POSTED: May 15th 2017

Olympics: Paris 2024 is 'ready now' with new French President Macron

Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron © Getty Images
Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron © Getty Images

The IOC is touring the venues today for their evaluation tour © Getty Images
The IOC is touring the venues today for their evaluation tour © Getty Images

The Grand Palais, the proposed venue for the 2024 Olympic Games taekwondo and fencing events © Getty Images
The Grand Palais, the proposed venue for the 2024 Olympic Games taekwondo and fencing events © Getty Images

LAURA WALDEN (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The Paris 2024 Olympic bid is pushing hard for the 2024 host city nomination and feels it has a boost with new French President Emmanuel Macon. Paris and Los Angeles are both locked in the heated 2024 bid race however it is looking more and more like the IOC will shoot for a double play and land one of the two cities for 2028. Both cities have extremely high level bids and the IOC is looking to 'seize the moment'.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said, "We have one goal during these few days: to convince you that Paris is the right city, with the right vision, at the right moment.

"The right city with world-class venues and accommodation, and the best public transport in the world, ready right now.

"With financial and political stability and support, ready right now.

"And with a global profile, to inspire the world."

Paris 2024 however, if they should win to host the Games, still has to construct their Olympic Village and a new aquatics center impacting the budget by around US$2 billion. 

France's new President is the youngest to ever take office and Paris 2024 Co-Chair Tony Estanguet commented, "Our team has a new member: the new President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

"He's been a fantastic supporter of our bid from the beginning.

"It's not surprising since he is also one of those 17 million registered members of the French sport family."

Estanguet has also stepped up to lead the organizing committee should Paris take home the gold from the 2024 competition.

IOC Member Guy Drut also reminded the IOC of the role that France has played in the new Olympic Movement, "Our bid has been inspired by history, to open a new chapter in history.

"Paris is where Pierre de Coubertin first imagined a better world through sport.

"It has also hosted the Games twice before �" although the last time was more than 25 years before I was born!

"In 2024, on the centenary of the last Paris Games, we hope this city will show the power of Olympism in action in the modern world.

"More than ever, we will honour the vision of Baron Pierre de Coubertin... and renew it for the next « one hundred » years.

Co-Chair Bernard Lapasset, has reiterated that Paris 2024 has all the local backing that it needs, "The public authorities have been at our side from the very beginning, offering their support and all required guarantees.

"Across all political lines, all of our parties and our main trade unions have given their commitment to Paris 2024.

"The business community and our commercial partners have also demonstrated tremendous support and understanding of the fantastic opportunity and the dynamic that Paris 2024 represents.

"Finally we are developing important programmes together with major NGOs and the voluntary sector.

"Because, for us, legacy is imperative. It starts from the candidature phase. And so it is starting now."

The IOC is touring the Paris venues today on their evaluation visit to the City of Light. The trip will conclude the 16th with a final press conference by the IOC on their findings and the Paris 2024 team.

A final decision on who will host may be decided before but the date for the vote is set for September 13 at the Lima, Peru session.

**LAURA WALDEN has over twenty-six years of experience in the Olympic Movement, formerly at the European Olympic Committees with SportEurope under former IOC President Dr. Jacques Rogge and IOC Member Mario Pescante. She worked with the Rome 2004 and Turin 2006 Olympic bids and also managed PR & media for Dr. Jacques Rogge during his campaign for the presidency.

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