POSTED: May 5th 2017

Olympics: The LA 2024 bid receives endorsement from California Air Resources Board

LA coastline © LA 2024
LA coastline © LA 2024

MARISSA FLANDERS (USA) / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The California Air Resources Board (CARB), California's clean air agency, issued a letter praising Los Angeles (LA) 2024's commitment to hosting the most sustainable Games in history. Los Angeles is bidding against Paris, France to host the 2024 summer Olympics.

"I would like to thank the California Air Resources Board for supporting LA's bid to bring the Games back in 2024. In keeping with the IOC's Olympic Agenda 2020 reforms, LA 2024 has from day one viewed every aspect of our Games planning through a sustainability lens. CARB's endorsement reinforces our belief that LA is in a position to deliver the greenest Games in history," expressed LA 2024 CEO, Gene Sykes.

CARB Board Chair, Mary Nichols authored the letter stating that LA is "better prepared than ever to offer the world's best athletes the ideal environment for peak performance in 2024," due to the city and California's leadership in air quality regulations. Since the last time, the city hosted the Summer Games in 1984, Southern California has seen a 50% decrease in ozone pollution.

Nichols stated, "We applaud Los Angeles 2024 for your commitment to managing the impact the Games would have on California's air quality.  We offer our full support to work with the Games organizing committee to deliver Games that not only maintain California's already high air quality standards, but that also present opportunities to achieve improved air quality for local communities through innovative Games initiatives, and for all Californians in the future."

In addition, various of LA's clean air commitments were highlighted in the letter as evidence of the city's credentials for hosting the most sustainable Games ever. One example included LA's Metro system, which is set to become the world's first transit agency to use only clean fuel buses. Also, LA leads the nation in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure development.

LA 2024's clean air approach was further defined as mirroring the city's "advanced goals." The letter specifically pointed to the rapid expansion of LA's rail network, which would ensure that spectators move via existing or enhanced public transport.

Sykes commented, "We believe that LA 2024 represents a unique opportunity at an important time for the Olympic and Paralympic Movements. For the LA 2024 bid, sustainability means first and foremost using only assets available to us today in Los Angeles - not building things from scratch. The 2024 host city needs to deliver Games that protect the region's natural environment while harnessing innovation and technology to create meaningful green legacies. With all of our venues in place or planned and no construction to worry about, LA would have seven years to work with the brightest minds to set a new sustainability standard for Games, and demonstrate the Olympic Movement's power as a catalyst for meaningful change."

Nichols cited that LA 2024 has the potential to leave a lasting environmental legacy for not only the region but also the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.

The IOC will select their final host city in September at the Lima session.

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