POSTED: March 24th 2017

Olympics: New report supports how financial risks for LA 2024 would be reduced

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum will once again be featured in the 2024 Games if the city wins a third Olympics  © Bigstock
The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum will once again be featured in the 2024 Games if the city wins a third Olympics © Bigstock

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(SFC) The California Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) released a new independent report on the Los Angeles (LA) 2024 bid and budget for hosting the summer Olympics reinforcing the support for the campaign. LA is bidding against Paris in a two horse race that will be decided by the IOC on September 13th in Lima, Peru.

The California bid is relying heavily on pre-existing venues and facilities that are already planned to be completed by 2024 that would greatly relieve the budget from construction costs. 

LA 2024 CEO Gene Sykes commented, "We appreciate the California State Legislative Office's independent review of our bid, which expresses confidence in our work to 'greatly reduce the financial risks that have plagued prior Olympics.'

"LA 2024's plans and budget have been independently validated numerous times, which has helped generate 88% public support for hosting the Games at this critical time for the Olympic Movement.

"With no permanent venues to build, including an Olympic and Paralympic Village, only LA 2024 offers the lowest-risk and truly sustainable solution for the future of the Olympic Movement in 2024 and beyond," he added.

Currently a study is being carried out on the possibility of allocating both the 2024 and 2028 Olympics during this campaign race. IOC President Thomas Bach has engaged all four IOC Vice-Presidents to study making changes to the bidding process and to investigate if it is feasible to allocate both Olympics at once. 

Both bids have been vocal against taking on hosting a later edition of the Games but Casey Wasserman, Chairman of LA 2024, spoke out in a post on Twitter last night:


Casey Wasserman (@caseywasserman)

23/03/2017, 18:03

At this critical time, IOC's 24/28 strategy is smart if 24 city provides new ideas, stability & lowest risk for next 7 years. That's @LA2024


Significant to the report is an insert that summarized a number of improvements to the plan after interviewing athletes and getting their input. The athletes are the real protagonists of the Olympics and their comfort and safety are paramount in order for them to have an optimal environment for competition. We have included the statement in full here below:

Athlete Feedback on the Los Angeles Bid

In finalizing its bid, LA 2024 surveyed thousands of former U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Feedback reportedly fit into seven categories, which helped shaped recent revisions to Los Angeles' bid. Those seven categories were:

Seamless Transition to Olympic Village. Survey results emphasized that the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Olympic Village needs to feel instantly welcoming and comfortable for athletes from around the world. To that end, UCLA staff and others--plus LA 2024 volunteers--would assist arriving athletes. The bid also anticipates that Olympic and Paralympic athletes chosen to compete in Los Angeles would be provided handheld wireless devices with an application dubbed the LA 2024 Athlete Concierge. Via this app, athletes would access maps, dining, entertainment, and transportation information.

Nutrition, Rest, and Training Facilities. Olympic and Paralympic athletes demand facilities that allow them to stay healthy and rested. UCLA facilities will provide varied options to serve athletes' differing nutrition, rest, relaxation, and training preferences, including blackout shades, quiet rooms, and stretching/meditation areas.

Family and Friends. LA 2024 plans a first-of-its-kind program to offer athletes' families a partially subsidized village of their own. Further, two complimentary tickets would be provided for family or friends to attend each athlete's competitions. The Athlete Concierge would notify athletes if additional tickets are available.

Get Around Without Hassle. Athletes told LA 2024 that past transport schedules between Olympic Villages and venues were often time-intensive and confusing. Helped by planned signage and volunteers, the Athlete Concierge also would provide athletes with clear transportation information in the LA 2024 plan.

Fun and Socializing. LA 2024 plans an Athlete House that athletes could reserve via the Athlete Concierge to eat and socialize with friends and family. Athletes would have access to transportation to Los Angeles-area attractions and special deals on Olympic merchandise, which athletes and visitors often trade for fun.

Transition to Post-Games Life. For many athletes, the Games are the concluding event in their sporting careers. Many athletes face challenges in transitioning to post-Games life. Working with California's public and private educational institutions, LA 2024 plans to offer programs to address these issues, such as a symposium to explore educational opportunities, such as attendance at U.S. universities.

Enhance Opportunities for Women. Enhancing gender equality in sports is a priority for the Olympic Movement. LA 2024 pledges to emphasize gender equity in its operations and management staff, equal training and competition facilities, and new training opportunities for women judges and coaches. Further, with women representing most of the U.S. Olympic audience, LA 2024 commits to work with NBC, other broadcasters, and Olympic sponsors to promote female Olympians and Paralympians.

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