POSTED: March 16th 2017

SPORTEL launches new think tank Summit opening opportunities for information exchanges

SPORTEL CEO Laurent Puons (L) and Sales and Marketing Director, David Jones © SPORTEL
SPORTEL CEO Laurent Puons (L) and Sales and Marketing Director, David Jones © SPORTEL

LAURA WALDEN in MIAMI / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) SPORTEL has launched a new addition to the annual media markets and symposium that offers a unique opportunity for smaller organizations looking to connect with world class sports decision makers. 

The new SPORTELSummit will function as a closed door think tank of sorts, gathering together decision makers from all walks of the sports tv, marketing, rights and media industries. This plan will open doors for smaller organizations to have a chance to mingle and "Meet the Elite" as their slogan explains.  

The Summit offers a great venue for organizations seeking advice or guidance on particular issues to meet and have a dialogue about how to find solutions with elite members in the industry. They chose Miami as it is a central location and world class destination. had an exclusive chance to sit down with CEO Laurent Puons and Sales and Marketing Director, David Jones for an inside look at the new initiative and how it will operate.

CEO Puons explained, "The Summit will be a platform only for decision makers. It will be a two day conference with no exhibition rooms, it will be a high level meeting with just discussions and panels. In fact we would like to provide the opportunity for all the CEOs, CTOs and CMOs to discuss together marketing, media and rights all the concerns that they could have in their business for the day.

"The first Summit will be organized in May of 2018, we don't have the date at this time but it will be mid-May depending on the location of the hotel which has not been confirmed as yet," he added.

The meeting will be mostly carried out within closed doors in order for the attendees to have their own space to delve into sensitive issues, however there will be some sessions that will be open for a select group of media to attend. 

Marketing chief Jones added, "What we want to do is to give the industry the opportunity to discuss certain issues that they can't discuss openly.

Jones said that they are looking to create the "Davos of Sport" to bring certain people together to discuss issues that are relevant and important however confidential in nature.

"It may be doping, media issues or licensing or how deals are being made in the future to create a better understanding of each other and different territories and segments of an industry. You have a lot of people that might not understand marketing or how to use new means of communications, so we bring in the media deciders, the federation deciders and the politicians so that everybody knows the problems that we have.     

"We need a platform so that everybody can get a better understanding of each other and there is nothing out there at this moment. There are so many issues that are unsolved and it doesn't help the industry, the events and the fans and this is what this summit is for," he concluded.

Jones and Puons hope that this new meeting will better serve the sports media community and will attract new attendees. It certainly opens a chance for smaller sports federations or organizations to take advantage of learning what is out there and to find cost effective solutions.

Dealing with social media will also be a big priority and SPORTEL intends to bring in high level people from the mainstream social media outlets to give their perspective and offer advice.  This would be invaluable for every organization large or small.

**LAURA WALDEN has over twenty-five years of experience in the Olympic Movement, formerly at the European Olympic Committees with SportEurope under former IOC President Dr. Jacques Rogge and IOC Member Mario Pescante. She worked with the Rome 2004 and Turin 2006 Olympic bids and also managed PR & media for Dr. Jacques Rogge during his campaign for the presidency.

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