POSTED: July 12th 2017

New Candidature Process for the Olympic Winter Games 2026 is approved by the IOC

The IOC Extraordinary Session in Lausanne / IOC
The IOC Extraordinary Session in Lausanne / IOC

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) New changes to the Candidature Process from the Olympic Winter Games 2026 were approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The changes will simplify procedures, reduce costs, and provide cities and National Olympic Committees (NOCs) with more assistance at every stage of the Candidature Process.

Two important alterations were made to the process timeline. Firstly, the Invitation Phase will be extended to a full year, which will give cities and NOCs more help and time to fully develop their proposals. While the formal Candidature Phase will be shortened to one year instead of two years. This will reduce the cost of the candidature process significantly.

IOC President, Thomas Bach stated that the changes address both internal and external challenges that were brought on by the new political dynamic and the IOC's failure to respond accordingly to them.

"We may not like this new political reality, but we cannot ignore it...In a nutshell, the Candidature Process, which worked so well in the past has become too expensive and too onerous for this new political reality. We have been asking too much, too soon of the cities," expressed President Bach.

He went on to note that the deep skepticism toward institutions, such as corporations, sports, and government organizations has grown, which has made it hard to attract candidates from the Olympic Games.

Now the IOC will take a proactive role in supporting and assisting cities that are considering to bid before they have to fully commit to the full process. The IOC will now be able to customize its approach to the needs of each city to aid them in developing the best proposition for their region and city.

Furthermore, cities will no longer be required to submit a formal proposal or deliver any presentations during the Invitation Phase. Also during the Candidature Process, the IOC will provide expert advice, collaborative efforts, and other support to candidates throughout the entire process.

 The new expanded Invitation Phase will begin in September 2017 for the Olympic Winter Games 2026.

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