POSTED: Tuesday June 16th 2009

Olympic Museum inspires Tokyo Governor

The Governor is in Lausanne as a key member of the Tokyo 2016 presentation team for the 2016 Candidate Cities Briefing at IOC Headquarters on 17 June.


Lausanne, 15 June 2009 - On arrival in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Governor of the world’s largest city and President of Tokyo 2016, Shintaro Ishihara, made a special visit to the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Olympic Museum as a mark of his passion for the Olympic Movement.

To visit the iconic symbol of the union of sport, art and culture, has been a long-held ambition of the Governor, helping him to better understand Olympic history and tradition and consider how that can inform a truly 21st Century Games in the heart of Japan’s dynamic capital. In his determination to learn more about Olympism, the Governor made today’s visit a personal priority during his stay in Switzerland.

Governor Ishihara said:

“Visiting the Olympic Museum has had a profound effect on me. There is no greater force for good in the world than Olympism and no greater competitive and respectful essence than the Olympic spirit.”

Considering the synergy between Tokyo 2016 and the Olympic Movement, he added:

“The Olympic Museum currently has a display on Olympic Heroes, and Tokyo 2016 is already setting the stage for heroes in 2016. Through this stage, Tokyo 2016 will help athletes reach their peak in the heart of the world’s largest city. Our world-renowned public transport system and world-leading environmental protection policies will contribute to our athlete-centred plan, along with the youth of Tokyo and Japan, who will be inspired by sport for life.”


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