POSTED: June 22nd 2017

#FollowTheSun to Olympic Agenda 2020 campaign is launched by LA 2024

#FollowTheSun to Olympic Agenda 2020 © LA 2024
#FollowTheSun to Olympic Agenda 2020 © LA 2024

Rio 2016 badminton Olympians Paula Obanana and Iris Wang and their USA teammates Kyle Emerick and Tuck Chan take part in opening of the campaign © LA 2024
Rio 2016 badminton Olympians Paula Obanana and Iris Wang and their USA teammates Kyle Emerick and Tuck Chan take part in opening of the campaign © LA 2024

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Los Angeles (LA) 2024 has launched its #FollowTheSun to Olympic Agenda 2020 campaign, which will span across 20 activities in 20 days to demonstrate how LA 2024 can contribute to the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) Olympic Agenda 2020, the roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement.

Los Angeles is bidding against Paris to host the summer Games in 2024 and the IOC is looking at the possibility of a double award and giving one of the cities the 2028 Olympics.

"LA 2024 simply would not be here if it was not for Olympic Agenda 2020's renewed focus on smart, responsible, sustainable planning. With the strong foundations of a Games Plan fully in line with our city's needs, LA 2024 is committed to supporting the implementation of the IOC's Olympic Agenda 2020 goals, from placing athletes at the heart of the Games to strengthening the role of Olympism in society," expressed LA 2024 CEO, Gene Sykes.

LA 2024 Chairman, Casey Wasserman stated, "LA 2024 is an invitation to the Olympic Movement to Follow The Sun to a bright future. So there is no better way to start our 20-day homage to the IOC's future-focused Olympic Agenda 2020 roadmap than a Summer Solstice celebration on the year's longest day of sunshine.

LA 2024's new campaign kicked off on June 20th at the iconic Griffith Observatory with a pop-up badminton match. Hundreds of LA 2024 supporters and visitors gathered to watch a badminton match between Rio 2016 badminton Olympians Paula Obanana and Iris Wang and their USA teammates Kyle Emerick and Tuck Chan as the sun set over LA and the Hollywood sign.

"Olympic Agenda 2020 is about making the Olympic Movement part of people's lives every day of the year, not just a two-week show every four years. It is great to be part of the bid's efforts to bring the Olympic spirit into the community - especially because people here in LA are so enthusiastic about the Games. LA 2024 is going to connect a new generation of young fans to sports they would not otherwise have a chance to experience. It is a really exciting opportunity," commented Obanana.

The badminton match showcased how LA 2024 continues to harness California's cultural and entertainment assets to create a connection between the Olympic Movement and young people, along with creating new Games enthusiasts. These efforts fall perfectly in line with Olympic Agenda 2020's Recommendation 23.

"Throughout our bid, events like this have shown what an oasis of Olympic optimism we have here in Southern California. With minimal costs, we have been able to engage this community in a celebration of sport and the Olympic Movement. An LA Games in 2024 will harness the best of Californian culture, entertainment, and optimistic spirit and help the IOC to engage young people and communities worldwide," said Wasserman.

In addition, the campaign will include various sports demonstrations, important announcements, and community events that will show how well LA 2024 Game Plan aligns with Olympic Agenda 2020. It will also demonstrate how LA 2024's efforts will aid the IOC in making tangible progress to strengthen sport in society and safeguard the uniqueness of the Games themselves.  

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