POSTED: January 19th 2017

Paris 2024 delighted by plans to upgrade the Eiffel Tower

The iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris is getting an upgrade © @Paris
The iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris is getting an upgrade © @Paris

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(SFC) Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo announced a proposed 15-year plan that will see the city improve visitor experience, modernize ticketing facilities, and upgrade security at the historic Eiffel Tower. This plan includes a newly-unveiled project of approximately $320 million (USD) for upgrading the Eiffel Tower.

Paris 2024 Co-Chairman, Bernard Lapasset stated, "We are thrilled that these plans to update the Eiffel Tower coincide with our journey towards 2024 and we are looking forward to following the upgrades as they take place."

This plan received the support of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Bid Committee as the Eiffel Tower is a critical part of Paris 2024's Games Plan. At the foot of the monument, beach volleyball competitions will take place if Paris wins the hosting rights of the 2024 Olympics. The Eiffel Tower will also host the open water swimming events and beginning of the triathlon event, while proposed marathon and road cycling routes will both take place around the iconic monument.

"85% of our proposed venues can be seen from the Eiffel Tower, and with Beach Volleyball to be played directly beneath it, the Tower is set to be at the very heart of our vision for 2024," commented Co-Chairman Lapasset.

He added, "This Olympics will center on blending Paris' historic landmarks with an innovative, modern Games, and this development symbolizes that idea."

The Eiffel Tower is the most visited landmark in the world, which is exactly why Mayor Hidalgo believes that the new upgrades will attract more nationalities and cultures to Paris. Currently, about $14.5 million (USD) per year is spent on the upkeep of the tower. The new plan proposes that that should be increased to an annual $21 million (USD).

"The Eiffel Tower is an iconic French landmark, and it represents much of what Paris stands for. It is a means of welcoming the world to our city, as a reminder of our heritage and as a symbol of our future...The plans to upgrade the Tower show the appetite we have to continue to develop our famous city.  As we look ahead to Paris 2024, the Eiffel Tower will play a central role in both the bidding process and the Games themselves, and this significant investment will assist us on that journey...These upgrades will highlight the Tower even further, to make it a flawless showcase of the Parisian welcome," expressed Mayor Hidalgo.

All finalized proposals will be submitted to the city council at the end of February for approval.  

The heart of Paris 2024's compact, city-center venue concept blends together the stunning landmarks with an innovative, shareable Games. The center of that concept is the Eiffel Tower, which is a beacon around the world and will be a symbol that brings together everyone around the Olympic Games.  

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