POSTED: Thursday November 13th 2008



Q:  How was practice?

A:  Practice was good, it was enthusiastic.  Our energy level was up, I thought.  So we are all into our preparation.

Q:  Progress on Butler and Webster?

A:  Webster did not practice.  Butler practiced limited.  We will have to wait and see.  It is a day to day thing; how they come back tomorrow.

Q:  What about Dockery?

A:  He worked today; limited capacity but he did do some things today; he worked.  This is two days in a row for him.  So tomorrow will be a big day.

Re: significance of this week’s game

A:  Well every game is the most important game.  The next game is the most important game.  The guys play as hard as they can to try to find a way to win, get it in the fourth quarter and find a way to win, which is always our approach.  And hopefully with each game we are fortunate enough to win and we gain from it, grow from it.  And try to prepare for the next one. 

Q:  I was reading coming out of the Philly game when you were talking about the offensive line you brought up the job the tight ends did with blocking.  How far has Boss progressed?

A:  He has made good progress. 

Q:  How important is he with trying to get your running game going?

A:  It is critical.  The tight ends and the fullback – everybody – the wide receivers. If you want to make a play down the field, you have to have help.  So we called out all 11; all 11 are involved in the run game; all 11 have to make plays to help us run or pass. And we tell the wide receivers this is the way they show the rest of the team their commitment to the team as far as running the ball goes.  So that whole part of it, you are not going to be successful without everyone on the same page and working hard to try to accomplish that.

Q:  How do you think Boss is doing?

A:  He is improving.  He is getting better; he is getting better.

Q:  Do you see more in the Ravens than just their running game?

A:  Oh there is a lot more to their game.  Look at how they have played.  For the last four games they have averaged 33 points a game.  They are throwing the ball well, they are making big plays.  Obviously they are running the ball.  They are doing a good job on special teams.  They cover well, they return well.  Their kickers are outstanding.  So they are really a well rounded, well developed, balanced football team.  When they put Troy Smith in the game it gives them a little extra, it gives them the quarterback running the ball, reading on the outside, it gives you more things to have to defend.

Q:  I know you want to bring pressure on every quarterback, but with a rookie from a small program, do you want to get after him a little bit more?

A:  That is the nature of our game.  Hopefully we will be able to get back to where we were prior to this past game.  We did put pressure on the quarterback but we don’t have anything to show for it. 

Q:  Knowing the guys the way you do, do you think they are licking their chops after not having a sack against Philadelphia?

A:  I don’t know about that.  You don’t just run around.  What we are trying to do is win; however we can get that done, that is the key.

Q:  Corey Webster. If he can’t practice tomorrow, does that mean he won’t be able to play on Sunday?

A:  We’ll see.  Maybe if he can’t, then it will be game time.  We are far enough along (in the season).

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