POSTED: September 4th 2017

IPC Presidential Candidate Mme. Haidi Zhang, Yao Ming and Deng Yaping promote para sport in China

IPC Presidential candidate Mme Haidi Zhang © Chinese Paralympic Committee
IPC Presidential candidate Mme Haidi Zhang © Chinese Paralympic Committee

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Presidential candidate Mme. Haidi Zhang teamed up with two elite Chinese athletes to boost para sport and spread awareness about the Paralympic Movement. Mme. Zhang's vision is focusing on using paralympic sports to help people with an impairment perceive their own strength, inspire their potential in sports, build up a strong will, enjoy more right of participation, and create brilliance for their life. 

China Disable Persons' Federation successfully held the 7th Health Week Activities event, which was titled "Sharing Health, the Paralympic Movement, and a Well-off Society." 

As Chair of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, Mme. Haidi Zhang attended the event to experience some of the sports activities including wheelchair table tennis, wheelchair basketball, and other recreational activities. Side by side with Mme. Zhang was the President of the China Basketball Association and superstar NBA basketball player, Yao Ming; and famous global sports figure and former Ping-Pong champion, Deng Yaping. 

On the campaign track Mme. Zhang continues to pursue her candidacy for the IPC and this event only further supports her strapline of "Inspire Everyone, Everywhere." She is striving to ensure that the IPC will reach every corner of the world and increase the organization's brand profile. These projects will continue to boost the coverage and participation in para sport. 

Things started with wheelchair basketball where a team of people with an impairment from Tuanjiehu Street gathered together to take part in some wheelchair basketball. They were able to dribble and shoot under the guidance of players from the national wheelchair basketball team who were giving them some simple technical tasks. Mme. Zhang also participated and was able to successfully pick up a ball for a match and threw it a great length. A powerful atmosphere surrounded the festivities and the audiences cheered throughout. 

Following that, Mme. Zhang partnered with Yaping to form a table tennis team, while Ming joined a team of participants to launch a contest. This made for a well-matched contest and a delightful performance. 

After the successful event, Ming and Yaping respectively conveyed their support and care for para-sports. They encouraged those with impairments to take part in daily fitness activities and to enjoy all they have to offer. Mme. Zhang was also moved by the event's success. 

"I hope that sports can bring happiness to both able-bodied people and people with an impairment. We should not only help people with an impairment to live a good life but also help them enjoy sports the same as able-bodied people." expressed Mme. Zhang. 

This latest event is only one of a variety of grass-root mass sports fitness activities taking place across the country for people with impairment. The whole of China is experiencing a renewed enthusiasm for sports, in large part due to the continued dedicated efforts by Mme. Zhang over the years to build up the national para sport movement.  

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