POSTED: May 5th 2017

University of Southern California gains critical approval for LA Memorial Coliseum modernization plan

LA Memorial Coliseum © LA 2024
LA Memorial Coliseum © LA 2024

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) A significant step in modernizing the Los Angeles (LA) Memorial Coliseum was made as the Coliseum Commission approved the University of Southern California's (USC) $270 million privately funded upgrade for the stadium.

The Coliseum Commission is made up of representatives from the State of California, City of LA, and County of LA. They also see oversee the maintenance and operation of the stadium.

The upgrades will keep the LA Coliseum's iconic 'peristyle' façade in place with cutting edge sports facilities and amenities will be introduced. The new upgrades will include: two additional big screens; updated Wi-Fi technology; new concessions; lighting systems; press facilities; lounges; wider seats; more aisles; upgraded training, recovery, and changing facilities; modernized restrooms; and brand new hospitality suites.

Chief Operating Officer of the Coliseum, Dan Stimmler stated, "Overall, people love the Coliseum because of the history of it. I think if you can keep the history and bring up the experience you have on a gameday, everyone will benefit. The Coliseum has an amazing history and now will have the facilities to match that."

The LA Memorial Coliseum is the proposed venue for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and track-and-field competitions for the LA 2024 Games. With the new renovations, Olympians and Paralympians will have access to facilities focused on their needs and ensure they are able to completely focus on their events.

In addition, LA 2024 has proposed to add a temporary athletics deck for competition with operation and warm-up facilities underneath it. This will increase convenience for all athletes in attendance. The new renovations will also allow for quick and efficient transition between American football and LA 2024's track-and-field set-ups.

"LA 2024 congratulates our partner USC for this major milestone in their mission to turn the LA Coliseum, our beloved LA sports cathedral, into a state-of-the-art stadium for the 21st century. As a bid, LA 2024 is incredibly fortunate to have ambitious, forward-thinking partners committed to keeping their venues at the cutting edge of athlete experience, sports presentation and fan engagement through consistent private investment. It means Los Angeles can deliver a spectacular stage for the Olympians and Paralympians of 2024 without expanding Organizing Committee resources on costly, complex construction projects," expressed LA 2024 CEO, Gene Sykes.

Now final approval by the LA City Council is needed before the revocation commences, which is set for the Fall of 2017 and is scheduled to be finished by August 2019.

Paris and Los Angeles are vying to host the 2024 Games and the decision will be voted in a few months in September at the Lima session.

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