POSTED: Monday January 19th 2009

Survey Results Show U.S. Olympic Brand Has Strongest Overall Appeal Among U.S. Sports Properties

Team USA continues to be the most positively viewed sports property in the United States

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Following the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, research by Lieberman Research Worldwide shows that Team USA continues to be the most positively viewed sports property in the United States, and the U.S. Olympic brand remains the sports brand with the strongest overall appeal. 67% of survey respondents replied being “somewhat” to “extremely” interested in the Olympic brand (NFL: 64%). *All parentheses indicate the second highest property and its survey results.

While the U.S. Olympic brand maintains its appeal to a broad audience, the survey reveals that the fan base is attracting a younger audience, posting double-digit increases with both the 13-17 and 18-34 demographic segments. The U.S. Olympic Team also increased its lead with all positive brand image perceptions widening its lead on being “amazing” (USOC: 77%; NFL: 30%) and “exciting” (USOC: 79%; NFL: 61%); erasing its previous deficit on “cool” (USOC: 57%; X-Games: 56%); opening up a lead on “fun” (USOC: 71%: X-Games: 58%) and its athletes becoming more “relatable” (USOC: 51%; NCAA: 40%).

Sponsorship of the U.S. Olympic Team continues to be most beneficial to a company’s image when compared to other sports properties. More than four in five respondents can recall at least one sponsor advertisement. Furthermore, U.S. Olympic Team sponsorship increasingly has the greatest impact on brand choice as 21% of those surveyed responded that they are more likely to use products/brands from USOC sponsors (NFL: 11%) and 17% indicated that they have switched to purchase products from companies that are Olympic sponsors.

The Olympic Ideals continue to be an absolute point of difference, setting the U.S. Olympic Team apart from competitors. Olympians have the most positive image and are identified as better role models than athletes in all other major sports. 84% responded that the U.S. Olympic Team exemplifies excellence (NCAA: 36%). Additionally, 88% believe that Olympians are a positive role model for children (NCAA: 39%) while 91% of individuals surveyed feel that Olympians positively represent the United States to the world. Further, 72% of respondents consider Olympians to be an inspiration to them and 61% characterize Olympians as athletes who care about more than just winning.

“Heading into the Olympic Games in Beijing, the U.S. Olympic Committee established four primary goals for our athletes,” said USOC Chief Executive Officer Jim Scherr. “Those goals were 1) to compete drug-free; 2) to compete to the best of their ability and reach their full potential; 3) to conduct themselves in a manner that brings honor and pride to our country; and 4) to celebrate the Olympic experience and enrich their understanding of other cultures.

“We feel that the research conducted by Lieberman Research Worldwide provides us with concrete proof that we were successful in accomplishing those four goals and that the strength of the Olympic brand is a valuable asset not only for the USOC, but for our Corporate Partners and our fellow members of the Olympic Movement.”

“It’s clear from the research that the Games had a significant and meaningful impact on how consumers view the Olympic brand, Team USA, as well as the broad range of sponsors that support them.
Perceptions of the Olympics were very positive even before Beijing, but the recent Games seemed to broaden and deepen its appeal,” said Mike Clarke, Vice President/General Manager at Lieberman Research Worldwide.

The U.S. Olympic Committee formed a partnership with Lieberman Research Worldwide to track consumer knowledge, perceptions and behaviors in 2007.

For more information, please contact the USOC Communications Division at 719-866-4529.

About the survey
Data was collected Sept. 26-Oct. 14, 2008 (approximately five weeks following the Olympic Games in Beijing), and was weighted to be representative of the total U.S. population that does not reject the Olympic Games. Qualified respondents included: males and females between the ages of 13-64 years old, Olympic non-rejecters (have at least neutral interest in the Olympic Games), and were not employed in a sensitive industry. 2,997 respondents completed a 25 minute online survey, with each respondent evaluating up to three sponsor categories in detail.

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