (3)


John Cribbin                                                                            Hong Kong

Warren Deutrom                                                                     Ireland

Laurie Pieters                                                                          Namibia



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